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The longer I stay in India the more it surprises me and the less I understand it. I would to just tell a scene I saw that combined so many different types of India all together and for some reason just made me smile.

I was at Thalassa, a popular restaurant in Vagator. Before the night ends they have shows: a smoking hot fire dancer in skimpy clothes, two Russian girls who dance to party music, and lastly the boys doing Greek dancing. It’s a bit of a party place, but also a place for a nice dinner.

I was observing the family at a table next to me.

The young girl of the family was in jeans and t-shirt and was dancing like no one was watching while drinking a glass of Sangria. Her dad sat at the table not bothered. The mom was in an Indian pantsuit, which is fairly traditional for a place like Thalassa. She was also drinking Sangria and seemed a little tipsy. Then there was the grandmother, looking very traditional in a saree.. drinking one cocktail after another!

I don’t know why it made me smile so much, but it was just one of those moments that I was so surprised by. Like, even my grandma wouldn’t go to Thalassa and drink a cocktail… so to see a strict looking Indian grandma partying at Thalassa, singing along to the words of the Hindi songs in a saree was a reminder I don’t know India at all!


This is India!

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