Living in India means I have had my fair share of long flights! I just made the trip back from Ohio to Goa, and I went through many different cities and places in the process (5 flights!) I always carry a tote to put on under my seat and fill it with goodies to make the trip more bearable. Here are my long haul flight essentials below!

Tote Recommendations

As far as totes go, I’m currently obsessed with the Patricia Nash Map Tote I do have a whole post on my favorite multipurpose totes for travel so you can choose for yourself. I generally prefer totes over backpacks for trips because they take up less space and look a little cuter when you’re passing through airports, plus I use it as a purse once I’m there since it’ll fit my camera and all the stuff I buy all day. When I do need a lot of tech stuff, I go for this backpack.

Long Haul Flight Essentials: What to Put in Your Tote

Noise Canceling Headphones

I can’t forget these! I am so obsessed with my Bose headphones and really love the pair my boyfriend has too which are noise-cancelling but ear buds. The noise canceling really does work. These are the comfiest headphones ever.


I always said I’d never get a Kindle but two years ago Ben got me one for Christmas and I can’t even go to a doctor’s appointment without having it there to save me from 10 minutes of boredom in a waiting room. I also have an MI tablet, although if I lived in the USA, I would have an iPad for sure. I always have my tablet with me – with my favorite Netflix shows downloaded. Preferred:

Sleep Mask

I also have one and sometimes even TWO eye masks. I love the UGG fluffy ones which are the most comfortable I’ve found. I also like the kind you get that poof out at the eye so that there is space between the eye and the mask.

Face Lotion + Mist

I have used Clinique products (especially this one) since I was 16 and took them from my mom. I love the moisture surge lotion and the moisture surge spray. It’s so refreshing when traveling. The air conditioning in the plane takes so much from your skin; it’s important to hydrate. You might also love this face mask. Or if you’ve got a pimple, these are amazing.


Gotta have some Sun Bum chapstick or whatever kind you prefer. There’s nothing worse than realizing you have dry lips in the middle of a flight and then noticing you forgot your chapstick.

Body lotion

I always take body lotion in my tote. Especially when I’m flying 10+ hours. I will moisturize my arms and feet/ankles on the flight if no one is sitting right next to me – or I’ll go to the bathroom and put my sock and shoes back on after moisturzing my feet. I hate how my feet swell on a flight, so if they are dry the skin can look really bad if you don’t put on some lotion.

Fluffy Socks

Love some fluffy socks! My mom got me the best pair, but I can’t find the brand online. Any pair will do, just bring your favorites! Keep in mind, the plane is filthy so definitely don’t walk around the aisle with just socks on – eww.

Portable Charger

I always have a portable charger. I want to be able to watch a show on my tablet, scroll through photos on my phone, and read my Kindle all on one flight without worrying a device will die. I keep a fully charged portable charger ready to go.

Hair Elastics

Hair ties and hair clips are a must. I bring a tiny hair brush, too (the Wet Brush). I usually keep my hair down as long as I can stand it, then do either a side braid or a top-knot.


I never brush my teeth on a plane. I think the water is way too nasty – so I chew gum when I wake up until I can get to an airport bathroom to brush my teeth.

Toothpaste + Toothbrush

As mentioned above, this is always in my tote bag.

Small Case to hold your passport, money, etc

I keep all my important stuff together in a small bag inside my tote. I separate money from different currencies and make sure to have the SIM card ready for the country I’m going to. I also keep my extra SD cards in here.

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