Back in the day, Rachel once wrote a bucket list of fun things to do in Goa. While you can still do a lot of her recommendations today, many suggestions are no longer open! We’ve given her original list a much needed update to help you plan your own trip.

I, Jules, have lived in Goa now for 4 years and have been lucky enough to have family and friends visit quite a few times over the years. I have had to become lead tour guide for a lot of groups and because of this I have a lot of Goa’s must-dos, must-sees, must-eats, must-haves all up my sleeve. Below are the best things to do in Goa – some slightly random, some very important, and some only a “local” would know.

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Cows in Agonda, India

Agonda Beach, South Goa

Classic/Touristy Things to Do in Goa

1. Visit the Spice Plantation.

I highly recommend a trip to the Spice Plantation in Ponda to walk through a tropical plantation and learn all about the spices that are the backbone to most of the food you will be eating throughout India. It really is very interesting and you get lunch cooked with the same spices from the plantation. I would not recommend riding the elephants as they seem to be the only ones left in Goa and they are not treated very well.

2. Check out the old churches in “Old Goa”.

“Old Goa” is one of the only places you will need to dress appropriately. Cover your knees and shoulders, mainly directed at females, so worth bringing a sarong or a cardigan you can put on when needed. This can be done on the way back from the Spice Plantation. Have a look at the Patron Saint of Goa, Francis Xavier’s, embalmed body and take the drive up the steep hill to the Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount for a beautiful view over Goa. If you would rather join a tour try this one.

3. Get a photo of the cows on the beach…

…make sure they aren’t eating from your plate as you snooze on your sunbed and if you are feeling adventurous maybe even try a cow selfie. Cows in Goa are usually pretty friendly and love a little stroke or neck scratch but watch out for the bulls and their horns!

4. Visit Mapusa Market

Mapusa Market is a big bustling market full of bright colors, weird, wonderful, sometimes terrible smells and lots of shopping opportunities. Friday is the busiest day of the week for Mapusa Market but you can go any day, the earlier the better to beat the heat. Make sure you visit the fabric shops, flower section, fruit and veg, fish market if you dare and the meat section if you can stomach it. Here you will see lots of ‘typical Indian scenes’ – ladies sat in beautiful saris behind piles of their local produce – a great day out for any budding photographers!

5. In Arambol, check out the sweet water lake.

It’s just near the beach and is pretty cool to take a dip and some photos. It has become quite a common spot for tourists now so you are likely to share the lake with a lot of people. Please remember to take your rubbish with you when you leave. Here’s a little guide to Arambol.

Palolem Rock

Palolem Rock, South Goa

Adventurous Things to Do in Goa

6. Try SUP (stand up paddle board) at Vaayu.

Vaayu in on the road facing Mandrem Beach. You can also rent surf boards from them or try kite surfing classes. Their cafe, Prana, serves up delicious breakfast burritos, fish tacos and smoothies. This is a very cool place to hang out for the day.

7. You can go white water rafting.

Not even many locals or Goa residents know you can go white water rafting in Valpoi. This takes place in the off season when the rivers are full and raging. This would be great fun in a big group or a good way to meet new people and see a different part of Goa.

8. Have a surf lesson at Surfwala.

Surfwala is between Mandrem and Arambol. You can hire out surfboards or get yourself an instructor to help you conquer the not-so-large waves of Goa. You can spend the day chilling at Surfwala.

9. Try bungee jumping at Mayem Lake.

There is a new attraction in Bicholim where you can bungee jump off a 55M platform over Mayem Lake. This is one for the adrenaline junkies. You won’t find me anywhere near here!

10. Go-Karting in Arpora.

There is a Go-Kart track in Arpora next to The Saturday Night Market. Rachel was a Go-Kart lover; she and Ben used to test out a track in most places they visited together around the world. This one in Arpora is not really the most exciting but is a fun option to change it up from the usual Goa activities.

11. Kayaking at Patnem Beach.

Rent a kayak on Patnem Beach and go for a little paddle. And by little I mean a slightly strong paddle as the sea can be tiring. If you paddle out towards the South of the beach where the sea meets the river, it’s lovely and still. I was once surrounded by a mum and her baby dolphin here. Kayaks can be found to rent at most beaches in South Goa.

12. Take a B:Live Electric Bike Tour.

Try an electric bike tour where you can literally sit back and power the bike with the flick of a wrist. They have lots of different location options including Old Goa, Panjim, Chorao and Divar Island. If you are a bit nervous on the bike I would suggest one of the islands as the traffic on those is pretty non existent and you get to go on a little ferry across the river. Tours can be booked here.

