When I look back at my most read blog posts, many are about fashion – even though I try not to write that many as a “travel” blogger. But, I do love fashion, packing for trips, trying new luggage or beauty products when I travel, and having cute outfits. It seems like you guys like shopping, too, based on the fact you tend to click more on “best shoes for travel” than you do “how to travel more in 2018“.

I love to travel but I also love shopping and when I’m in Bali or Morocco, I have lists of top boutiques I want to go to or a textile shop I want to buy cotton from and make my own outfit. My DM’s on my Instagram are always questions about my outfits, so I thought I’d try out posting an article where I share where I bought everything from. Some of what I wear is expensive – I spent nearly $200 on the button-up shirt below while I was in the USA and my dad was like “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU” when he heard me tell my mom. I shop only once a year for the most part (in the USA) so I do go for quality over quantity and will spend on things I know I’m going to wear a lot. Case in point, the striped trousers I got from Anthropologie for $100 that I wear all the time on planes now.

Let me know if you guys like this idea and I can do it more. I sort of tried this with my recent trip to Rajasthan with the article 13 outfit ideas for Rajasthan. Ideally, I could do a round-up like this after a big trip. For now, here is what I’ve been wearing in Goa lately.

I have some other things I’ve been wearing as well which I haven’t taken photos in or posted to Instagram that I’ll add toward the end. Most of these ones will eventually pop up on my Instagram soon!

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What I’ve Been Wearing in Goa, India

I love wearing silk pants in case you didn’t catch on to that with the other 20 pairs I’ve posted about. This pair is sold out, but these are cute pink silk trousers from the same brand, FARA, are “dhoti” style in the same color (I have these ones in black). They are $57 on Etsy which for high-quality hand-dyed silk is a steal.

I wear this all the time. It’s my favorite crochet bikini top and I mix and match it with bottoms that I have. It’s just $34 and works great as a bra, too. I have it in three colors: cream, peach, and a greyish-purple color. This is also sold on Etsy. It’s handmade by the shop owner!

This is the “rose kaftan” by FARA. It goes for $80 on Etsy. I have been wearing this all the time and *might* get it in another color. I love the blush shade, that it’s easy to wear, and it’s not too long or heavy.

I love this Melissa Odabash “Bali” swimsuit. I have been such a big fan of Melissa Odash since a few years back when the brand sent me one black bikini – it fit like a glove and I wear it all the time now. This year while I was home, I bought this one is the Bali color/style and love the top. The bottoms are a little bit low for me, I like high-waisted ones now, but luckily you can mix and match.

This striped Anthropologie button-up shirt is the best thing I bought while I was home. My friend Ariells says her Grandpa had one like it – and my dad agreed my grandpa did, too. But, it’s the comfiest most practical thing. I can wear it with leggings on a plane or over a swimsuit at the beach – or as a dress out to dinner. It’s lightweight and comes in three colors. I’m tempted to buy another color but this is the best color, so I’m stopping myself.

The sandals are from Fergie and are legit such a good random find. They are the perfect causal boho style shoes – they are all frayed and worn in but have some tiny studs that dress them up just enough. They are just $40.

Never have I ever had a swimsuit fit so well. This L*Space one-piece swimsuit is so soft and slinky. I just wore this again to the Grand Hyatt brunch because, after all-you-can-eat brunch, I do need to hide my food baby. I have loads of L*Space swimwhere but this is a favorite. It has a gold clasp in the back that is a nice touch and I love the tied-up sides.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and get the best fitting Levi’s. These are my favorite. They are just under $100 and you will wear them basically every single day. I’m so in love with these. They came in the mail while I was still in India and my mom opened the package. She called me and is like “You got some “wedgie” Levis’s. What is that?” Levi’s calls these the wedgie fit because they make your butt look good, ha!

I’m also wearing Laneway Boutique’s linen shirt in Aloe. I love love love this shirt. They actually sent it to me as a gift and I LOST it in the market here in Goa. Like, took it off, sat it down, and 5 minutes later it was gone. So, I’m going to save up for another one and probably get the same color as the Aloe is really really nice.

I’m sure you’ve seen me wear the [easyazon_link identifier=”B074WFPC5K” locale=”US” tag=”Hipinhee-20″]James Smith “Stevie” stacked platform slides[/easyazon_link] in basically every photo I take. You can get these on Amazon but I orginally got them in Bali. They are worth every single penny and I take them on every trip, always.

This little crochet top from Studio Tia is made by local women here in Goa in collaboration with Project Tres. They are taught the pattern and they make them as fast as they can. They are sold out now, but she’s always adding more to her Etsy site. It’s a great way for the local women to make some extra cash (some ladies that I know personally) and it’s just too cute of a top!

Some more things I’ve been wearing

I found a new brand called Pondicherie who make amazing clothing in India. They are all naturally dyed, organic cotton, hand-woven, and give back to empower local female artisans. My favorite pieces are the wrap skirt (literally so soft and perfect for travel), the Tara kaftan, and the Vinita kaftan. These are luxury pieces for sure, and you can tell when you touch them – they should be hand-washed so they stay perfect for years and years. I love buying from companies who make clothing in India and run organizations that give back in some way.

But, I also buy from big stores like Anthropologie, even though these pants were probably made in India, too! These linen pants  & the cutest sneakers ever made are keys in my wardrobe now. If you’ve seen my Instagram stories, I wear these striped pants every time I get on a flight now. They are literally the pair of pants I have been looking for for years. I ordered them in the blue color as well, but won’t get them from my mom’s house until June! I was afraid if I waited, they’d be out of stock. #ExpatProblems. The sneakers are the “TYE” from UGG. They are suede (I think) and I got them in Slate. They match the pants, hence wearing them together in basically all my photos. I used to wear Tom’s a lot as my “cute sneakers” but these have now won the top spot.

This new suede tote (images: above at the airport and below in Goa) is my go-to bag now. I have a tan one from Etnika as well that I love but this is great for travel as it’s so scrunchy and zips closed.

I’ve also been wearing two tops a lot: this scrunchy crop top and this super-soft crop top (pictured below in white). Also below is the Levi jeans I talked about above, the striped grandpa shirt, and my James Smith shoes. It might seem like I shop a lot but really I just wear the same stuff over and over with different mix and match ideas.

airport outfit

Lastly, I have been wearing this jumpsuit in every color for like two years now. I’m also living for this jumpsuit. I have it in blue and pink as well (okay, okay, I have it in black checkered too). I’m also pretty in love with this cute yellow dress that I wore in KL. It’s from Free People and was $59 full-price which is basically unheard of.

Let me know if you would like more posts like this every few months showing you where I’ve been shopping so you can get similar pieces. If you find this annoying and too unrelated to travel, I’m sorry! You can tell me that, too.