Heading to Calangute in North Goa? Our local Goa expert has written a quick guide full of tips to help with your stay. 

I, Jules, would say Calangute is like the London of England or the New York of America. And yes when you actually get to Calangute you may disagree due to what you see but I mean this from the perspective of how famous and well known the area is. When travelling around India, anyone you meet will want to go to Goa whether they are tourists or locals and more often than not the main place they will have heard of is Calangute. 

I am from Calangute and this means I live there and half my family originates from there so this will be a positive blog about Calangute. I am sure you can find plenty online about why you should never stay here or visit here because it is too busy and too mad but actually between all the madness, Calangute has its own beauty and does genuinely have a lot to offer! You also wouldn’t travel all the way to London and not visit Leicester Square and you wouldn’t travel all the way to New York and not visit Broadway. 

Calangute is also pretty vast. It has a huge span of beach that has very very busy areas that I would only suggest visiting for a short experience of the madness and it also has quiet parts where you can find very cool and empty beach shacks. 

I wouldn’t say you should spend all your time in Calangute but have a read of my below suggestions and see if any of it appeals to you!

Calangute Beach Cafe Roma

Calangute Beach on a Glorious Day – Cafe Roma

Where to Stay in Calangute

Villa Alina

Villa Alina

Villa Alina 

A beautiful heritage property built on beach sand, this is an upmarket Villa that is rented out exclusively to one group. Sleeping up to 14, if you have more than 10 people, the high price tag doesn’t feel so much when split between everyone. Boasting a private infinity pool, daily maid service, 24 hour security and breakfast included, you won’t find another property with the same homely feel! Email julia@villaalina.com for more details or check here for more images. 

Chalston Beach Calangute Beach Hut

Chalston Beach Resort – Beach Hut

Chalston Beach Resort 

This family run hotel is located right on the beach with the most glorious gardens and beach-front restaurant. They have a range of hotel rooms for different budgets as well as some beautiful beach-side cottages. There is a swimming pool for guests and this is definitely one of my favorite sunset spots in Calangute. Book Here. 

Le Meridien

A new 5-star hotel that has recently popped up in Calangute and isn’t too expensive. They have some amazing room options and a great pool for guests use. They offer a large spread for Sunday brunch and are connected to Noemi’s Spa which is a 1 minute walk from the entrance to the hotel. Book Here.

The Park 

Part of the well known chain, also located in Calcutta, this hotel is built right on the beach. Known for its fancy decor and cool rooms, you will not be disappointed but it comes with a higher price tag. They also have a lovely rooftop bar with the perfect sunset view. Book Here. 


This is a cute resort tucked away down side roads and a short walk from the beach. They have their own pool alongside a private gym and spa. The rooms are big and help you feel like you have your own little Villa. And to top it all off they have a delicious restaurant onsite serving amazing authentic Italian food. Book Here.


Where to Eat in Calangute

Goa is full of amazing restaurants popping up all over both North and South and Calangute definitely does not let the side down. 

A Reverie Calangute

A Reverie – Fine Dining

A Reverie 

This is probably my favorite restaurant in Goa for a special occasion or if you’re feeling fancy and you feel like treating yourself. The menu is amazing and will blow your mind with all the little added details and flavors. The decor of the place makes you feel like you are in a 5-star and if you end up leaving without having taken a photo of your food, you deserve a medal. A bit more on the expensive side but a must try! See More.


A very traditional place that you must visit for delicious traditional snacks. Since I was young we have always got our samosas, beef croquettes, chutney sandwiches, veg puffs and beef chops from here. There is a small counter to the right of the restaurant selling all of these and more but make sure you visit earlier rather than later as they always sell out. See more. 

Navtara Thali Calangute

Navtara Thali


Head over to Navtara for the most delicious North Indian veg food as well as a few Goan options too. They do everything from crispy dosas to xacuti to paneer chilli to pizza to thalis to chole, puris and parathas. My favorite is the Palak or Schezwan Dosa with extra coconut chutney! 

Pousada By The Beach, Food, Calangute

Pousada By The Beach

Pousada By The Beach 

This is a famous spot in North Goa with lots of celebrities coming to taste the authentic Goan dishes in their peaceful beach side shack. The menu has a lot of traditional Goan dishes to offer and the owners, Neville and Josh are very passionate about Goa and what they do. A little on the expensive side but worth the visit even just for a Pina Colada and the Serradurra. See more. 

Tea Leaf Salad Zwe Calangute

Zwe By Golden Eye – Tea Leaf Salad

Zwe By Golden Eye

This is a new addition to Calangute and I am so happy it has opened. A Burmese restaurant selling some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted and just a 1 minute walk from the beach. Make sure you try the tea leaf salad, crispy beef, bamboo shoots and the famous Khao Suey. See more. 

