Although my website has pretty much everything I know about Goa, I get many emails a day asking me to tell them MORE. Don’t I have some secrets or something I forgot to mention that I can share? So, here are 3 most asked questions about Goa, answered.

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General Goa Travel Tips

FAQ Goa, Answered

1. The nightlife in Goa

“I checked out the Goa music scene that I’ve read about. We went to 9 Bar and Shiva Valley, but I just don’t like that type of music, psy/trance. Where can we go to dance and hear r&b, hip-hop, and rap? My friends and I want to drink and dance without worrying about men groping us.”

I hear ya! I thought the same thing when I moved to Goa. Although the psy music is growing on me, I prefer house or hip-hop. Although my friends here give me shit for it, I like to listen to Rihanna or Nicki Minaj! That’s exactly what Club Cubana does. They call it the “nightclub in the sky” and you can see the huge lights from all over North Goa. If I were to recommend one “club” in Goa, it’s Cubana.

club cubana goa

 club cubana goa

Located in Arpora, near the Saturday Night Market (any driver will know the location), it’s a paid entry but drink for free place. They are careful not to let huge groups of single men in, so that girls can dance without having any issues. It’s a big club separated into different rooms that play 4 types of music. There’s a few bars scattered outside in a fabulous setting with a pool. Security is tight, drinks are FREE, and the cover is 1800 for couple, 1400 for single men, and 700 for girls. Wednesday is free for girls (so if you’re backpacking that means girls, you can come here on Wednesdays and just drink all night for free).

ultimate guide to goa

2. The beaches in Goa

“Calangute beach was gross! I got stared at and people kept handing me their children to take pictures with them. The food at the shacks was mediocre…. Is there somewhere better?”

goa monsoonYes! I haven’t even been to this beach. I go to little Vagator beach on the regular. Lunch at Thalassa, laying out near Oltremarino, and drinks for sunset at Waters! Makes for a nice day.

If you want to splurge, head to Ashwem beach and get a table at the French restaurant, La Plage. I love the saffron risotto and the beef fillet. The beach here is great. You can lay out near the shacks and shop at Jade Jagger or the new luxury Le Souk. The beach is clean, men don’t stare, and you’ll feel very comfortable here.

ultimate guide to goa Vagator

3. Cheap lodging in Goa

 “I swear I’ve read all your posts, but I just don’t know where to stay. I want something backpacking budget friendly. Can you just tell me where to stay?”

There are some hostels in Goa. I haven’t personally checked them out but know two called Prison Hostel and Jungle Hostel. You’re sure to meet backpackers here. There are even more hostels popping up all over Goa. Use Makemytrip or cleartrip to book. You can call and try to negotiate as well.

I think Laguna Anjuna, Casa Anjuna, and Casa Vagator behind 9 Bar are all nice.

For super cheap, I think Silvermoon Guesthouse in Anjuna fits the bill or Red Door in Vagator.

anjuna flea market goa


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