Goa has THE best market in India, if not the whole world: the Saturday night market, followed closely by the flea market. These aren’t the only options, but are great places to start shopping in Goa. The two biggest markets are only open ON SEASON: End of October through March-April. I couldn’t fit this is my ultimate guide to Goa, so here you go!

Even after being in North Goa a year, I haven’t even begun to check out all the little shops. I’m just going to share some of my favorites with you. I will probably add shops to this post as I find them when they open back up next season. A few might sound familiar because I featured some in my International Boho-Chic Designers Series.

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General Goa Travel Tips

Wednesday Flea Market in Anjuna

This market is a hippie market full of products from all over India and even foreigners selling amazing jewelry and art. In fact, it’s such a popular market with so many options I wrote an entire post on it: Anjuna Flea Market: A Hippie’s Paradise

anjuna flea market

ultimate guide to goa

anjuna flea market goa

anjuna flea market goa

anjuna flea market goa

Saturday Night Market in Arpora

Ok, this is my favorite place to go in Goa. By the end of the season, I’ll admit it gets a little old but now that it’s over I can’t wait for next year’s to start. The night market is near Club Cubana and has adequate parking for bikes, but not cars. You’re best to be dropped off to avoid dealing with traffic.

This is a place to PARTY. You cannot bring in drinks. There are multiple bars inside, a funky soul music type one (that sometimes plays reggae too?), and a couple trance bars.

ultimate guide to goa

The food is SO freakin’ good. The best is the famous rotisserie chicken from the “French guy”. We get one every time we go, and an extra to take home and eat the next day.

Popular restaurants like Thalassa serve here and you can get anything from legit gelato, roast beef and potatos, Indian food, to an Italian guy serving up his homemade pizza.

ultimate guide to goa

The shopping is glorious although a little pricey (in comparison to the rest of India) as most come from all over India and are cheaper to buy in their own state. Here more westerners sell clothes and jewelry.

If you think it’s just “junk” you’re so so wrong. Clothes here are the finest silks, costing sometimes 200 USD a dress or scarf and I walk through here and literally want to buy everything, but obviously can’t! Most shops can be found on Etsy as well. Slowly but surely I hope to feature all the ones I love on my boho-chic series.

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anjuna wednesday flea market

anjuna flea market

Some of my favorites are:

Sagia jewelry

La Alkemista

Nadine Essra Designs

Tara Verde

Fara Boutique

Mermaid Boutique


Baga, Calangute, Tito’s Lane, and Candolim

You can find jewelry stores with precious gems and take personal orders.  I think Fancy Arts Emporium on Tito’s Lane did a great job making my star ruby ring, although over-charged. Being on a time constraint, and it being end of season we still used them (next to Ronil Beach Resort, Saunto Waddo, Baga Road). The clothing stores in these areas are not worth your time, except maybe Queen B. Ben found some nice linen shorts there.


Cute boutiques are located inside Villa Blanche, Thalassa, and La Plage, as well as other restaurants.

Check out the post Boutique Gems in Ashwem Beach where I have lots of shops listed, and be sure to stop by Jade Jagger’s shop up there.

Tia & Tan sells from Goa as well as artist Saffron, and Doe Designs.

Cheshire Cat is popular, but not my style.

boutiques of ashvem beach goa

tia and tan

boutiques of ashvem beach goa


Anjuna Cliffside always has stalls set up similar to the Wednesday market but fewer, more expensive, and no westerners selling.

Vagator Cliffside has vendors on the cliffs you’ll pass walking down to the beach. You can get big beach blankets for 200 rs. This all fits the Indian saying, “same same but different”. If you want wall hangings, read this first.

If you’re staying a while, the local market in Mapusa is the best for all your normal needs. You’ll have the center market for fish, meat, and veg. The pharmacy on the corner has everything, Ajay’s supermarket can order you any meat you want, and you can get any clothing made or anything fixed in Mapusa. I get my jewelry fixed and my shoes from the leather guy. You can buy all your bedding and mattresses- literally a one stop shop.

Other supermarkets for long-term people: Newton’s and Delfinos in Candolim have lots of imported stuff (Newton’s is better), Oxfords near Starco junction is the basic grocery store we go to, and Magson’s in Panjim when we’re coming through. They have good cold cuts!

For furnishing, I don’t think it’s “cool” in India, but I shop at Fab India. I think it made our villa super cute! I don’t dress in traditional Indian clothing because it feels like dress up to me, but they are known to have cute clothes as well.


For fabrics and repairing a couch your dog ate, I can recommend Zam Zam in Mapusa, Shop no. 7, Block A, God’s Gift.

Just two shops down from Zam Zam is a framing shop that did a great job for me on the paintings I got from Saffron. I forget the name though!

For wood workings I get great deals from Mohamad Yousuf Bhat near Goan Heritage Holiday Street, Calangute, Bardez.

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