Wow I can’t believe it’s already June! And tomorrow is my birthday!

This year is going by so quickly. I would say that one thing I don’t like about travel is how fast time goes (time flies when you’re havin’ fun!).

I actually enjoy being a homebody sometimes and always try to make sure I balance my time going places and being home. It’s so easy and affordable in India to jump on a train and go check out a new town but after 3+ years here places are starting to blend and I find myself feeling tired when I do this.

I wrote a post at the beginning of the year about what I thought I’d be up to in 2016 and I wasn’t too far off. So far this year, I went to 5 countries, only 2 of which were new to me:

  • India Goa which doesn’t really count since I live here
  • Turkey Istanbul for the World Tourism Forum & to explore
  • Sri Lanka for a visa run with Ben where we did lots of underwater adventures
  • Jordan which was an amazing last-minute adventure with Ben
  • Singapore for a friends’ wedding with Ben


GoaGoa, Nilaya pool

goa39Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

My Little Guide to IstanbulIstanbul, Turkey

Camel Rides & Hot Air Balloons in Wadi RumWadi Rum, Jordan

Whirlwind Weekend in SingaporeFriends’ Wedding, Singapore

I had more listed which I’ll be doing still and a few new opportunities have come my way! So here’s what the rest of my year looks like so far, most of which is in the US.

The rest of 2016 travel plans


Sadly I’ll only be here for a night. I saw a flight option which was way cheaper but had a 17 hour layover in NYC. My friend Ann lives there and said I could crash at hers and I haven’t seen her since I moved to India! It will be so good to meet up and see where she lives.


I was invited to a trip around Florida for 9 days by their tourism board along with 3 other bloggers. I have only been twice; to Disney as a kid and to Daytona beach for my 22 birthday actually with Ann the girl I’ll be seeing in NYC! I’m excited to explore more in the US as I haven’t done that since I started blogging. I don’t have my itinerary yet for this trip but know I”ll get a little beach time and “nature” time.


I am going to be in Ohio most of July and the first half of August. I’m from Ohio and will be so happy to see all my family and friends (and friends’ new babies!) while I’m home. Last year, I wrote about post about what I ate in Ohio while I was home and I”m going to do the same this year because I am in love with pub food (basically what we eat in Ohio) and every meal there makes me happy!

home in ohio about meMy friend Rachel here had a baby while I was gone!

home in ohio about me


I have a bachelorette party in Vegas one weekend, and the way flights worked out it’s much cheaper to fly there on a Tuesday so I’m going a lot earlier and working with some brands out there. The bride, my BFF, is coming early as well so we can explore the “non party” side of Vegas a little bit.


Family trip! Last year we went to Toronto which as a lot of fun and wanted to try somewhere else that was a little unique for us and ended up on Nashville. It is my mom/dad, brother/his wife, Bre, and me and Ben. We’re going for just 3 days and will be eating lots of BBQ! My brother has been before which is cool because he can show up around a little bit. I think Ben will be surprised by Nashville since he hasn’t really traveled in the US much and is a stranger to country music. His favorite food is BBQ ribs so this is a dream for him. 


Back to India from end of August through mid September! I will have lots of work to catch up on I’m sure and it will be raining in Goa all month so it’s a good time to just relax.

goa bloggingblogging in Goa


WHAT!! I know! It’s crazy exciting. I was invited on a boutique tour of Israel with Vibe Israel for a week starting September 15th. I cannot wait to explore this country and really feel a pull to this part of the world after my time in Jordan so this is just perfect for me and the blog! The tour is completely up my alley focuses on trendy boutique experiences, food, shops, and hotels. I’ll be showing you the trendy young side of Israel.


Ben’s sister is getting married at the end of September so we will be going there for the wedding and I’ll be going straight from Israel over. It’s so nice to see all his friends and family and I wish he got more time off work to see them ever longer. We’ll probably try to stay 10 days or more if we can push it.

london uk


I am randomly going to Latvia! I’d been talking with the tourism board about coming to visit the next time I was in Europe and it worked out well that at the two weeks in London I can head over for a week and explore a few cities in this beautiful country. I’ll be checking out a spa town, a coastal getaway, a castle, and the capital city of Riga.


I am so excited to say I’m going to Morocco. I was thinking to myself I really want to go somewhere different that I don’t know much about.. I’m always in Asia! My friend whatsapp’d me saying hey we’re in Europe at the same time and flight to Morocco from London are sooo cheap… let’s go shopping!” I said yes right away. I’ll go back to London from Latvia, meet my friend Tia, who owns a shop in Goa, and we will go to a few towns in Morocco. It was a lot of fun to plan. We’ll have 10 days then come back to Goa via London.


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