The streets in Langkawi (Kuah and Cenang especially) are lined with spas! You can get all kinds of treatments at a big variety of price, with hotels and resorts being the highest. They are really big on reflexology here, I saw a lot of Thai massage, and mani/pedi places. Another big thing was the “ear candling” so obviously we HAD to try it.

Ear candling & reflexology @ Terati Patai Cenang

We tried at Teratai on Patai Cenang near Underwater World. The 30 minute foot reflexology was 38 ringgit and the ear candling was 38 ringgit. The total 76 ringgit is equal to 20 USD. A full body massage here is 88 ringgit. The reflexology was great and as always hurts a little. In case you’re unfamiliar, it’s using pressure point that ease problems in relative areas of your body. I know what you really want to know about though, the EAR CANDLING! Lol.

what is ear candlingawkward…

Langkawi Spa what is ear candling

What is ear candling?

Ben was the one who volunteered for this. On the way over, he had severe sinus pain on the plane. We’ve both been sick, and his hea is shit so he decided to go for it. I was getting a massage at the time but this is how he described it: They dug around like they wanted to poke his brain, pulled out chunks of gunk with sticks and hooks, then put a candle in his ear, which created a suction and pulled out even more little bits of gunk.

The treatment is meant to relieve sinus pressure and pain. Ben swears it worked. Other than relieving pain, he can hear better as well. It can cure swimmers ear so is good for those in the water a lot. If you’ve ever had any type of ear problems like tubes or perforation, don’t do this! The stick poking reminds me of the ear cleaners on the streets of India.

Langkawi Spa

Contact: They have a free pick up service I noted on flier, so if you want to call it’s 04-9551822.

Bali traditional @ Ratu Maya Spa

This one specializes in “Bali Traditional Treatment”. I know I’m in Malaysia, but each shop has all different types: Swedish, Malay, and Thai… but the Malay was pressure points and I really wanted something a bit more relaxing. The massage here was great. I got a 40 minute neck shoulder massag for 60 ringgit.

Contact: next to Underwater World, call at 012-407 2075.

Langkawi Spa

Foot scrub & massage @ Ayer Hangat Spa Village

This was a nice surprise! We went to Hangat village to see the hot spring, but I didn’t realize there was a spa. They had a special which was 30 minute foot massage and scrub for 35 ringgit (10 bucks).

Langkawi Spa

After soaking your feet in salt water filled with flowers, you got rubbed down with salt and a fruit similar to a lime. The massage was incredible and I highly recommend! They had all the little touches like ice cold towel over your eyes (it was a hot day) and laying down during the foot massage which almost never happens. She massaged me an extra 10 minutes for no reason – nice! A full body, full hour Malay massage is 130.


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