“Oh, as if! You skinny bitch!”

This is what skinny girls hear when they complain about being fat, so I’ve got to tread lightly here. I know I’m not fat, but I have gained about 8 pounds in the last year in India. Traveling/expat life and being fit don’t really go together, especially in India when it’s a few bucks for a 3 course meal and there are so many new things to try.

I haven’t worked out since High School soccer and that was six years ago. I also eat like a 15-year-old boy. Ben and I eat dinner out most nights and lunch often too. Appetizers, main course, and dessert! It’s amazing and horrible. June 9th I turned 25 and apparently that’s when metabolisms stop! I need help to figure out how to stay fit while traveling.

I know this super fit chick, Lindsey, who runs Mango Fit, and always saw her killer abs popping up in my FB newsfeed. I told her to save my body from self-destruction and figured instead of keeping her advice to myself I’d share her words of wisdom on staying skinny and healthy while you travel.

mango fit work out tips while traveling

Handing it over to Lindsey, my new online personal trainer ;) Look at those abs…. I mean, clearly you should hear her out!

Lindsey from Mango Fit:

There are two things I truly enjoy in life:  Fitness and traveling.  I am far from an expert on traveling, but have tons of experience and knowledge on fitness and health.

I have had the privilege of training in some of the most well equipped university workout facilities and was taught by some of the most educated and tough strength trainers in the U.S.  Since my college volleyball days, I have learned a lot about living a healthy lifestyle. It’s realistic for most people; even if you’re one who enjoys traveling!

mango fit work out tips while travelingYes, of course, I am doing it to live a long, healthy life… but I will be completely honest, I do it mostly because I love to feel good about the way I look in my clothes and my bikini.

I am pretty sure most of you would agree, when we travel, we want to experience the culture. We all know delicious local food is a big part of learning a culture.  It’s highly unlikely you have access to the local Urban Active or YMCA to get a quick workout in.

mango fit work out tips while traveling

So you finally get to your destination; you weren’t able to fit all your workout gear into your bag and you may not be in an area where it’s safe to go for a run by yourself… So what will you do to stay fit?

  • I have created a list of exercise circuits plus 10 tips so you can choose from and do in a confined space keep your nutrition in check while still enjoying your travels to the fullest!

mango fit work out tips while traveling

High Intensity Interval Training (straight from your hotel room)

In general, the absolute best type of workout you can do when you don’t want to spend a lot of time is HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training.  This is basically doing an exercise or cardio for a short period of time at a high intensity, then resting.

mango fit work out tips while traveling

But I will stop with all the technicalities and get to the example workouts.  Just remember if you want to get in a quick 30-minute workout before your day begins, do short bursts of any exercise for a short period of time and then rest and repeat that for 5 (or X number of) rounds, then change it up for a new round of exercises.

It is also great to utilize some sort of weight, so be resourceful with what you have.  Use your backpack or water jugs or even large rocks.  It doesn’t really matter, just get active and moving for at least 30 minutes a day and I promise you will feel good about yourself and enjoy your travels without having to worry about any weight gain.

mango fit work out tips while traveling

TIPFit it in first thing in the morning! This way you can enjoy your day worry-free…and your “plan” to do it later doesn’t get skipped because of your exciting day of sightseeing!

HIIT Exercise Options: (repeat each set 4-8 times)

Set 1:  Squat jumps x 15-20

Jog in place 30 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Set 2:  Plank holds 20 seconds

Floor Run 30 seconds

Rest 10 seconds

mango fit work out tips while traveling

Set 3:  Burpees x 15

Squat holds 30 seconds (can include weight)

Rest 20 seconds

Set 4:  Lunges in place x 20 (can include weight)

High knees 20 seconds

Rest 20 seconds

Set 5:  Ski jumps x 20 (hop one leg to the other side to side)

Push-ups x 10 (on knees if necessary)

Rest 20 seconds

Set 6:  Bicycle Abs x 20

180-degree squat jumps x10 total

Rest 20 seconds

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what HIIT is.  It can be done with running/sprints or really any kind of exercises.  Once you get a good understanding, you can start to make your own combinations of exercises.

[Note from Rachel- I’m so out of shape I only do 2 or 3 sets of each (except burpees, I can only do one) and in just a week I swear I can see a difference! I do it barefoot inside my house since it’s monsoon.]

10 Tips and Tricks for Fitness and Travel

1. Balance out your day.  If you know you are going to some delicious restaurant or heavy food for dinner, try to eat healthy throughout out the day. On the opposite side, if you want to eat a giant breakfast, eat healthier/lighter options throughout the day.

2. Drink Water. So important for everyone but also great to control overeating!! I enjoy my adult beverages, so if I know I will be drinking some later that day, I will drink even more water throughout the day.

mango fit work out tips while traveling

3. Eat and Embrace Local Veggies and Fruits. We know both are very nutritionally sound AND it gives you the opportunity to try fruits and veggies you may have never had in the states.

4. Eat Carbs Early in the Day. Not always possible, so if you can’t follow this rule, refer to tip #1.

5. Days you Eat Heavily, Be More Active.   This is partially an exercise tip, but on days you know you will be eating heavier food, make sure you get some physical activity in.

mango fit work out tips while traveling

6. Protein, protein, protein.  Eating foods that are lean and high in protein is going to also be nutritionally sound.  Protein helps you build muscle, increases immunity, helps you lose weight, along with many other benefits

7. Don’t Overeat. This is pretty obvious, but we all know how hard it is to eat only until we are satisfied, especially when we are eating some delicious new foods.  This will be huge in maintaining your weight because at the simplest level, it’s all about calories in and calories out.

8. Walk if You Can. Obviously if you aren’t in a safe surrounding or the hike will put you in pain, don’t walk, but if you have the option to take a bus or walk a manageable distance, WALK! Who knows what kind of cool things you may come across!

9. Bring a small snack.  In a perfect world, I recommend eating every 2-3 hours.  This helps keep your metabolism up.  While traveling this is difficult and I know your backpack may not have any spare room; but really how much does a small bag of almonds take up? You’ll be thankful you have them when you haven’t eaten in hours and only have unhealthy options readily available.

mango fit work out tips while traveling

10. Balance Out your Week.  Goes along with number 1 but on a larger scale.  Maybe pick a few days where you will enjoy some extra heavy, delicious food and try to eat as healthy as possible the rest of the week.  This way you can enjoy the food without the guilt.


mango fit work out tips while travelingLindsey Mango is the mind and body behind Mango Fit.  She has a passion for training clients with fitness programs and provides meal advice. If you’re nowhere near her, that’s okay because she provides her services online. Mango Fit helps people take back control of their lives through health and fitness while creating a team of individuals who dream of having the same impact. If you want to be a part of her fitness community and get abs like hers check out her Facebook page, Instagram, or e-mail her at mangofit3@gmail.com

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