Ashwem Beach is a very hip little spot in North Goa. Near Mandrem and Arambol, it’s known for being less spoiled than others, as well as being populated with turtles and dolphins (although I’ve never seen any in four years so, hmmm). It’s one of my favorite beaches to go to for lunch, sun-bathing, and of course – shopping.

I’ve updated this post for accuracy, but the images are quite old – please ignore how bad I was at photography and writing four years ago!

Ashwem Beach

If you are looking for something a little different than that of North Goa’s “same same but different” at the Wednesday flea market, you can check out the shops on Ashwem Beach.  I lucked out because Ashwem is very chic and trendy right now with a few shops, some foreign, full of classy, sexy, bohemian handmade dresses, robes, shoes, and bikinis!

Some of my favorite restaurants in Goa are also on Ashwem!

Boutique Jems of Ashwem Beach 

Jade Jagger’s jewelry shop – Mick Jagger’s daughter

Dust – this shop has a few brands inside including two of my favorites, TIA and FARA. Here you can find silk kimonos, bikinis and all the best stuff in Goa.

You're Invited! Tia's Shop Opening, Anjuna shopping in goa

Nana Ki & The Bohemian Collection – Before you head into La Plage, in the parking lot, you’ll see a little shopping center. This little area was called “Le Souk” for some time although I’m not sure if they kept that name. There is a leather shop in there, Nani Ki (which is so cute with litle jewelry) and Bohemian collection (homewares, lovely stuff).

boutiques of ashvem beach goa

boutiques of ashvem beach goa

Ambika Concept – This shop sells quirky cotton dresses, floral silk robes, and silky kimonos perfect for the beach. There are handmade jewels and scarves as well. They have a store in Jaipur and Arpora/the Saturday night market.

boutiques of ashvem beach goa

boutiques of ashvem beach goa

boutiques of ashvem beach goa

This is a very basic post with some introductory shops in this small section of beach – for more information check out my Goa ebook (30% off with code “welovegoa” where I go into much more detail and read my article on shopping in Goa.