Most India bucket lists start with “ride a camel in the desert” which is by far the number one thing to do in Jaisalmer and what brings backpackers and families here. The giant fort that overlooks the city is a great attraction as well and I loved learning the history behind it – but there are other places to visit in Jaisalmer that are touristy but worth seeing so I’m going to sum up the top 10 places to visit in Jaisalmer now!

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

places to visit in jaisalmer

places to visit in jaisalmer

1. Golden City Jaisalmer Fort

This is one of the biggest and most impressive forts in the world. You can see out into the Thar desert and down into the city. You will have time to go into the museum here after wandering the grounds of the fort and taking photos. While there is a guesthouse in the fort, I do not recommend staying there as the waste does not have a place to go and the people who live there often have lack of clean water available to them.

2. Vyas Chhatri

Just near the fort is this beautiful sunset point. This was a cremation ground in the past for the highest caste in Hinduism and there are graves here – which are highly adorned and beautiful architectural statues. This is a very holy place!

3. Jain Temple Complex

Jain temples are always so gorgeous and sometimes remind me of the “drip castles” I made at the beach as a kid – especially here with the sandstone. These Jain temples are located inside the Fort so make sure that you don’t miss them as you wander through. You do have to pay to enter and will need to remove all leather.

4. Government Bhang Lassi Shop

Before touring the fort, if you’re interested, try a bhang lassi – legally – from a government-approved shop. You will see it as you walk up to the Fort. This is a marijuana-based yogurt drink. Ask them to make it very light for you! You can even grab a cookie with marijuana in it, too. Check out my article for tips on taking bhang lassi in India. I do not recommend taking this before a camel ride – I honestly felt like I was on that camels for days.

5. Folklore Museum

Rajasthan is such a unique state in India and the Folklore Museum (it will come up on Google maps) is one of many government-run museums in town. The building is gorgeous and you can see items like puppets, costumes, jewelry, fossils, and more. I think it’s cool and worth visiting if you’re interested in what life was life back in the royal times. You’ll love at Jaisalmer with new eyes!

6. Patwan Ki Haveli

This is a museum which is actually a series of palaces from the 1800s that you can explore to your heart’s desire! It’s actually one of the largest Havelis in Rajasthan! How epic. It’s just 400 meters north of the Fort so you can walk there after exploring the fort. There are so many other haveli’s to check out as well!

7. Bada Bagh

A beautiful garden complex, just an Uber ride north of the city is a great place to go relax and shoot some images or have a picnic under the mango grove. There are gorgeous royal cenotaphs, or chhatris, from the times of the Maharaja here which are stunning architecture.

8. Thar Desert

VIsiting the Thar Desert which is where Jaisalmer is located is one of the top things to do in Jaisalmer and the best way to do this is via camel safari. You can book with your hotel or many agencies on the street. Click here to read my experience and see what to pack and expect on an overnight safari.

9. Khaba Fort

Located just a half hour or so drive outside of town, this fort is pretty destroyed now – but even the ruins are impressive and it’s a great place to go for epic views and even to see peacocks who come here at sunrise for a snack!

10. Pleasant Haveli Restaurant

Do check out this rooftop restaurant for views of the fort and delicious local Rajasthan thalis. This region has some of my favorite food in all of India! Sometimes locals will do performances while you eat – be sure to tip if you enjoy them.

Jaisalmer is one of the most unique places in India. It’s like you’re in an Indiana Jones movie! I recommend staying for 2 days though as there isn’t a lot to do here – then head onward because Rajasthan has a lot to offer and you could easily spend a month in the state.

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