Everyone knows what you need to take to the beach, but every year more new things come out and I end up replacing everything with newer trendier versions. Of course, you need your towel, books, bag, phone, kindle, and earbuds. So, here are some of the new beachy things I’m obsessed with this summer!

9 New Trendy Items to Pack in a Beach Bag

1. Flash Tattoos

items to pack in a beach bag

items to pack in a beach bagThese are the cutest! They are metallic temporary tattoos and are all the craze in California and Hawaii. My girl Saffron had some in Goa last year, and I loved all her Instagram photos then saw these in every boutique in Maui. In fact, my friend Ash who I wrote about (she owns Seiba) partnered with Flash Tattoos a few years ago before they were huge! They are perfect with a bikini. Photos below are from the Flash Tat IG. Even Beyonce and Nicki can’t resist the trend. Click here to check some out.

2. Sun Bum

items to pack in a beach bag

items to pack in a beach bagI am so obsessed with Sun Bum Sunscreen! I had heard of it before but bought some while I was in Hawaii. The regular lotion is great, but the face stick is where it’s at. Next, I want to get the lip stuff. It smells like a banana! I break out with oily sunscreen and hate thick ones like Clinique City Block because you stay pale as a ghost if you use it. This still lets you get a tan, but my nose didn’t burn at all with the stick (which is a feat because I get like Rudolph easily. Photos from Sun Bum Instagram


3. John Frieda BLONDE

items to pack in a beach bagI love blonde hair. Once, I dyed my hair brown, cried, lightened it again, and swore to never ever not have blonde hair. As a kid, I had white hair until it turned more yellow at about age 17 so I’m always wishing I still had that hair. I started highlighting and using blonde products, and John Frieda is my absolute fave for shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is called John Frieda Sheer Blonde highlight activating shampoo. I know being at the beach makes your hair look wavy and cute, but you really should wash out that salt so you don’t dry your hair. PS there are highlight enhancers and “go lighter”; the “go lighter” actually bleaches you out and dyes your towels so I don’t recommend it. The enhancer isn’t actually noticeable color change, it just stops you from going yellow. My girl, Gigi Hadid also swears by it.

Occasionally, I’ll spray in Surf Spray either Bumble and Bumble or Beach Blonde Sea Waves which is drying so only 1x per week. I love the look, but you shouldn’t do it every day even though the products say you can.


4. Sunny OPI colors

items to pack in a beach bag

items to pack in a beach bagBright colorful nail polishes! At the beach you aren’t wearing much, so someone may actually notice your nails. I really love the ones that look one color then the suns hits like the ones in the new new Hawaii collection – especially the color “This Color’s Making Waves” which is the one that looks like Tay Swifts dress in pic below, and “Kermit Me To Speak” which goes from purple to green which is what I got done in Maui at the salon. These seem to go in an out of style, but all the way in Hawaii and home in Goa, these colors are in, so it must be the case everywhere right? Brights look good with a tan. I always travel with mini’s but when I find a color I love, I get the full size.


5. Brazilian Bikinis

items to pack in a beach bag

items to pack in a beach bagIt seems like all my favorite brands are only making really tiny bikinis these days & the most popular brands are Brazilian style, lots straight from there or Hawaii like Moana, Midori, San Lorenzo, Agua Bendita, and lots more… I follow about 25 swimwear brands on IG and all I see are the Brazilian options! In Maui, every shop I went into ONLY had Brazilian options. I buy crochet bikinis on Etsy and love them, but the new suits this wear are SO cute!

6. Tanning Oil

items to pack in a beach bagI knowwww, it’s bad for you right? But I love a tan! The best of the best is Maui Babe,which has a lotion you use while you tan and one to use after. This stuff will make you brown! If you want something a little cheaper, I love the scent of Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil and it works like a charm. If you want something natural, try carrot oil- we use it in India sometimes. Photos from Maui Babe Instagram


7. Sheer and Tinted Makeup

I just LOVE this stuff. I have a couple colors. YSL Sheer Candy is silky smooth… not quite a lipstick because it’s barely any colors, but not a gloss because it’s not sticky. I guess it’s like a chapstick or chubby stick, but wetter if that makes sense. It’s pricey but lasts forever and doesn’t melt in the sun. If you care about packaging, the tube is so cute and it’s quite heavy so feels really fancy. BECCA Beach Tint is fabulous too. I have it in grapefruit. Actually, when it comes to tints I also really really like Josie Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelée, which I’ve mentioned here before it can go on cheeks or lips. Tints work great for the beach so you look and feel dewy, not dry like a powder would make you. Plus, you don’t need makeup on a beach so if you want a little something this is nice.


8. Beach Sarong & Kimono

items to pack in a beach bagI’m really into the Indian ones, but I know you can’t get them everywhere. It’s like a lungi you wrap around but you can use any sarong. Instead of folding it criss-cross and wearing it tied on the side, fold it into a long piece then wrap it around and twist/tuck it in. You can wear it high waisted and it’s super cute. I also love a good thin cotton Kimono which I get from TIA in like every color, the type pictured and the ones that are open like a cape. The other amazing cover up is a Turkish beach towel – love them! They are so thin.

9. The trendiest Ray-Ban’s…

items to pack in a beach bag

items to pack in a beach bagThese Ray-Ban aviator flash sunnies are just being worn by every fashion blogger and celeb. I feel like every photo that pops up on IG has these glasses in it but they are pretty damn cute! I want a pair but haven’t splurged yet. I like the gold/green, then there’s the blue, and there are purple ones. There may be more! I am not a Ray-Ban pro. I’m also really into Le Spec sunnies, like these.

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items to pack in a beach bag


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