Pina Colada Chalston Calangute

Pina Coladas at Chalston Beach Resort

Chalston Beach Resort 

Their restaurant is right on the beach front with a great sunset view. On some evenings they have live entertainment and the food is great. Try some of the fresh fish from the tandoor as well as the prawn papad, crispy garlic mushrooms and my favorite – The Pina Colada! They also have a pool table and a table tennis table. See more. 

Roboto, Calangute, Japanese

Roboto – Tantamen Ramen


Another newbie on the scene, this amazing Japanese restaurant opened and has survived through the pandemic. They have amazing cocktail options, delicious mains and some of the best ramen I have ever tasted. If you are looking for Asian food, go here! See more. 

Fisherman’s Wharf 

This famous chain has now opened its doors in Calangute. The original is in Panjim and is a well known brand. They have delicious fresh fish cooked all ways so if you are looking for fresh seafood like many who come to Goa then don’t miss this place. See more. 


This place has been closed for a bit due to the pandemic but I would like to include it anyway for when it decides to open its doors. Usually buzzing and full to the brim, this is a common hangout for the Brits, Russians and Europeans. Their menu is vast and anything coming from the tandoor is amazing. They also do the best pies – fish, steak and kidney, veg – as well as a traditional roast on a Sunday. 

What to Do in Calangute

Aggies Cafe Sunset

Calangute Sunset at Aggie’s Cafe

Beach Shack Hopping 

Calangute Beach is a long beach that sits in between Candolim and Baga. It isn’t that clear when one becomes the next but it is a long stretch of beach. And along the Calangute stretch you can find some very quiet beach shacks and you can also find some very busy ones that will be rammed with people dancing, singing and looking like they are drinking beer for the first time! (Remember alcohol is not so common in other parts of India!). It really depends what you are looking for but Calangute does have it all. 

Cafe Roma Calangute Calamari

Paneer Chilli and Crispy Calamari – Cafe Roma

My favorite beach shack, and one I have been going to since I was born is Cafe Roma. Here you will find some peace and quiet but still with a bit of atmosphere and some really tasty beach shack food. Try the fries, tuna salad, crispy fried calamari, prawn fried rice and the traditional fish curry rice. If you do pop by, say hello to Anthony and say Jules sent you. Just nextdoor is Aggie’s Cafe, another childhood shack that has a bit more of a louder atmosphere with great fresh fish and a delicious BBQ option that can be sorted in advance. If you do go here make sure you have the famous Aggie’s Mojito to complement a famous Calangute sunset! And say hello to Aggie too! 

Aggies Cafe Beach Shack Mojito

Sunset Mojito at Aggie’s Cafe

Other shacks to try – Jukebox, Flying Dolphin, Pine Tree, Pedro’s, Rovers Return.

Party on Tito’s Lane 

This is one of the main reasons why a lot of people come to Calangute and although the lane is actually in Baga I will mention it in this blog. Tito’s Lane is a famous lane with the very famous Tito’s Club at the far end. You will see their branding painted everywhere all over Goa. This lane is full of different bars and clubs and is a bit like the party strip you find in most party towns abroad. Think neon lights, people trying to get you in with free drinks and lots of loud music. If you are looking for a fun cheesy and very late night out then make your way to the lane. If you are girls out travelling solo, just keep your wits about you as it can get busy and very male centred too. 

Head to Cape Town, Cocktails & Dreams and Tito’s

And if you are looking for a more sophisticated night out then head to Favela or Cavala.

Sparaddise Spa Calangute Sparadise


Spa Visits – Sparaddise, Snip Salon & Spa, Neomi’s

Treat yourself to a spa visit at one of these three tried, tested and trusted spas. All spread around Calangute they offer amazing massages, pedicures, haircuts, waxing and all the pampering you may need. 

Visit a Calangute Church

St Alex Church Calangute

St Alex Church

There are quite a few churches in Calangute but the most famous and iconic is St Alex Church which is just behind the dolphin circle at the end of the road you would use to enter Calangute from Panjim. This lovely white church stands tall and has a beautiful interior and a lovely cemetery. My Grandparents got married here and my Great-Grandparent’s gravestone can be found at the front by the entrance. You are allowed to join a mass if you are religious but please dress appropriately when entering the church. 

I hope this gave you more than a few reasons to visit Calangute. If you do head this way, let me know what your favorite tips were! 

Chulo Beach Calangute

Chulo at Calangute Beach

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