I know this is a random topic, but I hope it’s helpful! If you haven’t seen me with glasses on in my IG Stories, then this might be news. I don’t have perfect vision, I actually wear a -6.0 and can’t see much without my lenses on! I’m always traveling with contact lenses, solution, glasses, and all you need to be able to see. By now, it’s second nature, but here are some of my best tips for traveling with contact lenses.


Tips for Traveling with Contact Lenses

  1. Write down your prescription in case you need to buy more
  2. Never forget your glasses as a back-up
  3. Bring an extra 2 sets than what you think you’ll need just in case
  4. Keep a set in your luggage and a set in your carry-on
  5. Consider daily lenses – they don’t take up that much space, feel fresher when traveling, although they usually cost more
  6. Buy extra moist contacts to combat drier climates and the dry air in planes
  7. If you’re picky about lens solution for your whole trip, make sure you have enough as you won’t find anything but the basic solution (ie: ReNu) in many countries

Bonus: check how easy it is to buy contacts in a foreign country! It might be way cheaper and easier than your home country. I actually stocked up in India on my Acuvue Oasis Hydraclear for about a 1/4 of the price of what they cost in the USA. I brought a year’s worth of them to Mexico.

What to Buy

A nice, durable contacts case

I actually travel with a spare in my carry-on!

Both large and small bottles of solution

Keep one in your carry-on and one in your luggage in case your luggage gets lost.

Blink drops

This is my favorite brand after trying many kinds.

Another note on drops: there are some I love called [easyazon_link identifier=”B07BVYZL88″ locale=”US” tag=”Hipinhee-20″]Lumify[/easyazon_link]. They take away ALL redness in the most insane way and are only recently approved (they were glaucoma medicine before). You cannot use them with your contacts in; you have to use them then wait 10 minutes to put your lenses in.

Hand Sanitizer

While traveling in India, sometimes I’ll end up on a long car journey and want to nap. It’s always key to use sanitizer before taking your lenses in and out.

Where I Buy My Glasses

I’ve always bought my glasses at Warby Parker. I have a high prescription so the lenses can sometimes be thick – or they can be thinned, but you have to pay extra. With WP, they offer the highest level of lense that is thinner for just $20 bucks more. It’s usually around $120 for the glasses with the lens. Pretty much cannot beat that. Plus, I can get my prescription anywhere and just scan it and send it to them. I’ve sent them mine from India without issue. You just need your pupillary distance as well. I’m due for a new pair this summer and cannot wait to shop! The ones I had on in the photo above are 6 years old, haha! I have other ones that are newer but I wear those the most. They haven’t scratched at all and have been through a lot so the quality is great.

When you order from Warby Parker, you don’t pay upfront. You order 5 pairs for “home try on” and you can choose the one you want, then buy it OR you can say nevermind, I didn’t like any – and send them back with their pre-paid box. You won’t be charged at all. It’s awesome.

I currently have the “Sullivan” glasses which is pretty ironic – that’s going to be my last name in six months!

For more packing tips:

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