13. Climb up to Chapora Fort.

Take the steep climb up to Chapora Fort to see the view over Vagator Beach. It isn’t the most exciting fort but it is a nice activity to get you away from the sun bed. And fits in perfectly with a deserved juice from the famous Chapora juice shop which is spoken about below.

14. Climb the huge rock in the sea at Palolem Beach.

Swim out to the huge rock at Palolem Beach, attempt to climb up, view the beautiful palm tree lined beach from a different angle and jump back off into the sea. It is easier to climb the rock at high tide and be careful of cutting hands and feet!

15. Go for the perfect beach run.

This may not sound adventurous to some but actually a great beach run can be a game changer for your day. Especially if it is at sunset or you are lucky enough to see dolphins – this happened in Agonda. Not all beaches in Goa are good for running and a lot of time it depends on tide timings as running on a slope isn’t so good for your knees. You can run any time of the day at Morjim, Mandrem or Palolem and only at low tide on Calangute, Patnem and Agonda.

16. Volunteer with the animals!

Rachel wrote about a few of the options here. This is pretty adventurous as you are likely to be out of your comfort zone whether it is helping out with animals or people. There are lots of great organizations needing your help and these add some really rewarding experiences to your travels. It can even be something as simple as taking a few dogs for a walk.

17. Get a tattoo at Inkfidel with Duncan.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo in Goa please don’t go to one of the 3 million tattoo shops we have on every corner of every street. Duncan is the guy you need to speak to and the man who has drawn all over most of the residents of Goa. His work is great and he can help with any designs or ideas you want to create. Obviously only get a tattoo if you really want one as it is there forever! Check out @inkfideltattoo on instagram.


18. Go crocodile hunting in the mangroves.

Ok not actually hunting, no crocodiles will be harmed but go searching for the crocs that believe it or not, do live in Goa and hang out by the mangroves of Chorao and Divar Island. I did this trip recently with Uday, The Crocodile Man and we saw a HUGE sleeping crocodile. It is also just a lovely boat trip around the island. Contact Uday on +91 9021918613 to book.

Thalassa Sunset, Goa, India

Thalassa Sunset, Siolim

Relaxing Things to Do in Goa

19. Watch the sunset from Thalassa Restaurant.

Thalassa has moved to a beautiful spot in Siolim right next to the mouth of a river and a glorious sunset view. This is a bit over budget for a backpacker but if you had to treat yourself to a holiday experience whilst backpacking this is it. Dress up and eat lots of delicious Greek food.

20. Enjoy the lounge chairs at Antares in Little Vagator Beach.

This was a secret of Rachel’s, that if you eat at Antares you can use their sun beds which face the sunset and they have their own staircase going down to Little Vagator Beach. No seems to use these beds so you could have them all to yourself.

21. Take the long drive up North to Keri Beach.

Keri Beach is the last beach before Goa becomes Maharashtra. This is a very secluded area with not much going on at all. If you want the beach to yourself, take a picnic and your own umbrella and enjoy paradise for the day.

22. Let yourself have a foot massage on the beach.

Depending on which beach you are sat on, lots of ladies will come around asking to massage and thread you…give in, let yourself be pampered! You can also buy sarongs, anklets and other things you probably don’t need or want but it’s always nice to give them a little something. Just be firm that once you are done, you are done or they could end up sitting by your bed for the rest of the day offering another massage just in case you change your mind!

23. Go to the “secret” beach.

I won’t name it here, but please check out Rachel’s article and review for the hidden beach resort or you can skip and just use this link to book and see where this resort is ;)

24. Go to Snips Salon & Spa for a massage.

It’s much cheaper than back home and is fantastic. Treat yourself to a massage, hair spa, manicure, pedicure or all of the above if you are feeling fancy! There are two salons in North Goa now – Calangute or Porvorim.

25. Spend the day at Nilaya Hermitage’s swimming pool.

Pay Rs 500 to spend the day at Nilaya and use their amazing swimming pool. This is my favorite swimming pool in Goa. Have lunch here, try the grilled fish, and soak in the beautiful view over Arpora.

26. Get an amazing gel manicure to last your whole trip!

If chipped nails stress you out then go to Tanya at Sparaddise in Calangute where you can get the best gel manicure you will ever have. This is an inside local tip that most visitors won’t know about. Girls, thank me later!

