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Now your story,

The washing machine broke again. The repair man from the company did warn me that I needed that warranty. I knew he was going to get on me about it.

“Ma’am you didn’t get the warranty… already, you would have saved money”

A repair visit is 350 rs. and a warranty was 2,000 rs.

I don’t him I realized that… but if the same thing keeps breaking, I shouldn’t have to more than once anyways. So if it gets fixed properly the first time, then I never have to call again. But I call for the same thing over and over, and he can’t fix it. I told him the warranty was good though, because their washers are “pieces of shit” and I should have known I’d still be calling to get this fixed. He seemed to understand my predicament.

“still leaking water ma’am?”

I told him, yes, it’s the same problem.. the machine shakes and leaks water.

On visit 1, he could find no problem and it didn’t leak to prove it so that was all.

On visit 2, he informed me I had to use liquid soap.

On visit 3, he informed me that liquid soap needed to be from THEIR company only, not some random brand.

On visit 4, he bought a repair part (aha! maybe it wasn’t the soap!)

So, here we are on visit 5. I said I know it’s got something to do with the machine shaking so badly and he said okay I know what it is. He understood so I left to get back to writing this blog.

“ma’am I am done”.

He was so happy. The washer was running and not shaking at all. He said it’s fixed now but you should pay the warranty in case it’s not. I said so, I should pay you 350 rs then 2,000 rs in case it breaks again.. the SAME problem.


Well, I’m not going to because it’s not shaking it was the first 5 visits.. so I thought okay he’s really worked hard on this! I said what did you do? He pointed to some cardboard between the washer and shelf…

“I put that there.”

This is India!

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