If you haven’t already seen, I’ve been posting a lot of pics on my Instagram of Panama and all my outfits. While I have a more practical, packing list (coming next week), I thought I’d do a fun, stylish guide on what to wear in Panama as well!

Of all the articles I am writing about this country, these tips on what to wear in Panama is the most fun to write. I guess I just love writing about clothes and, being a bit Type A, I like to make sure people are as prepared as possible for their trips!

What to Expect in Panama

The fashion in Panama is pretty diverse since there are different vibes depending on where you go. You have the classy Panama City, the tropical, carefree San Blas,  the seriously adventurous Chiriqui, the young, party feels in Bocas Del Toro and more casual mountain areas like Boquete.

You’ll need a variety of clothes, both adventurous and dressy. Since you guys seemed to really like when I did a similar post for all my outfits in Rajasthan, I wanted to break down what exactly I wore during my Panama vacation!

What to Wear in Panama

My Casual Dresses

I lived in dresses and jumpsuits (like this one!). I didn’t even take jeans or jean shorts! You do not want to know how many dresses I took but I admit it was half of my luggage. They were just too easy and perfect for both laid-back, tropical vibes and for the more classy, city vibes.

Indian Summer Jumpsuit

I love the natural linen this is made with and that it is kind of sporty so you can just relax and feel comfortable while still looking kind of put-together. You can check out this Aussie brand here. I wrote a more in-depth review about it here.

Buy similar here

ASTR the Label Carolina Dress in Cappucino

This dress is so grown-up! I always dress really boho-chic but this was kind of fun because I felt like I was dressing up a little bit. It’s long but it’s low-cut so it’s not too prim and proper. It also fits really well at the waist and I love the wavy shoulders. Read more about my love for it here.

 Buy it here

things to do in panama city

Free People Love to Love You Midi Dress in Sunkist Combo

THE best dress that I currently own I think! I am actually going to order this is the blush color too. It’s so freaking soft and comfortable. It fits perfectly – tight at the waist but then loose at the hips so it doesn’t cling. I love the embroidery! I was obsessed with this dress.

Buy it here

Solito Sun Dress

I love linen at the moment. This dress is so soft, the colors are really light and beautiful and I love the tie straps.

Buy it here

what to wear in panama

C/MEO Be About You Green Floral Midi Dress

I usually never wear these very “wow” dresses but I just loved this flamenco style dress when I saw it online and for once in my life actually felt like I had curves wearing this! It was so perfect for Panama City and the top fits really nicely. Obsessed. It was perfect for Panama.

Buy it here

Faithfull the Brand Sybil Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top + Skirt

Pretty sure this is still one sale so get it before it’s gone! I love this set and it’s perfect because wrap skirts are always flattered then add on a high-waist and it’s golden! I gush about it some more here.

Buy the top here and the skirt here

Urban Outfitters Amber Button-Down Linen Midi Dress

I grabbed this at U.O. in July and have been wearing it nearly every day to the point I’m afraid it’s going to stretch out or break! I love this dress so much and it’s so cheap! Definitely will consider getting another color in this one – but this striped colorful one was perfect for the beaches of Bocas Del Toro! It’s a very soft stretchy cotton.

Buy it here

ASTR the Label Elena Linen Midi Dress

This has a 90’s square cut top which I love and has tie-up sides – but it’s long so it balances out and still feels somewhat conservative. It’s also on sale, haha! More ASTR dresses here.

Buy it here

Anthropologie Lenora Tassled Tunic Dress

I’m doing a whole article about this dress on my other website, Omni Curated, today because I love it so much. You can read it here. They have it in cream too but it’s sadly sold out in my size or I’d get it! This dress is so amazing and I also just wore it to a conference in New York and everyone was complimenting it – even my mom was like “you have to buy this!” when we saw it (even after seeing the price tag – it ain’t cheap!) It’s a thick material, really cozy, has tassles, and a v-neck that isn’t too low. It’s also not too short so it’s great for normal daily wear or work.

Buy it here

what to wear in panama

Free People Monday Midi Dress

I love this dress, too! Shocker! It’s a little low-cut so I can’t wear it daily but it was great for vacation and is a light soft linen so perfect for the hot humid weather here.

Buy it here or here

Moon River Floral Open Back Jumpsuit

This red jumpsuit isn’t my norm; I never go for bright colors but I really love this shade and was drawn to it for some reason. The bottoms are a wide culotte and it’s really comfortable. I love dresses and jumpsuits when I travel because there’s no “outfit” planning, you just throw them on and go. I wrote more about it here.