27. Watch a sunset from Vagator Hill for a full panoramic view.

This is not such a common tourist spot as you have to know where to park your car but if you drive past La Rive in Vagator and leave your car at the bottom of the hill you can walk up to the top and have a beautiful panoramic view from Anjuna to Morjim.

28. Go bird watching at Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

Take the car ferry over to Chorao Island and have a walk around Salim Ali bird sanctuary. There are lots of beautiful species of birds in Goa with lots of them being seen around the quiet mangroves. You can also take a boat trip around the island which is a great way to see a quieter side of Goa.

If bird watching is your thing you could also try this bird watching tour.

29. Hit up Fort Aguada Taj Hotel for drinks.

Take in the amazing view over an old Fort, sit in a fancy chair and order yourself a fancy cocktail at the Taj. This is a lovely hotel so dress up and try and make it for sunset.

30. Stay at Jamboree Creek!

If you want a cute jungle hut and swimming pool at decent prices, this is it. They have daily yoga classes, meditation classes and private access to the beautiful Mandrem Beach. Book a stay here.

Food Stalls at Goa Collective Bazaar, India

Food Stalls at The Goa Collective Bazaar, Vagator

Foodie Things to Do in Goa

31. For traditional Goan Food…

Strangely it is actually quite difficult to find good Goan food in Goa. Try Bhatti Village in Nerul which resembles the kitchen of an old Goan Grandmother. The menu changes depending on what is available. And Nostalgia in Panjim which has recently opened in Fontainhas selling all the Goan delicacies. Try the xacuti, prawn rissois and beef croquettes.

And if you make it to The Goa Collective Bazaar, I have a food stall called Go Local where you can taste freshly made local food only on Fridays. The caldin, cutlet pao and tendli pickle may change your life!

32. Try “rava fry fish” and squeeze lime all over it.

This can be found all over Goa and is a must have if you are trying something new. Seafood in Goa is usually fresh and delicious, so try some prawns rava fry, mussels rava fry, fish rava fry, everything rava fry. It is basically fish coated and fried in spices and semolina. Yum!

33. Taste a bite of South India at Gunpowder in Assagao.

This was Rachel’s favorite restaurant that she always made time to eat at and was conveniently located not so far from her house. The veg curry and chili pork ribs were Rachel’s go-to but the chicken curries are what most go for. I love the andhra prawns and potato ishtew. And definitely get a couple of heavenly malabar parathas!

34. Eat Goan Sausage, Ros Omlette Pao, and drink a Sweet Lime Soda.

Goan sausage is apparently the Indian chorizo. Try a Goan sausage dish at a restaurant or a choriz pao at a street side vendor. You can also try a ros omlette pao which is Xacuti (coconut based curry) gravy with an omelet inside a soft pocket of bread known as poie which is the local Goan bread. Yum! A fresh lime soda, either sweet, salty or mixed is exactly what you need daily to keep you hydrated in the Goan sun. If you’re really branching out you can try the local liquor, cashew feni, which in my opinion smells like nail varnish remover. You are guaranteed to have a fun night and a sore head in the morning drinking feni cocktails.

35. Chill out and have a juice at the famous Scarlet’s juice center in Chapora.

This juice center is famous in Chapora with lots of locals hanging out here. This is a fun people watching spot, a great place to meet new people, or to just watch the world go by.

36. Take time for a long lunch at La Plage.

This is a beautiful lunch or dinner spot set back on the beach at Ashwem. It usually opens in December and closes in March so if you are in Goa in that window make sure you don’t miss out. It can be busy on weekends so you will need to book – which you rarely need to do in Goa unless you are a big group. The tuna is their famous dish but everything on the menu is amazing. Their Bloody Marys are very unique with an added curry flavor and are a huge local favorite. If you are with a big group or you love dessert, order the chocolate Thali, you will not be disappointed!

37. Eat at as many food stalls as possible at The Goa Collective Bazaar – The Friday Market.

The Goa Collective Bazaar which takes place every Friday from 4pm onwards at Hilltop in Vagator, is not just a market for shopping but also has some great cocktails and a huge food court. There is food from all over the world and lots of seating available. Come with an empty stomach and have a little nibble from as many as possible. Some recommendations are Eddie’s Khao Suey, Morgan’s Pizza, Bean Me Up, Irori Sushi, Freshly Baked Cupcakes, Falafels, Burrito Boys, and, of course, Go Local.

