One of the biggest issues with looking for an airbnb in Goa or hotel for that matter is that you don’t know the location THAT WELL of where you are going. It’s hard to say if the suburb or in Goa’s case, village, is going to be near to what you want. It can take a lot of time to map this out and in general find a house in Goa that you think will work well.

Luckily, I’m here to help you find a house in Goa using airbnb!

There’s SO much online about it from rental companies it’s overwhelming.

I recently had to do some Airbnb research for a client coming to Goa (I do travel planning via Skype) and thought I’d share some of these finds. I’ve been living in Goa almost 4 years and know what type of house to look for, what areas are good, and what amenities you need in India (water filter, A/C, WiFi, etc are things to keep in mind). I’ll list places that tick many of the boxes, if not all!

After reading, if you find an Airbnb you want to book, you can use this link to sign up for an Airbnb account and get 1,000 Rs ($15 USD) off your booking. Once you sign up, when you click on the links below the amount will be there ready to be used.

Why stay in an Airbnb in Goa?

I often recommend staying in an Airbnb in Goa to my readers for these reasons:

  1. If you are in a group of 4+ people, it will save money most often
  2. They are usually more secluded from the tourist areas
  3. They often come with a housekeeper/cook
  4. You can feel like you are at “home” rather than a tourist in a hotel

Here are some of the cutest Airbnb in Goa I have found, some from the higher end of scale, some are unique Airbnb’s in Goa, and some are much more budget friendly. I’ll mention a little on the location of each. I haven’t stayed at any of these, this is just to help you narrow your search down.

Find a House in Goa Using Airbnb

My little hideaway in Mandrem

airbnb goa mandrem

If you’ve read my posts about Goa you know I love Jamboree Creek. My friend Priyanka runs this place and she’s as nice as they come. It’s an eco resort. They have a pool, really well priced huts (A/C available), and offer oftentimes FREE yoga classes (or Capoiera, whatever happens to be going on). It’s a hippy jungle vibe and just 10 minutes walk to the beach on a private path. It’s my getaway from home. Prices are listed at 3270 Rs per night ($50 USD). Book it here.

3 Bedroom Apartment Arpora

airbnb goaArpora is a great area which is why I’ve listed this first. This place is listed as accommodating 8 people. He has 78 reviews and they are nearly perfect. The place looks clean and modern. Best of all, it’s priced at 3,600 Rs ($54) per night. Even if you split that with just 4 people it’s a better deal than a beach shack. Arpora is where the famous Saturday Night Market happens and it’s just 10 minutes from Anjuna and the beach. It’s kind of in the middle of everything and where my fave health food shop, Natti’s Natural’s is. Book it here.

1 bedroom with kitchen in Arambol

airbnb goaThis place looks adorable. Here are the benefits: Arambol is difficult to walk guesthouse to guesthouse and negotiate and people aren’t usually willing to wiggle under 1000 RS a night. He’s charging just under 1,000 Rs a night ($15). You could split this with a friend and it’d be dirt cheap. Also, it has a kitchen and that’s a LOT of money saved there. You won’t get this in a guesthouse or most Indian hostels. Arambol is the hippiest of all hippy places: drum circles, festivals, acid trips, and all! The owner also lists that he lives nearby and can help with scooter rental, etc. Book it here. If you want more space, he has a similar property, same place, more rooms you can look at here.

Modern 3 BR villa in Assagao

airbnb goaI live in Assagao, so clearly I love it. Assagao is a village about 10 minutes from Vagator beach. You’ll see monkeys for sure out here. This place is new, it’s next to Ciao Bella my favorite Italian restaurant. It’s got a pool. There are 10 private villas in a complex. It’s listed at 16,000 Rs. per night ($230 USD) split between 6 people = $38 per person. Take it for a week and get a 10% discount. Book it here.

26 guest boutique heritage property in Sangolda

airbnb goaThis huge house is a 5 minute walk from Anjuna beach. If you have a huge family gathering or wedding this 12 bedroom place would be perfect. There is a pool, BBQ, and jacuzzi. At 44,000 Rs or $650 USD a night for 12 rooms, it’s a steal for big groups.

Two properties in Candolim and Calangute

airbnb goaThese two areas are right next to each other and these two gorgeous villas are owned by the same people I’m grouping them together. They fit 10 people. This area is known for being more touristy. It is also where all the clubs are. Most Indians families that email me, prefer this area. BOTH places have pools, modern amenities, and are really pretty. One has a pool table! They are each around 15,000 Rs per night ($224 USD). For 10 people, it’s a great deal! Check them both out in the links above.

Portuguese Design Villa in Anjuna

airbnb goa

This place is AMAZING and has been featured for it’s design in magazine. If you’re interested in Goa’s past as being Portuguese influenced, you’ll love this place. It holds 10 people at 25,000 Rs. per night ($374 USD). It’s walkable distance to the beach and has amazing reviews. Book it here.

Friend’s place in Calangute


My friend Jules revamped this family home and started to rent it out towards the end of season last year. When there aren’t guests I sneak and use the pool! It’s a wonderful house and I can vouch that she’s a sweetheart. The staff is really nice and cooks you breakfast (other meals on request). 14 people can stay and it’s about 60,000 Rs per night ($900 USD). It’s a 2 minute walk to beach, has an infinity pool, and is next to the popular restaurant A Reverie (but far enough away you don’t hear it). Book it here.

Mansion in Vagator

airbnb goaThis 10 person place is 5 minutes from Thalassa my favorite restaurant in Vagator.It’s beautiful and the 4 bedroom place has a private pool, WiFi, chefs on request, and more. It goes for 43,000 Rs or ($644 USD) per night. I know these prices might seem high, but Goa is expensive AND these are for 10+ people. Book it here.

As you can see I’ve listed mostly villas that hold 10+ people in them. That is because Airbnb is best for big groups. I would suggest if you are 4 or more people to look into Airbnb in Goa. Of course they are great for less people too- just take a look for yourself.

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