Okay, I’m not saying I looked cute… but I did have some cute outfits because I am basically a professional shopper ;) haha! Jordan is an Arabic country with a Muslim culture and you have to be dressed appropriate, aka cover up a LOT, but it’s also a very hot desert state. Here are my tips on how to dress in Jordan and look half-way decent as well as a few packing tips for Jordan.

This post will be pretty short and sweet with mostly images because as they say, pictures speak louder than words!

How to Dress in Jordan

rainbow street amman

This outfit was from my first day in Amman. I actually put on jewelry. It only went downhill from here, lol. I tend to be so excited at first I actually try and even put on lipstick but by day 3 I’m struggling to give two shits! I can’t be the only one like this. But, this outfit was fun and perfect for the city. The silk pants are TIA (a shop I love in Goa) and are wrap around so I actually used the sewing kit (or swing kit as they had it labeled) at the hotel to makes stitches near the knees so they didn’t fly open. The top is a linen wrap top I had made here in Goa, which was a copy of a cute Urban Outfitters one I had. I have a crop top under it.

These sunnies are Sunday Somewhere and the shoes are Sol Sana. I am in love with these shoes by the way and put them in my top 5 items this year to travel with. They made the perfect sandal for this trip. They were dressy enough and nice leather that formed to my feet. Full disclosure: both the sandal and sunnies were gifted to me by the brands but I love them for real! The bag is from Bali and is a leather fringe bag… perfect size for this trip.

jordan itinerary

This outfit is from FARA, another Goa brand. You can buy FARA on Etsy and TIA on Etsy. The pants are silk harem pants and I love these because they are kind of fancy and I felt good I them. The top is a raw silk top that should not have been put in the washing machine but was so now these photos are what I have to remember it by…. RIP.

8 Top Things to do in Amman, Jordan

It’s so black on black it’s hard to tell, but I’m wearing black leggings, a black tank top, and a silk black kaftan that had slits to the thigh. This was my second favorite outfit here and was SO comfortable and easy.


Camel Rides & Hot Air Balloons in Wadi Rum
wadi rum camel ride

A bit of a recycled outfit, this is the same FARA trousers with an urban outfitters top. Other than the black Sol Sana sandals and simple leather Reef flip flops, the only other shoes I took were Tom’s. I wore them for adventures like camel riding in Wadi Rum and even wore them trekking at Petra. It was fine.

Camel Rides & Hot Air Balloons in Wadi Rum

This was a fun outfit too. These are green wrap around silk trousers from TIA as well but thicker than the ones in the first photo and I didn’t have to stitch them. The breeze on my legs was great in the hot desert. The kaftan, surprise surprise, is TIA as well and is cotton. It was perfect even at the airport on the way in with leggings. I wore a crop top under. It wasn’t see-through.

Tips for the Dead Sea in Jordan kempinski

Tips for the Dead Sea in Jordan kempinski

This is the same kaftan which I wore as a swimsuit cover up at the Dead Sea. You can dress how you like at the 5-star hotels. People were all in bikinis. I wore a one piece but it was lace-up so I mean… not exactly swim team material. I wore the Reef flip flops here and the Ma’in spa but they weren’t totally necessary and I could have skipped packing them.

jordan itinerary

This is a Top Shop silk dress which was spaghetti strap. I wore leggings under and this fringe sweater over. Not my cutest look, but did the trick.

Essential Tips for Visiting Petra

This is us at Petra. I wore the silk harem pants with Toms and a black tank top with a kaftan over it. It’s Top Shop I think and had slit under the armpit for a breeze and I could take my arms out and have it be sleeveless. Not totally appropriate but people at Petra were in jeans shorts and mini dresses, so I was kinda like err eff it at some points…


So there we go. I was there more days than this but didn’t always take photos of my outfits, and also can’t remember what I wore!

I did pack another pair of legging which I didn’t need, Helen Jon pants for the plane one way, and leggings the other way, 4 T-shirts for the plane rides each way and sleeping, and a lungi (sarong) for the Dead Sea. I packed my leather jacket which I did wear at night in the forest areas. I only took the one purse.

I took a [easyazon_link identifier=”B005X1Y7I2″ locale=”US” tag=”Hipinhee-20″]portable charger[/easyazon_link], laptop (thank god for movies!), [easyazon_link identifier=”B00OQVZDJM” locale=”US” tag=”Hipinhee-20″]Kindle[/easyazon_link], no makeup this time, a few rings and necklaces, and my toiletries. I actually thought this packing one out the most because it was conservative and did pretty well!

You should plan your outfits exactly when you come here because it just makes it so much easier and you know you’ll have to cover up before you go so actually lay out what you will wear each day or you’ll end up taking stuff you don’t need. I hope this can help you know how to dress in Jordan!

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