I want to share the cutest stuff I’ve found on Etsy because I have been a HUGE Etsy fan since it started year ago. I buy all my friends and family personalized gifts from here and buy myself amazing jewelry and clothes from all over the world, easily online. I am SO excited to do this giveaway and it took a lot of messaging people back and forth but I got a huge number of people to happily agree to gift you readers something.

The Massive Giveaway is at the bottom of the article!

Why do I love Etsy? My favorite thing to shop for abroad is jewelry and for example, somewhere like the Saturday market here in Goa. Most of the chicks set up at the Saturday Night Market have shops on Etsy too! Wish you’ve bought that bracelet in Peru? Those sandals in Greece? See if it’s on Etsy rather just have shoppers regret. I love buying boho chic clothing on Etsy and especially Etsy travel gifts. There is SO much beautiful stuff for you traveling gypsies and so many items that are made inspired by the designers travels for those of you who can’t get abroad right now. It’s great for finding unique handmade items.

When my friends have babies, they get personalized onesies or funny onesies. Then there was the great deal of a cute bone dog tag for $12 with Shanti’s name and our phone phone. I got my dad a breaking bad cutting board with his name on it, a Harry Potter glasses sticker for my Mac, and when Brandi (our dog) passed away I got my parents this very nice personalized frame with a great quote about dogs and my mom a pillow that said “home is where mom is” with a heart in Lexington, Ohio. I find so many Etsy things that make great gifts.

Etsy Findsa few of the personalized gifts I’ve bought

Top Etsy Finds For Travel Lovers

Hippie Jewelry For Travel

Wanderlust & Plane Ring. I have these perfect traveling jewelry pieces from Bubble Box shop. The wanderlust inscripted ring, which is so simple and cute to wear every day and the plane ring which is perfect for the traveler. They are giving away a ring as well, which is on my own wishlist: the world map ring.

travel jewelry on etsy

travel jewelry on etsy

travel jewelry on etsy

wanderlust jewelry

travel jewelry on etsy

Opal, Starfish Rings, and Pineapple Studs. The first thing I found on A Wild Violet shop was this insanely cute opal ring which I had to get because I’m obsessed with opals. I then saw these little add-ons made of brass: a pineapple studs and a wrap-around starfish ring. We weren’t sure which items to giveaway and she has a great selection, so she’s giving away a $50 credit!

best stuff on etsy

Chevron Midi Rings. I have these tiny little knuckle rings from Tiny Box and love them but lost some and had to buy more. They are perfect for adding a little something special to an outfit.

Etsy Finds knuckle rings

I Wish Dandelion Ring. Emily Jane Designs recycles silver to make her eco-friendly designs. I just love this dandelion ring so much.

Metallic Tattoos. I’ve said before I am a huge fan of Flash Tats, but I was so stoked to find hand-drawn tattoos in the shop Henna BK and even better, many are Indian themed. Check out the full collection. These will be in the giveaway!

flash tats henna

etsy flash tattoos

flash tats henna

Belly Button Rings. I know I’m too old for this, but I will never not love a belly button ring! Unless I get fat and/or pregnant. I have personally bought all 3 of these from Midnight Mojo shop and love them. The latest fell off surfing in Hawaii after lasting one year. Tribal dream, Turquoise Dream, and Turquoise Blue Dream.

Etsy Finds belly button rings

Huge Feather Earrings. I have a few pairs from Cloud 9 Jewels that I adore so I won’t link to them all. I love to get single long ones and just wear one big long one. I know there are photos of me in these feathers but for some reason I can’t find them on my laptop!

Etsy Finds feather earrings

Angular Rings. Everything in the popular Stefanie Sheehan is cute. I have two little rings the thin gold spike ring and the http://tidd.ly/6080ce24open ring. I’ve actually ordered both from here to my mom’s house to save on shipping!

best jewelry on etsy for travelers

Hammered Toe & Midi Rings. Carteo Handmade has the perfect little hammered toe rings and I always have it on. I also have this little midi ring that I love layering with other rings. I reached out and the designer is gifting BOTH rings to a reader! Gold is in right now. 

carteo etsy finds for travelers

carteo etsy finds for travelers

Turquoise Hand Jewelry Ring Combo. I love these types of body jewelry where the bracelet attaches to your fingers. Everyone always compliments them! This one is my favorite from Funny People Co shop because it has lasted me 4 years without breaking and I wear it all the time. It’s only $5 which is insane.

Etsy Finds hand jewelry

Decorated Hand Jewelry. I also love everything in Purple Finch Store. She’s known for dreads jewelry but I’ve bought two amazing pieces of hand jewelry from here: the Peace Catcher and the Bohemian Southwest.

Etsy Finds hand jewelry

Musical Ring. I got my favorite song put onto a ring! The outside has a sound wave of the lyric I wanted, and the inside has the words. In this case, I got “you belong among the Wildflowers” which is a lyric from my favorite Tom Petty song. It’s quite a large chunky ring but I’m into that! I bought this soundwave ring from the Innu jewelry shop.

