It’s a bit dreary in Goa right now with the monsoon rains in full swing. Ben and I want to visit his dad in Vienna but flights are bit high at the moment and inspiration to go anywhere else is lacking a bit. So, it was really perfect timing when Momondo asked me to take a look at their Trip Finder App and give it a review.

travel inspiration momondo trip finder

Imagine telling your most traveled friend what you’re looking for and them telling you the perfect spot for you to go based on cities, beaches, nightlife, shopping, or whatever else you’re looking for. The app has 182 possible places to choose from. For each destination Trip Finder contains flight price information, descriptions and pictures as well as practical information about food, taxi, and shopping. You can book your flight through them!

It asks you questions based on mood, interest, weather, continent, month, and probably most importantly, budget.

Here’s an example of the mood options:

travel inspiration momondo trip finderIt’s pretty simple to go through and pick what you’re looking for. So, lets see what my perfect trip would be based on my choices.

Mood:  cultural

Interest: city

Weather: mild

Continent: Asia

Month: August

Budget: 600 GBP

Apparently, I search for places that don’t exist! Just my luck, but the website gave me the closest match which was pretty cool. I did more searches which came up with exact matches as well. Seems like the trouble was, there aren’t any mild temperature cities in Asia, considering the monsoon month. My matches took me to Europe.

travel inspiration momondo trip finder

This app considers the start point to be London. When I picked Copenhagen, all I had to do was change the departure information. It does dramatically shift the budget, which sort of makes the budget option of the app a little off the mark for not English, but will work great for people located in the UK.

Regardless of the budget changes, it does give some great inspiration. I did one more check looking for a fancy place to shop with warm weather in Asia this August with a budget of 420 GBP. Three options came up I wouldn’t have thought of on my own: Tel Aviv, Beirut, and Hong Kong. You can limit those searches to best match or cheapest flight (the budget is for a one way ticket FYI).

When I look at Tel Aviv as an option (from UK) it tells me which days that month at at the lowest price to help you choose.

travel inspiration momondo trip finderIt also tells you a bit about your choice with a travel guide.

travel inspiration momondo trip finder

I think this app is great practically for those stationed in the UK for booking, and for those outside it’s great for a little inspiration. I think UK folks will see that this app saves them time researching places to go for sure. Give it a go!


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