38. Have a coffee at Old Quarter Hostel in Fontainhas.

If you are planning to explore Fontainhas, the Portuguese style streets in Panjim, then stop for a coffee and rest your feet at Old Quarter. Bombay Coffee Roasters operates here so if you feel you are in need of an actual coffee and can’t bear to look at a Nescafe instant ever again, this is where you need to be.

If you would like to join a tour of Fontainhas, you can book here.

39. Have a beer at Joseph’s Bar.

Joseph’s Bar is a very old school hangout in the small back streets on Fontainhas in Panjim. It is a tiny bar with 2 tiny rooms that give you the real Indian feel. Sit down, have a beer, have a snack, and speak to the owner about how long he has been running it and all the issues they currently face with the neighbors and noise complaints.

You could also join this bar crawl of Goa which takes place in Panjim.

40. Eat a traditional Portuguese lunch or dinner at Venit.

Venit is down another great, tiny Portuguese-style lane in Fontainhas. You will feel you like you are in Portugal if you choose to dine on one of the tables with the balcony overlooking the street. The walls are covered with wise words from travelers who have been and gone and the menu has some of the best traditional Goan/Portuguese food.

41. Taste some typical Goan snacks from Mr. Baker in Panjim.

This bakery has been around since 1922 and has some delicious traditional Goan snacks you can munch on while you explore. These are the kinds of snacks that are served at all weddings, anniversaries, birthdays all over Goa. The options include beef chop, prawn rissois, beef croquette, veg chop, meat/veg samosa and lots more. If you are feeling adventurous try the dessert, Bebinca, which is a Goan cake that uses 24 eggs!

42. Treat yourself to a whole new eating experience at A Reverie.

Book yourself a table at A Reverie in Calangute where your taste buds will be in for a treat and you will be 100% wowed by the menu and the food presentation. They have amazing cocktails and dishes usually have a twist. You could feast alone on the starters as these are the most fun but the mains are also delicious.

Try the mushroom chai, Mexican pani puri, Goldrush coconut chips and the chicken lollipops. If you manage to have space for dessert the de-constructed Banoffee pie and the chicken or the egg are amazing. This place comes with quite a steep price tag compared to what you will be used to paying elsewhere but is a lot cheaper than what you would pay in your hometown. Highly recommended.

43. Try some of the best gelato in town.

Head to the local hangout in Anjuna, cream choc gelato, for the best ice cream in all of Goa. Yep in all of Goa! They have a nice seating area outside with a few cute resident dogs, including Tripod, the 3 legged dog that Rachel rescued after he was hit by a car. Try the salted caramel, dark chocolate and the delicious fruity sorbets!

44. Eat the famous chicken at the Saturday Night Market.

This chicken is genuinely famous in Goa. The queues are always huge and if you decide to line up you will know why. Ask anyone where the chicken man is and they will point you in the right direction – note he is only at Ingo’s Saturday Night Market.

Seasonal Things to Do in Goa

45. Celebrate Holi in Goa.

Holi is always a lot of fun in India. In Goa, it is nowhere near as crazy as other states as for some reason different neighborhoods celebrate it on different days and the Hindu community isn’t as comparatively large in Goa. However, you can always find some colorful powder to buy and some people to have a little color fight with. The best option is to go to an all day Holi party. Try La Rive, Sinq Pool Party or Hilltop. And of course you need to wear white!

46. Hit up the carnival in Arambol.

Arambol is probably the hippiest place in Goa although it wasn’t back in the day (Anjuna was). They have their own carnival every year in February. Head up to Arambol to celebrate the hippie lifestyle with drum circles, live music, hula hooping and lots of fancy dress.

47. Make sure you’re here on a Saturday for the Saturday Night Market.

There are now two different Saturday Night Markets, both in Arpora which can be confusing. The original one is called Ingo’s and is located just next door to the go-kart track. This is my preferred option as I know my way around it and there are some great food and shopping stalls here.

The newer market, Saturday Night Bazaar, sometimes has a fun fair – which I wouldn’t recommend – and always has a full car park. Be careful as some taxi drivers will pretend the other market is closed. This usually begins beginning of December. It has a great vibe and is a great evening out with shopping, live music and food.

48. Don’t miss the Panjim Carnaval.

This “Carnaval” takes place along North Goa as different areas compete for the best floats. The parade begins early in the day so make sure you go early to get a spot and witness all the creative and sometimes very weird and random floats. This is a great day out and a real treat if you are here during your travels. End the evening in Samba Square with live music and lots of snacks and drinks.

