Panaji (Panjim) is such a cute old town. If you’ve never been to Europe, you’ll absolutely love shopping in the old alleys. We always say if you took all the people out of the town and just looked at it, you might actually think you were in Portugal or Spain. Even if you’ve been to Europe but have been traveling around India, you’ll find this capital to be a nice break from the other state’s giant crowded ones.

Thanks to the Portuguese who only left in the 70’s, the locals take a nice siesta from 1-3 and you can wonder almost empty alleys. Most are one-ways so be careful when driving!

I’ve already told you about Old Goa and what to see historically while you’re in Panjim and I shared my favorite places to eat in Panjim. I don’t recommend sleeping at a hotel in Panjim, rather just visiting for the day. It’s not a place I go to hang out, it’s a place I go to begrudgingly do errands and buy supplies, but when I do go into town, I always stop in at my favorite stores to see what new items they have in.

FYI: If you’re planning to do some shopping don’t go during siesta or national holidays in case some shops are closed.

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6 Trendiest Shops in Panjim

1. White Brick Wall

shops in panjimThis one is my favorite! It’s full of local Goan designers and everything in the shop is made in India. Some famous people who make ceramics sell here, like Silvie who I hear about from the owners of Olaulim Backyards. I have bought a few candle holders, a planter for some bamboo I hope to obtain, and some baking supplies like cute chocolate molds. Local designers also sell their clothing here.

Location: Shop no 4,5,6,Jesuit House (Opp Tato’s Cafe)

2. Barefoot: the home store

Especially for expats, Barefoot is a great place to get things for the home. Think of it as a less commercial Fab India. The items are more hand picked and although Indian fashioned, they are modern and up to date with current trends. The bedding is soft and has really cute designs. Great vases, silverware, and china sets. There are a few clothing options. If you’re looking for a home redesign, look here for big mirrors and lighting fixtures. They will help you with delivery. Located near the petrol pump by Subway.

Location: 31 Janeiro Rd

3. Orchid Boutique

shops in panjimThis is your girly boutique. It’s not exactly my style, and although they are high heels they aren’t ones that are high quality and my feet just can’t handle the cheap ones! There are a lot of cute party dresses though so it’s worth a look! They carry new lines and change out lines often so maybe next time I go in I’ll see more items I like.

Location: Opposite the post office

4. Singbal’s Book House

shops in panjimIt’s trendy to read, FYI. This is the biggest book shop in Panjim that carries international books and magazines. You can pick up India Vogue or the newest Twilight book (or whatever everyone’s into right now?). I recently got The Fault in our Stars there and didn’t think it was all that! They have all the popular “backpacking India” books like Shantaram and White Tiger and guide books or language books. If you live here and can prepay, they will order books for you that you can’t find on flipkart and

Location: Communidade Building, Church Square

5. Sacha’s Shop

shops in panjimThis place is so cute! This shop carries all kinds of awesome clothes and jewelry. Some is made by local designers and some is antique. It’s like a flea market. They’ve been featured in Vogue and are the trendiest shop in Panjim. Recently they started carrying one of our favorites, Tia & Tan.

Location: E526 Swami Vivekananda Road | Opp the Old Passport Office

6. Baba’s Wood Café

shops in panjimI’ve already told you about this place in my Panjim food guide. They sell some furniture and artwork in the shop here. Lately I’ve seen outdoor furniture like lawn chairs and umbrellas.

Location: Mala 49 (Fontainhas)

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