If I ever left India, there would be a good chance that I move to LA or Mexico because of Ben’s work options outside India. I’ve been to LA and enjoyed it, although not so much the traffic. It’s fun to daydream, so I’ve partnered up with Luxury Retreats to see which Los Angeles vacation rentals are my favorite. There are some dreamy places on their website but the following are the ones I love the most AND are the most bang for your buck.

While staying in a villa can look too expensive at first thought, if you have a large group like a bachelorette party, it’s sometimes not only more affordable than a hotel but you save on things like parking (so expensive in LA).Villas are also good for family vacations and here in Goa, I’m also telling people in groups to check out villas for rent. 

I searched on here by filtering down to the least expensive and then considering the number of bedrooms so that it could come out cheaper than a hotel.

The Abbey House

Headed to LA? These Villas for Rent Are A Great Deal

This one is cute but also the very cheapest one on the list. It has four bedrooms, and can fit people making it less than $100 per night per person. Not bad for a private home near Rodeo Drive and the Grove.

The design is cool. It has a leather wall! I have only seen that once, in Latvia, and loved it. It has a hot tub and big garden as well. It looks more like a family house than a party house. I love this one!


Headed to LA? These Villas for Rent Are A Great Deal

This one is the most affordable one that has a pool, so it’s definitely one to look into. I’m obsessed with the decoration in this house. It looks exactly like you would think an LA villa would look like!

This house is above sunset strip and fits 6 people in the 3 bedroom house. It’s $183 per person per night. 

Venice Beach Retreat

Headed to LA? These Villas for Rent Are A Great Deal

I loved Venice Beach. It’s a little over the top with its oddball quirkiness but somewhere that you pretty much have to check out while you’re visiting LA. The house is super open and simple, but the location is what matters here. 

This place has a nice outdoor patio with a grill and is decorated in bright bold colors. It looks like a fun place to stay for something like a girl’s getaway. It’s a 3 bedroom that sleeps 6 people making it $200 per person per night. 

L.A. Villa

Headed to LA? These Villas for Rent Are A Great Deal

This last one is the most expensive on the list overall but it sleeps up to 8 people so once you divide it up, it’s not too bad! This is the fanciest on the list and I would love to stay here!

This one is Beverly Hills and in among the homes of Hollywood stars but it’s still just 35 minutes from Malibu. Because this house sleeps 8, it’s only $169 per person per night making it even cheaper than the two listed above if you have enough friends. 

So, those are the four favorites I would choose if I had a big group and wanted to splurge out in LA.

The truth is, you’d pay just as much per night sharing a hotel room with one person, if not more. I just looked up the Hilton and it’s $337 per night in Beverly Hills for a double bed. When I travel, I love to look into smaller boutique hotels, homestays, and villas like this because sometimes you can get a more unique experience and it won’t cost more. If you have a big group, you can certainly save money this way. 

For more tips on LA, I have a blog post which was written by best friend Alex. She lived there for years and I went out to visit her back in the day. She wrote a little party girl’s guide to LA. It’definitely somewhere you should save up for before you go. From having to pay to park literally everywhere to more expensive taxis, it’s not a cheap place to visit. There is so much to do here, and much of it free like walking up to the Hollywood sign, that if you make a great plan of attack, you’ll surely have a good time without breaking the bank! 

This post was a sponsored post from Luxury Retreats and I was compensated for my time in checking out their website and writing about the homes I liked the best. All opinions are my own and I have not stayed in one of these villas (yet, but fingers crosses one day I can lol).