COVID-19 Charities to Help India’s Second Wave

Hello, Jules here writing from a locked down Goa, India - 29/04/2021  India's Second Wave Battle with COVID-19 I am sure most of you are aware of the second wave of Covid ripping through Mother India right now. The sudden increase in cases, hospitalisations and deaths is horrific. The scramble for beds, oxygen tanks, food

A Cute Staycation at Casa Jaali, South Goa

Looking for a cute place to stay in Goa? Our local Goa expert, Jules, recently stayed at the very sweet Casa Jaali in South Goa, Patnem. Here's what to expect if you want to stay!  And in case you missed it, don't forget to read about the first staycation at the very unique and cool

A Guide to Ashwem and Mandrem Beach in Goa

Visiting Ashwem and Mandrem Beach in Goa, India? Here's all you need to know! Hello, Jules here, your local Goa expert hoping to give you all the gossip on places to visit, stay, eat and most importantly, where to chase sunsets. Here is the perfect guide to Ashwem and Mandrem Beach which is one of

The Future of Hippie in Heels

We continue to mourn & heal as we wrestle with Rachel’s passing. In May, we tragically announced that Rachel Jones, beloved child, fiancé, sister, friend & travel blogger, had unexpectedly passed away. We’d like to share a bit more about her passing and the future of her much loved Hippie in Heels. Her passing As

How Living in Goa for 5 Years Has Changed Me

The last time I went to the US, in February, was to renew my visa after my 5-year visa expired. It's hard to believe I moved to Goa that long ago, and have been in India overall (as a traveler) since 2012. As you might have seen, I am leaving India and moving to Mexico!

Top 10 Travel Tips for Visiting Marrakech

There are 10 travel tips every person needs to know before visiting Marrakech, Morocco. To avoid being disappointed, getting sick, or being taking advantage of follow these top recommendations and tips.  Although I went to Marrakech without knowing all of this; our trip would have gone a bit smoother if we had done the research.

24 Hours in Dubai | A Detailed Dubai Layover Guide

Dubai, the city of dreams, is a popular pitstop for those traveling between the East and the West. In fact DXB airport is the busiest airport for international travel in the world with over eighty million passengers a year! Most people take advantage of their layover here to see the city. While you could easily