As you know, I’ve been getting more serious with my blog photography. I finally upgraded from my cell phone to a more professional mirrorless camera, and I’ve been taking Skillshare classes to learn more about Lightroom and photo editing. Because of this, I’ve started needing more stylish camera bags for travel that will keep my lenses safe but also fit the stuff I would normally carry in my purse. It was important to me as well that it didn’t look like a “camera bag” 1) because it’s a little less cute and 2) it could lead to theft. I’ve discovered a few different brands that work well, so I’m sharing them all here! I’ve split it into camera bags for travel in the city and camera bags for more adventurous travel.

Stylish Camera Bags for Travel in the City

For city travel, leather bags are the way to go. Often you’re wearing nicer clothes than if you were out hiking or biking, and canvas bags can easily rub and ruin the fabric. Here are some of my favorites:

LO & Sons Claremont Bag

The Lo & Sons Claremont is ideal. It will fit your camera and one lens, which is likely all you’ll want to take out with you for a day in a city sightseeing. From Morocco to Israel, this was my go-to and kept me organized and my equipment safe. The bag itself is hard shell and durable although looks completely fashionable like a normal purse. That is also great when it comes to theft. The bag cannot be bent or compressed when packing; you will want to carry it on the plane as a purse.


ONA is an incredibly popular camera bag company. Although I’m all about Lo & Sons, they have just one style of camera bags. If you want more options, then you can scroll along these ONA bags. They are also perfect stylish leather bags for the city.

Stylish Camera Bags for Adventure Travel

For more adventurous trips, I prefer something a little more durable than leather. I can’t imagine trying to hike with my Lo & Sons bag and then seeing it get scratched up with rocks and loose tree branches. Plus, I think I’d look pretty silly with a nice leather bag in the middle of the mountains!


ONA also make canvas messenger bags that are more spacious and can hold all your equipment. It’s ideal for long trips where you need to take everything, for plane journeys, and for camping or hiking trips.


Incase is a cool brand I recently found. They make great camera bags, especially the backpacks which would be perfect when you have to do a lot of walking but want to keep them really protected. It can become grueling to carry all your equipment on one shoulder and a backpack can come in handy.


Bonus: Incase Camera Lens Cases

Incase also make really cool lens cases that are hard shell and protect each lens individually. I have two of these and they are great when you want to take one lens out in a purse that isn’t as protective, you can throw it in and know it’ll be safe. There are multiple sizes so I recommend measuring your lens before purchasing.

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