I’ve always had anxiety before I travel, and becoming a travel blogger didn’t change that.

I LOVE to travel and I get so excited before a trip, but I also have a pit in my stomach that I can’t even pinpoint what’s wrong. I get it if I travel alone, mostly, but even when I travel with someone else.

Anxiety Before Traveling

An unexpected thing I’ve noticed is that not only do I get anxiety before I travel, but a lot of travel bloggers have written that they do, too. I think people think you’re either a traveler or you’re not, and if someone feels anxiety, they think they fall in the latter group.

But seeing the high percentage of travel bloggers who admit to getting anxiety when they travel, it makes you think most people must get a little anxiety, just statistically. Literally, thousands of results come up if you google traveling with anxiety and some of the top posts are from Adventurous Kate, Neverending Footsteps, and Living in Another Language.

If you search, you’ll find hundreds of articles which share tips on how to get over pre-trip anxiety. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of tips and I always feel anxiety before I go. I am mostly writing this just in case you didn’t realize it’s VERY common. Because, if you get anxiety too, it really does help to know you’re not alone.

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So what causes the pre-trip anxiety?

I’m sure everyone has a different reason as to why they feel anxious before a trip.

For me, it’s only getting from point A to point B. The second I land at my final destination, I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. I don’t feel nervous about the actual trip I’m on, it’s just getting there and then again when I go home, or to the next place.

I am not afraid of flying. Not in the slightest!

I get really organized before a trip. I pack everything and go through a checklist in my head of what I need to not forget. I check in online when I remember, and choose a seat. I double-check that I’m allowed as much luggage as I’m bringing. I double-check what time I need to leave and that I am going to the right airport. I give 30 minutes extra for traffic.

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Yet, I feel sick the night before. The day of, I watch the clock and worry all day. But, the WORST thing is I don’t know why I’m worrying! I cannot think of one reason!

So, that’s anxiety. It sucks. I deal with it because this is the only time I get anxiety, therefore I don’t believe I need medication for it – in fact, having anxiety when you travel is really normal.

How do I try to get past my anxiety?

I remind myself that most of the trips I had anxiety on, went fine.

I remind myself that the worst case is that my luggage gets lost (and gets sent to me the next day) or I miss a connection. The worst case is usually losing money essentially.

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I run a checklist in my head to make sure I’ve done everything and packed everything. I also check my documents list to make sure I have all of that.

I talk about my worries out loud to whoever will listen lol, sorry.

I also don’t just sit around on days I have an evening flight. I go about my day and go to the beach or pool, whatever – I just make sure I’m back to my house WAY ahead of time to shower and leave. If I sat at home all day before a 7 PM flight, I’d go crazy. It’s good to distract yourself.

When I travel with someone else, especially Ben, I don’t worry at all and am so chill – but alone, is when I feel anxious. It’s not enough to stop me from traveling and I know it’ll be 24 hours of nerves then it’s over. If you have severe anxiety you might consider not traveling alone or taking medication to help.

People say that exercise, soothing music, and such will help. For me, I just have it and nothing helps so I just mentally prepare for it beforehand.

I don’t drink coffee before a trip, it makes your heart speed up which isn’t a good mix with anxiety. I try to stick to water and stay hydrated.

I really didn’t write this to give tips, though, but just to let you know that even though I’m always traveling, doesn’t mean that I’m always just carefree! I get nervous and if you do too, I hope it helps to know you’re not alone!

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