It’s almost embarrassing how much I need WiFi when I travel, but it’s really important for my job to stay connected as I work 100% online. I have tried and reviewed 3 other WiFi devices and get super geeky about it; I love seeing how the speed is, which networks they connect to, and how the battery life is. Because I’ve used multiple WiFi devices, I have a good idea overall of what to look for in a good pocket WiFi, and will share the pro’s and con’s in this Vision Global WiFi review.

Vision Global WiFi Review

Why Use a WiFi Device?

First, I want to explain how this device works in case you aren’t familiar with a WiFi device, as I know if my mom is reading this – she won’t know what this is (I use that as my “do I need to explain this more?” hehe).

This is a small handheld device that once you turn it on, will connect to 4G or 3G signal (whatever network that is in the area, in any country) and immediately give you internet before you even get off the plane.

It is a “hotspot” which means that it IS the WiFi and you simply turn on your WiFi on your phone or PC, select the Vision Global WiFi and then put in the password that comes with your device.

The reason for using a WiFi device is to save on international roaming on your own phone plan back home and to be able to have your own 4G or 3G without having to get a local SIM (which can be a difficult or impossible process in some countries). You also have your own internet and don’t need to plan on connecting to WiFi in Starbucks or be limited to two-hour airport WiFi limits.

When a device like Vision Global is great for me is when I am bouncing from country to country and can use just this one WiFi device in all places rather than get a new SIM each country I go to – which can actually be a waste of money if I’m not there long enough to make the most of the SIM. For example, in Morocco, my SIM was $40.

Vision Global WiFi Review - International Pocket WiFiJust turned it on, getting ready to explore Merida, Mexico!

What Comes With the Vision Global WiFi Kit

Below is an image of what comes with your WiFi kit once you open it in the mail. You do want to have this sent to you before you start your trip. There is a little bag to hold it all, the device itself, and a charging cable. Pretty standard.

Vision Global WiFi Review

Vision Global WiFi Review

The first time I used this device was in the USA, and I was totally shocked to see that it connected to Verizon Wireless. This is by far the best connection in my area of Ohio, but other devices and international SIM cards I used in the past had connected to T-Mobile, which isn’t great in my area but is cheaper for them. I was impressed that they connected to Verizon even though it might cost them more (I’m not sure that it does, but assuming so). Because of that, I have had the best connection with Vision Global in the USA than other devices. I took this with me to South Carolina and Florida and also had a perfect connection.

Perfect for when I get dropped off at a museum, find out it’s closed, and am stuck! I can turn it on and get an Uber.

How to Order & Set Up the Vision Global WiFi Device

There are three easy steps to get this WiFi device ready to go.

  1. Order the plan that works for you on the Vision Global website and pay online ahead of time.
  2. Your device will be sent to your home address in the USA or other designated airport counters.
  3. When your trip is over, you send the WiFi device back to them (it’s a rental). They will have sent a pre-paid envelope in the mail. It’s really easy to send back – I’ve done it twice already. They do ask that you send this a day after your trip ends.

Vision Global WiFi Review - International Pocket WiFiThere is basically no set up required. You turn on the device and click over to the WiFi name and password. That’s all you need to know to be connected. If you have no tech-knowledge it’s fine. It will automatically connect to the network and the internet will start working.

On the homepage, you will be able to see your data usage and see what date you had ordered the device until. You can see your data allowance on this screen where it says 0.00/4 GB. They will soon be changing all countries to unlimited. It will be high speed at either 500MB/day or 1GB/day and speeds down to 2G speed until the next day.

Vision Global WiFi Review

Vision Global WiFi Review

Pricing of the Vision Global WiFi Device

To show price, I’m going to go ahead and “plan a trip” on their website and share exact results with you. So, I’ve used this device in Mexico and the trip is November 24th to December 4th. The price that came up is $150 for 11 days in Mexico using 300 MB per day as a limit (again, after this month they are changing all countries to “unlimited” as mentioned above. You then click the pink “reserve” button. Here is where you can add other destinations if you are not going to only one country.

Vision Global WiFi Review - International Pocket WiFi They give options for delivery or pick up. The pickup option is only at LAX. One downside is that you pay shipping fees even if you pick it up yourself and drop it back at LAX. It’s $16 to have it shipped to your home and back and $10 if you get it and drop it at LAX. There is an optional insurance you can add onto the device in case it’s lost or stolen which is $2 or $3 per day depends on the plan you choose.

Since I am doing this review for Vision Global, they offered free shipping to you guys! If you use this link your shipping will be free, saving you that $16!

The total price runs up on the right side and it came to $166 with shipping. That comes to a total of $15 per day. You might think this seems like a high price, but keep in mind a WiFi device isn’t for everyone. In the start of the article, I listed out reasons why you might want a device like this but I’m going to sum it up here:

  • You can’t get a SIM in the country you are going to
  • It’s difficult to get a SIM in the country you are going to
  • You need WiFi from the moment you land to get an Uber or start working
  • Bonus: you are traveling with friends and can all join this device and split the cost (best possible situation!)
  • You have the budget to spend on this and don’t want any WiFi hassles, you just want your internet to work with ease.
  • If you are traveling to multiple countries

While $15 per day seems high that is for Mexico. If you look at traveling to Europe and bouncing around to multiple countries you are going to pay $7.50 per day or $10 per day for 500 MB instead of the base amount of 300 MB. This European travel rate is actually lower than the other devices I have reviewed.

Multi-countries for Europe will be $7.50/day and a single European country would be the same. As I wrote above, they give you “unlimited” data with 500MB/day of highspeed internet and slows down to 2G speed until the next day once you run out of that.

Vision Global WiFi Review - International Pocket WiFi

So, what cons have I found with Vision Global WiFi?

As mentioned, the shipping fee even with pickup at LAX seems high with $5 for pick up and $5 for drop-off.

A second thing is that you are paying ahead of time for the whole trip on a daily rate regardless of if you use the WiFi device each day. Other companies allow you to pay by the day and you can choose if you want to turn it on or not and start a day’s usage. You might have a day in a nice hotel with high-speed WiFi and not need your device one day, but you’re going to pay for it anyway.

The plan for Mexico was only 300 MB/day. As a blogger, I need around 500 MB per day to do Instagram stories and be online pretty much all the time. 300 MB is a very good amount for the average traveler, but a little low for a blogger or someone who needs to stream or do a lot of video calling for work. Unlimited daily data would be ideal since you are paying $15 per day. Luckily, they are changing it to unlimited by the end of December.

A Little Bonus with Vision Global WiFi

The device itself is also a portable charger! This was key for me when I used it on my two-week trip to Florida as I would normally take a portable charger and got to leave that at home. Every little bit of space in a carry-on helps. Since you’ll likely have this device in your purse while you travel, it’s great that if your phone dies you can plug it in and get a little battery boost.

Vision Global WiFi Review

A Few More Things to Know about Vision Mobile WiFi

  • It works in more than 130 countries and has over 5 million users
  • The longer your trip, the less it is daily and some regions are more expensive than others. For example, a month-long trip to Japan would be just $2 per day which is an incredibly low rate I haven’t seen before.

Vision Global WiFi Review - International Pocket WiFi

  • You can connect up to 10 devices!
  • It’s a secure network
  • This is the most lightweight WiFi device I’ve used on my travels which is pretty cool since it’s a portable charger, too.

Click here to get a quote and get free shipping.

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Vision Global WiFi Review - International Pocket WiFi