Buy it here

What to wear in Panama

The Fifth Label Acacia Stripe Dress

My mom thinks this one lots like a candy-striper dress which is probably true but I still love it, ha! It’s short and simple – it’s light light cotton and great for the beach. I love the scrunched ruffles on the straps.

Buy it here

Sabo Skirt Dresses

I’m new to Sabo Skirt but it’s a new favorite brand. Their dresses are priced in AUD, so rememeber it’s going to be less in USD. These were around $50 each and for the quality, could have been a lot more. Definitely a brand to check out. Read more about it here.

Both dresses are sold out, but you can find similar styles on ASOS


Red Frog Beach Resort Review

This Beachy/Casual Outfit

This tunic is from the same brand I mentioned above, Indian Summer. I can’t find this exact top anymore online. The pants are a very lightweight striped cotton/linen brand and were like $30 from Urban Outfitters. They came with a matching top, but I just go the pants. Great for the beach and travel days!

Pants in my color are sold out, but see other colors here

My Hiking Outfits

Dresses are great except when you are in the jungle and then you want some hiking clothes. I took Anatomie clothing. It is my first time traveling with them and first time ever wearing “travel clothes” and wow – new obsession. Love the trousers, tee shirt, and jacket!

Old T-Shirt, Lilybod leggings, + Anatomie Windbreaker

I got this Rolling Stones t-shirt from American Eagle (yes, I still shop there ocassionally haha and I used to work there!). Lilybod are my all-time favorite leggings because they are so soft and have cool stripes! This windbreaker is so light and thin you can roll it up into a ball the size of your fist! It’s crazy how little space it takes when you travel and it will be going on every trip with me from here on out.

Buy the leggings here and the windbreaker here. The This Rolling Stones T-shirt is old, but this UO one is cute and would work perfectly!

37 Things to do in Panama

T-Shirt + Anatomie Skyler Pants

This is an outfit from Anatomie and I love it! Typically, I would have worn leggings on a boat trip like this or a dress, neither of which is really appropriate. I have always been skeptical of “travel clothes” but it felt good to wear these travel-y pants. I can’t really explain the material; it’s crazy thin, really stretches, and dries in .2 seconds. They are high-waisted so I felt like they were flattering and from a distance you can’t tell they are “travel” pants. The top is also Anatomie and is just a simple tee shirt but so soft and has mesh sleeves.

Get the pants here + Similar tops here

Yoga Outfits

Where to Stay Gulf of Chiriqui Isla Palenque

Where to Stay Gulf of Chiriqui Isla Palenque

Stronger Yoga Outfit

I’ve been a fan of Stronger for a few years. It’s a brand from Sweden. You can check their outfits out here. It’s nice to be kind of matchy-matchy sometimes and these are also what I wear to my pilates classes here in Merida.


Essential Things to Know Before Visiting San Blas Panama

Montce Vert Gingham Bikini

Get the top here and similar bottoms here

what to wear in panama

Montce Polka Dot Bikini

The polka-dot style seems sold out, but check out other Montce styles here

what to wear in panama

Montce Ete Floral High Waisted Bikini

Get the top here and the bottoms here

Essential Things to Know Before Visiting San Blas Panama

Ris-k Citrine Bikini

Get the top here and the bottoms here

what to wear in panama

Ris-k Black Bikini

Get the top here and bottoms here

san blas panama

Acacia Bikini + Sarong

Buy the sarong here; can’t find the exact print of the bikini, but check Revolve for different Acacia styles + colors

Shop Bikinis Below

These brands were so perfect for Panama and Montce is my new favorite brand, hands down. The prints are so cute and the quality is incredibly soft. The red/pink Acacia has underwire that I love, very 90’s and fun!


what to wear in panama

Homebodii Satin Pajama Set

Basically my new favorite thing to wear, ever. At home, Ben is like “are you going to wear your pajamas all day?” Yes, yes I am. They are monogrammed; how cool is that!?

Buy the pajama set here

Homebodii Romper + Robe

Everytime I post an image of my lifestlye Instagram Omni Curated, where I give beauty tips, and I’m in this robe, I get like 10 messages asking where it’s from. I’ll link it here! It’s the best!

Romper here and similar robe here

Shop Homebodii Loungewear Below

And that’s it! I have more practical advice (like toiletries) in my Panama packing list, so check that out next!

Panama Travel Guides

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