49. Go Narkasur hunting in October/November.

A Narkasur can only be found in Goa on the evening before Diwali. It is a strange tradition where different areas build the biggest demon possible and then burn their creation at a silly time in the morning. It is amazing to see the efforts people put in and the size they are able to build these monsters. I went on a little car journey with some friends to see what people had done. Each Narkasur usually has a group of people surrounding it dancing to some terrible EDM until the early hours!

Hideaway Goa, India

Hideaway, Vagator

Nightlife Things to Do in Goa

50. Definitely experience a trance party at Hilltop or Curlies OR Shiva Valley or Soro.

There are a lot of trance parties in Goa. A lot. Goa is so known for this way of life that you really should experience the scene for yourself. Check for dates and this post on the best party places in Goa.

51. Watch some live music at Hideaway.

If trance is not your thing, like me, then head over to Hideaway in Vagator for some great food, great cocktails and an amazing vibe. They usually have a live band on a few nights a week so check their Instagram or Facebook page for updates. This is where you will find lots of locals and residents spending their weekends.

52. Go to the silent disco at Neptune’s Point on Palolem Beach.

At the furtherest South point on Palolem Beach is Neptune’s Point where they have a weekly silent disco every Saturday. Depending on the time of the season (not during monsoon season), it could be packed or it could be pretty empty. Either way, experiencing a silent disco on a beautiful beach in Goa is always going to be a win.

53. Catch a late night DJ set at The Goa Collective Bazaar – Friday Market.

The Goa Collective Bazaar which takes place every Friday always has a few live acts on throughout the evening. As the evening goes on and some of the stalls start to pack up the techno/trance DJ set begins until about 2:00 AM on good days. If you are in the mood to carry on, head to La Rive which is a short 5-minute drive away.

54. Hit up Soro for some old school Hip Hop on Thursdays only.

The only authentic Hip Hop night in Goa that actually plays good tunes. Head over to Soro in Assagao for a fun and very busy night.

55. Watch a great Indian dance show on Wednesdays.

This is a slight secret but if you head over to Chalston Beach Resort on a Wednesday evening and have dinner at their restaurant you can also watch their live Indian Dance Show for free. The show has quite a few different outfit changes as two amazing dancers take you through the different types of traditional dances found within India. You are encouraged to get up and move for the last one so wear your dancing shoes!

56. Hit the dance floor in Cavala on Fridays for retro music and some salsa.

If you are looking for some old school retro music then Cavala is where you need to be. Filled with lots of local regulars who have been dancing at Cavala for years, you will have a great time singing along with the band and watching the famous salsa dancers.

57. Check the ever-changing evening DJ line up at Prana Cafe.

Prana Cafe is not just great for lunch and a smoothie bowl; they also have select evenings with cool DJ lineups. The DJ area is pretty cool with a large lit up tree as the backdrop. Try the Piña Coladas and Tropical Rum Cocktails.

58. Don’t miss the shows at Thalassa on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Table bookings are essential for Thalassa. Probably the most famous restaurant in Goa, it is buzzing nearly every day of the week. Sunset tables are usually booked way in advance but if you are coming to party then the book the evening slot and stay until it closes which can sometimes be 3:00 AM. They have a large dance floor, a huge cocktail menu and a few shows that take place through the evening. Fire throwing, a very special Greek dance, a robot laser dance show, and sometimes the infamous male belly dancer. This place is not really backpacker budget friendly but you are definitely in for a fun night.

Shopping Things to Do in Goa

59. Buy some spices and tea as souvenirs.

You can’t come to India without buying some of the very colorful spices from the very cliche picture you hopefully took at the market. You’ll see them so much that it’s hard not to and of course they make great gifts. See what else to buy in Rachel’s India souvenir guide.

60. You better be here on a Wednesday too!

The Wednesday Flea market is one of the most famous hippie markets in the world. It’s located in Anjuna leading up to the beach and goes until sunset. It is a huge market that is very easy to get lost in. You could easily spend the whole day here but due to the heat it is better to get there early, make your way through the market, and then end up at Cafe Looda for a drink at the beach.

61. Buy an “India” scarf for the perfect souvenir from Fara.

These beautiful scarves are hand drawn onto silk and make great gifts or the perfect treat for yourself to remember your trip to India.

62. For more shopping, hit up Alchemy in Ashwem.

Fara (from above) and Studio TIA opened up a shop together called Alchemy, and it’s located in Ashwem. You can see some of her outfits here and check out her shop on Etsy too! These are beautifully designed pieces of clothing that you won’t find at home in your high street stores.