Etsy Finds lyric ring

Stacking Rings. The BailaBella shop sells a set of rings that go so perfect together. They seem to be sold out at the moment but you can check back if they are in stock now!

etsy giveaway stacking rings beach

Handmade Clothing, Bags & Shoes

Crochet Bikini Tops. These are the bomb! I have two from Creaspir. I don’t love the bottoms because even the smallest were a little baggy so I’m not sure about the fit but I by different color tops and mix and match them. I have cream and peach.
Etsy Finds4Turkish Towels. The green lungi in the photo above reminds me of one of my favorite things: turkish towels which you can get at basically wholesale price. They are very thin sarong style towels great for travel. The photo below is some I actually picked up in Istanbul. There are loads of styles!

turkish towels on etsyGREEK Sandals. I have an addiction to Greek sandals ever since I bought some in Greece over 5 years ago and they still get worn! The leather shops there are incredible. I have so many pairs but will share a handful of my favorites.

Some of my all time favorites are these fringe boho jeweled sandals by Dimitra’s workshop. EVERYTHING in her shop is cute and I thing for sure I”ll be getting the blue lace up ones as well. You can follow her cute instagram as well to see new styles. Sandals from this shop are in the giveaway!

dimitras shop

dimitras shop

If you want a simple pair of traditional Greek sandals (the same ones I picked up in Athens years ago), I can recommend these from Ananias Sandals. They look really light but tan in the sun. These are in the giveaway too!

traditional greek sandals

A mix of traditional with a classic touch, these rope-detailed sandals from Eleanna Katsira are perfect when I want to dress up a little and they are SO comfortable, while normally rope sandals are not. ALL of the sandals in her shop are so cute so it’s hard to choose. You can follow on her instagram for new styles. She’s offering some pieces as a giveaway as well: leather earrings and a leather necklace.

rope greek sandals for travelLace up Grecian sandals literally never go out of style. I love these gladiators from the Grecian Sandals shop, who also has an Instagram.

lace up gladiators

lace up gladiatorsBlack Fringe Boho Bag. This bag from Bali is the PERFECT bag! You can’t go wrong with a bit of black leather. Whenever I’m wearing black, I carry this bag. It’s also perfect for flying because I can fit a lot in it: kindle, headphones, phone, wallet passport, etc. They also have an Instagram.

leather bali bag

leather bali bag

leather bali bag

Travel Gifts

Leather Camera Strap. So, when I bought from Mesa Dreams Custom Leather they were making bracelets but now they’ve stopped that and are making only camera straps. I love my “Not all those who wander are lost” bracelet which looks identical to this camera strap & maybe someone out there with a DSLR will like this! They are giving away a personalized camera strap as well and I have a couple example photos below. If you don’t have a DSLR they do small camera straps as well and other bits to choose from.

Air Maui1.jpg

Air Maui1.jpg

mesa camera strap

Coordinates Keychain. I bought this back in 2013 for Ben but they are still making them at Heart and Sol Designs. I got Goa coordinates but you could get anywhere. It makes a great gift.

etsy finds

Passport Cover. Of the hundreds on Etsy, I did the hard work and found the cutest ones for you! haha. I really love these colors and they are spacious- good thing, because I have two passports to fit in! Really, I do. My passport pages filled up so I got a new one in Hawaii but my Indian visa is in my old. They let you carry both rather than send them off to get it switched over at the Indian embassy. The shop, Gathered and Sown, is giving away the same passport cover I have to one of you! You can follow her IG as well.

etsy finds wanderlust

etsy finds leather passport cover

etsy finds leather passport coverShe also does clutches which are so soft and cute. You can see below the inside of the passport cover.

etsy finds leather passport cover

Wander Travel Print. This is a little piece of art I found and have “saved” to buy for when I have a house. I asked the Fiber and Water shop if they’d want to give this burlap JRR Tolkien quote away, and they did plus with a driftwood frame!

travel wanderlust frame

Poster. Another that I have “saved” for later, is this Wanderlust print.

etsy finds wanderlust

Travel Photos. I take a lot of photos, but always appreciate a REAL photographers photos so much more! I’d gladly hang someone else’s memories on my wall, because let’s be honest, a lot of these are way better than our own pics ;)

etsy finds wanderlustCity life photos

etsy finds wanderlustRoad photo

etsy finds wanderlusttravel far enough you meet yourself

Travel Push Pin for the Wall. I’ve always wanted something like this, but these things have to wait until I’m in a my permanent house and not in India!

etsy finds wanderlust

Enter the Etsy Giveaway Here!

I hope you liked these gift ideas or fun things to shop for yourself. Some of these, like my wanderlust bracelet, go on every trip abroad with me. As I said, I reached out to the shops and asked if they would want to give you guys some of my most loved pieces. I was overwhelmed with how many were keen to.

The items up for grabs are: HennaBK metallic tats, DimitrasShop Daisy sandal, Carteo toe ring and midi ring, Ananias sandals, Gathered and Sown Passport Cover, A Wild Violet $50 credit, Mesa Dreams camera strap, Fiber and Water wander print with frame, Bubble Box world map ring, Eleanna Katsira leather earrings, Eleanna Katsira leather necklace, 

So, please to enter follow the instructions below in the Rafflecopter box. The machine will choose the winners fairly. This giveaway is offered worldwide. I will connect you with the shop owner after, and they will take it from there. If for some reason the item doesn’t arrive because of shipping issues or customs, my apologies, but I can’t take responsibility past connecting you with the shop; it’s just too big of a giveaway for that!

I can’t wait to see which of these is your favorite.

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I wasn’t compensated in running this giveaway and I truly love every product on this page. Some links are affiliate links meaning I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. If you’re planning to shop from Etsy, please consider doing so through a link here. Thanks!