Goa is very different for the travelers passing through than it is for an expat. It takes some time to really see where the good places to hang out are. In this post, I’m sharing some places to meet people in Goa when traveling alone. These aren’t necessarily the best places to eat, sleep or chill but they are popular with tourists, therefore, a good place to meet other travelers.

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General Goa Travel Tips

Places to meet people in Goa if you are traveling alone

1. Vaayu Waterman’s

Vaayu is a great place. It’s in Ashwem and is a guesthouse and restaurant. They rent our surfboards and SUP, have artists in residence, great food, and throw killer parties. You can stay here but it’s not as budget as a hostel. Awesome place to meet people though if you have the budget to stay, and if not you can chill during the day. Click here to book a stay at Vaayu.

Christmas in Goa

Christmas in Goa

2. Tantra beach shack

This is a popular beach shack in Anjuna. You can stay here if you want to stay right on the beach but it’s more a place to chill out.

3. Flea market

This is on Wednesdays in Anjuna. It’s the most popular market in Goa and everyone goes to it. You can meet people at the two popular bars here (which are open also on all the other days of the week): Seabreeze, and Cafe Looda’s.
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4. Mango Tree

This is near a couple hostels so it’s pretty popular with tourists to hang out, eat, and drink all day. It’s not on the beach but near enough you could walk.

5. Artjuna

This is a great place to eat. Sandwiches, Israeli food, and great coffee are on the menu. They are now open for dinner too. There is a shop inside and a lot of people come here to chill during the day or on the way to Anjuna beach.

6. Guru Bar

This is on the cliff in Anjuna and has live music sometimes. People come here to eat in the day and booze at night.

7. Nine Bar

In Vagator, this is a house/trance party place. It’s got great beach views. It’s pretty crowded on the nights they have parties.

8. Curlies

This is probably the most popular beach shack and has been forever. It’s on Anjuna beach. Curlies serves decent food and has parties that go all night. They have a big party every Thursday. This is probably the best place to go in the day to meet people only because it pops up on most lists online for top beach shacks in Goa – therefore, many travelers will see that and go here.

Places to visit in Goa in 3 days

Places to visit in Goa in 3 days

9. Club Cubana

This is the biggest club in Goa. It has a ladies’ night on Wednesdays where girls drink for free. Their biggest party night is on Friday. Backpackers always go here! It’s not free to get in for men.

10. German Bakery

It’s back on a small road in Anjuna, near Artjuna bakery. I didn’t love the food, but I’ve only eaten there once. There are a lot of backpackers here though during the day.

11. Titos’ Whitehouse Classes

This is located in Arpora near the petrol pump. They offer classes in everything from yoga to pilates and kickboxing. You can pop in and take any class you like and will often meet other travelers doing the same thing.

12. Shiva Valley

They are a beach shack in Anjuna. They throw a massive party every Tuesday that is always full and goes all night. It’s also right near Lillyput and Curlies, so you can kind of bounce around to all three.

places to meet people in goa

Best hostels to meet people in Goa

The best place to meet people in Goa is at your hostel. I think beach shacks and villas are great here in Goa and if you’re not alone, then I recommend that. If you are alone, I recommend a hostel.

Prison Hostel Anjuna

Anjuna is the most popular place for backpackers. This is near the flea market and you can walk to the beach. It’s a good location so backpackers stay here a lot. They have a bar and other hostels are nearby. You can lock your stuff up here while you’re out.  Click here to book.

Roadhouse Hostel Anjuna

This is a popular place for backpackers also near the flea market. It has a very active FB page and posts every weekend about how much fun the guests get up to. Click here to book.

Jungle Hostel Vagator

This is the most popular guesthouse in Vagator. It’s near Mango Tree. My friends have stayed here before and liked it a lot. Vagator is my favorite area and near where I live. Click here to book.

Old Quater Panjim

If you have to stay in Panjim, this is the hostel to stay at. Panjim is the capital of Goa and I recommend only coming here for one day to sightsee. It’s in the best area of town. It’s owned by the Hostel Crowd who have other hostels in India. Click here to book.

No Name Guesthouse Arambol

Arambol is the super hippy area of Goa. It’s where they do the drum circles and have little sunset markets on the beach. Click here to book

Wanderer’s Hostel Mandrem

This is a very chill laid-back area in North Goa. You will want to rent a scooter if you stay here. Click here to book

For More Goa tips…

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Places to Meet People in Goa While Traveling Alone