Trtl Pillow Review: Is it the Most Supportive Pillow Available?

I am all about my new travel pillow the Trtl pillow . I actually wrote a whole blog post about my favorite travel pillow in general, because I hoard them like a weirdo, and this one is the top of the list. For some reason, I forget my pillows all the time and end up

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Udaipur, India’s Royal White City

As if my four blog posts haven't given you enough reasons to visit Udaipur, maybe these photos will help push you over the edge to book a trip here! 20 Reasons to Visit Udaipur in Images I believe that Udaipur is the most beautiful city in all of India and in general, Rajasthan is my

How Trabug Works: A Phone With Guide for Travelers in India

I am so excited to share this post and it's been a long time coming. My readers have been using these Trabug phones during their travels in India and the feedback has been awesome. I wanted to walk you through ordering and using a Trabug phone, information about travel SIM cards in India, how Trabug

Where to Buy Stylish Travel Clothes for Women – My Favorite Places to Shop

The number one question I get in comments and my inbox on Instagram is "where do you shop for your cute travel clothes!?" You might be surprised to find that my list (below) of where to buy stylish travel clothes for women doesn't actually have "travel clothing" companies but just normal stores. For me (and