63. Get some clothing tailored and make your own fun designs at great prices.

You can take one of your favorite dresses to a local tailor who can copy for you in any fabric you desire. This can be great fun whether you want to make a suit, a new beach dress or the perfect festival shirt. Here’s how to get clothing made in India.

64. Visit Paperworks in Panjim for all your stationery needs.

This is a semi-secret shop in the far end of Panjim with a very confusing entrance. But once inside this shop will make you want to throw your clothes away and fill your bags with all the beautiful stationery they have to offer. Everything from beautiful writing paper, painted cards, wrapping paper to journals, diaries, bags. Everything.

65. Treat yourself to a trip to Rangeela.

This beautiful shop can be found in Assagao. Make time for a visit to see their beautiful collection of treasures the owners have found around India, Bali and on their travels to Africa. It is impossible to leave this shop without picking up at least one, if not more, treasure to take home.

66. Buy a secondhand book from Literati, the beautiful book shop in Candolim.

Check out Literati in Candolim for the perfect secondhand book for your travels. Or have a look through the shelves that line every single possible wall for the perfect brand new book. Books are a lot cheaper in India than in your hometown, so definitely worth buying them along the way rather than filling your bag. If the cafe is open, stop for a sweet lime soda and a sandwich.

67. Venture to the Friday Market for some premium goodies.

Yes, I have mentioned this market in nearly every section but it deserves to be here! It really has everything you will need for your Friday night out. So head to The Goa Collective Bazaar for your not-so-common shopping experience at Indian markets. Here you will find good quality items, one off designers and lots of premium goodies.

68. Buy some local art from Studio Arpora.

Check out Studio Arpora, the cutest gallery in Goa with the most beautiful paintings by Shireen Mody and the loveliest illustrations by her daughter Saffron. Prints can be bought that can be easily packed and added to your luggage. Don’t miss out on seeing Shireen’s palm tree series in real life!

Villa Alina

Villa Alina, Calangute

Luxury Things to Do in Goa

69. For a “splurging out” stay in South Goa…

Try the beautiful Alila Diwa in the South. It was Rachel’s favorite 5 star hotel in all of Goa and she treated herself to a few getaways here.

70. Treat yourself to a Sunday Brunch at the Grand Hyatt.

This really is a special treat but is so worth it. Spend a lazy Sunday at the Hyatt in Bambolim. Fill yourself up at the mouth watering food stations and then roll yourself out to the sun beds to make the most of their lovely pool. I would recommend booking ahead for this one as it does get busy. Lots of 5 stars offer Sunday Brunch deals so if you don’t feel like trekking to Bambolim have a look at some of your closer options.

71. Stay at Villa Alina – perfect for larger group stays!

Villa Alina offers six bedrooms to a single group of up to 16 people. Treat yourself to a whole villa experience with your own private infinity pool, daily maid service, 24-hour security, sunset views, breakfast included and the comfiest beds in all of Goa!

Check here for even more luxury stays in Goa

Expat Things to Do in Goa

72. Consider renting a house.

If you do end up staying in Goa for a month or more, it may be worth looking into renting a furnished place rather than staying at hotels or hostels. You can look on Airbnb or you can just stay in a guesthouse until you find somewhere. Here’s a guide to renting in Goa. There are lots of cute little Goan houses available for long term rent at great prices.

73. Take some classes at Tito’s Whitehouse or Artjuna.

You can do kickboxing, yoga, pilates, and more. Classes are affordable and happen every week. It’s a great way to meet people who live in Goa.

74. Sign up to the Sensible Earth co-working space.

Sensible Earth is a beautiful spot in the backstreets of Porvorim. They are a co-working space dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to help the world become a better place. They have an amazing open space that allows the breeze to fly through whilst being surrounded by trees and all things green. This is also a great way to meet new and like-minded people.

75. Catch a movie at the Inox Cinema at Mall De Goa.

This is one of my favorite activities in Goa that makes me feel like I am back home in London. The cinema in India is way better than in London. Your chairs recline; you can eat mixed cheese and caramel popcorn (yes this is the best thing ever!); they have an interval in the middle so you don’t have to miss any of the movie for a toilet break; they usually have air conditioning (take a jacket it can get cold!), and the price tag for one ticket in London is about the same as going 6 times in India. Try it, it’s a nice break from the non-stop travelling if you have been on the road for a while.

Hopefully this list of things to do in Goa will keep you going for a long time! Let us know what you enjoyed or if you have any must do’s you think should be added. Enjoy!

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