Like most of my lists, this travel gifts list will be a bit girly- I’m sorry boys, I can’t help it! My Christmas lists have always been lots of makeup, clothes, and accessories. As a traveler I’m no different. I try to dress the same as I do at home when I’m abroad and write a lot about staying fashionable while you travel. Even in rural NE India on this last trip, I had my amazing new Top Shop skinny jeans on, a leather jacket, and my Steven Madden black leather ankle boots.

I love Christmas and making lists so wanted to come up with some Christmas gift ideas for the world traveler. Sadly, I can’t really shop as much in India, but these are items I already have and LOVE to use when I travel. Maybe they’re things you can ask for or can be gifts for a world traveler you know!

A Handful of the Best Gifts for Travelers!


This new company, Airportag makes a huge variety of great gifts for travelers. They sell a variety of items like magnents, shirts, pillow covers, and phone covers, with airport stamps on them or travel quotes.

Best Gifts for Travelers 2015So, if you’re often in and out of JFK, LAX, or LHR you can get a little decoration for you house. These are a few of my favorites but there are loads more on their website and you can create your own like in the photo above. Click here to shop.

Best Gifts for Travelers 2015

Design Your Own Leggings

Putting a photo you took on a pair of your own yoga pants? These yoga pants for perfect gifts for the traveler, since the person can have the ultimate souvenir after their journey. Pins to Kill is on pre-release now so you can sign up to have the first batch. You can also just get pre-printed ones, like jungle prints or geometrics. I have a pair of the geometrics! Check out their Instagram, it’s stunning.

Christmas gifts for travelersPhotos via @Pinstokill Instagram

pins to kill

pins to kill

Le Specs Sunnies

You can’t go wrong buying someone sunglasses they can take on their travelers. They are needed all year round and are not only useful but can make any outfit immediately look better. I used to buy cheap ones from H&M but recently with my eyes getting so red in the hot Indian sun, I realized I should be protecting my eyes more when I’m on the beach and driving around. A friend got a few pairs of Le Specs, and I was obsessed so I ordered a few myself! Take a scroll through a few of the ones I love:

Sun Bum Sunscreen

Ever since I went to Hawaii, I’ve been a fan of this brand. The products are reef-friendly and water proof. The face stick is probably my favorite, and I like it so much I actually wear sunscreen for the first time since I was a kid. Considering I live in tropical India the last few years, it’s about time.

Small Portable Charger

I hate when my phone dies! I had a portable charger from MI that Ben gave me, but I never carried it because it was too heavy and my carry-on is always barely acceptable in weight limits. Now, I have one I got from a conference I went to and am addicted. Travelers can throw it in their purse then they don’t have to worry about playing their music too long and killing their phone battery.

Bikinis, yes for Christmas!

I’m particular to San Lorenzo and Moana, but love Tori Praver and Vitamin A, as well as Agua Bendita! Since I lived in North Carolina, I got really into buying nice bikinis instead of always getting them from Victoria’s Secret. Travelers can usually only take one bikini with them on a trip so they want to make sure it’s a good one. It’s hard to find them in stores this time of year, but people often need them for upcoming Spring Breaks so shop online.

Really Comfortable Sandals

The bad thing about buying nice sandals is they last so long, you feel guilty buying more. I’m addicted to my Reef flip flops. A traveler will always appreciate comfortable footwear. Almost every travel blogger who interviews in my packing interview says they take Havianas with them on every trip. Ben swears by Rainbow flip flops, which form to your feet.

Hand-picked & customized Etsy Travel Jewelry

I love Etsy. Whenever I need to get someone a present I find it there. I got my dad a cutting board that said, “Jeff, ready to cook?” in Breaking Bad lettering. I get all my friends customized onesies when they get knocked up (lol). I also have gotten Ben presents, my dog a name tag with our phone number on it, and coordinate keychains, as well as a wooden picture frame that says Brandi for my mom and dad when our dog passed away. They have awesome travel buys on there. From bracelets with travel quotes, to posters, wall-hangings, and more! Click through and just search travel gifts.


LUSH is loved by all travelers. It’s organic and natural and their famous products are solids, perfect for the traveler who doesn’t want liquids (which are heavy and need to be checked oftentimes). Their solid shampoo is great and I take it when I travel. The case is a little difficult to open, but it lathers up like normal shampoo. Once you try one thing from there, you get addicted to buying more. Here are my favorites. I picked up loads in Maui!

Big Fossil Bag

I guess it doesn’t have to be Fossil, I just think they are the most long lasted leather bag I’ve ever had. I actually buy one every year, except this year because I’m being more responsible ;) It’s a great brand. I’ll share some here, but if you can get to the outlet mall you can get great deals as well as Macy’s if you have some coupons. I have 3 of the ones below, and love the bifold wallet tons! The backpacks are great for travelers since they are convenient and really in style right now, but the large totes are great for flying since you can take a carry-on and purse, why not take a HUGE purse?

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Kind of self explanatory, but these really really work. You put them on, and can hear nothing and they are so soft and comfortable; absolutely perfect for planes and trains. The Bose are some of the best, but that’s not to say others aren’t good too. I have some Beats by Dre which I love.

Moleskin Notebook

Maybe it’s a little picky to prefer a certain type of notebook, but I see so many people using this brand when they are on trains and traveling in India. The color options are too enticing I guess. You can’t go wrong buying this for a traveler.

Passport Cover

An obvious choice! This is a win for any traveler. Even if they have one, we get tired of the same thing since it’s used constantly. Like changing out our wallets, our passport covers need revolved. It’s so important to not get bends and rips in your passport or you can be denied boarding. Not surprisingly, I’ve linked Fossil ones below because I love their leather.

Leather Jacket

I love my leather jacket I got 5 years ago from Victoria’s Secret. I wear it all the time in India, wore it daily in England and Vienna, and it got my through college. I wouldn’t travel without it. It’s the perfect way to look like you fit in rather than looking like a traveler/tourist. Here are some cute ones! I love the asymmetrical cuts and really prefer black jackets.


Watches obviously are useful tools, but the real reason I wear one is to look more put together when I’m traveling someone less “rural”. I hadn’t worn my watch in India because it’s just too hot and I get all sweaty ha, but in Europe I was so happy to wear it again. Fossil is my absolute favorite! I swear, Fossil didn’t sponsor this lol I just love them.

Turkish Towel

Turkish Towels are very thin adorable towels that can be used as sarongs as well. I use lungis here in India, but this is the closest thing to that. Some call them Tunisian towels. I’ve ordered some myself!