Some people come to India’s pink city see the famous pink buildings or other popular “must-sees” while others come for shopping in Jaipur... I’m sort of in the latter group. There are so many cool places to see in Jaipur and many are landmarks, but there are also beautiful cafes, shops, and bars. I recently traveled to Jaipur with a fashion designer friend and know a few little secrets of shopping there, so here are my tips and best finds!

Many lists on the internet focus on the top places to buy bangles, sarees, and other popular Indian items and souvenirs – but this list is different. I am going to focus on trendy places.

The places that Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie, and your favorite Instagram brands source! A lot of these places are textile shops but there are tailors everywhere in India. You can have your favorite dress copied into a new fabric, something totally new made, and you’ll also find great blankets and homewares like sheets, baby blankets, rugs, and duvets. You’ll also find amazing Rajasthani fabric and trimmings, baskets, and one of a kind purses.

Bring cash, but don’t worry if you run out – they’ll be happy to let you hop on the back of their scooter and take you to an ATM for more (true story). They will also sort out shipping for you. You can trust the shipping! These shops all have awesome reputations and some of them I’m still in contact with on Instagram to this day.

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Jaipur Shopping Map

The 15 Best Places to Visit in Jaipur for Shopping

1. Anokhi

Jaipur is the place to learn block-printing, and you’ll see tons of tour companies offering to teach you. But really, the best course is with Anokhi at the Amber Fort inside the museum. But this location is where the main shop and cafe are. The cafe itself is really yummy and popular with Western healthy food.

Prices here are fixed-price and higher than what you’ll pay in the little sourcing export shops but it saves the hassle of digging through and they DO have unique items, too, that you won’t see elsewhere. They have lovely prints of throws, bags, and the cutest little keychains for gifts. You can get Indian clothing, the cutest baby outfits, and pottery and other homewares.

places to visit in jaipur

2. Tokree

Personally, I don’t wear Indian clothing as it’s my not culture nor preferred style but if you want to wear Indian clothing or have an event to go to, then you should pop into Tokree. You can get clothing as well as very gorgeous scarves and little souvenirs here.

3. Soma

This is another block-printing shop and they sell a bit of everything.

4. Hot Pink

Pop into Hot Pink for housewares and clothing. This is a very well-curated shop with the best of what Jaipur has to offer as well as some originals. Located inside Narain Niwas complex, this place is the #1 recommended place on any “best places to shop in Jaipur list” and there is a reason why – it’s so cute!

5. Narain Niwas Complex

Narain Niwas Palace is a hotel and the complex has many shops inside like the above mentioned Hot Pink. It is great to go walk around in the afternoon. I won’t mention all the shops on this list because you’ll just put Hot Pink or Narain Niwas into your GPS then go for a wonder. Other than Hot Pink, you might like Anataya Decor (stunning homewares, but so pricey), Umrao Jewels, and Andraab, among others. The popular Bar Palladio is here. Shops close by 7 so don’t come too late.

6. Concept French Jewelry

Diane Singh is the owner of this cute little shop, and she’s a friend of mine. I love her items and can’t help but go crazy in here and stock up on jewelry that I know I’ll wear for the rest of my life. She has silver and gold-plated jewelry and will also do commissions. Her pieces are NOT much more expensive than the ones you get on the street in the normal Indian markets but it’s fixed price so don’t bother negotiating and you KNOW you aren’t getting ripped off. Ever since I shared about her on my blog and social media, I get messages from girls who found all their dream pieces there while traveling through India, thanking me for introducing her because it was their favorite shopping experience in India! Easy and affordable. Can’t beat it!

I recently bought 14 pieces and spent 20,000 Rs. which if you break it down is so affordable: averaging $19 per piece of jewelry.

places to visit in jaipurmy haul!

7. Hawa Mahal Street

If you want to haggle for jewelry and not go to a curated shop, then head over to Hawa Mahal street. You can go shop to shop checking out silver, gold, textiles, and gemstones. Most is real but you can be tricked so be careful and really only shop here if you know your stuff. You’ll also find great homewares, pottery, slippers, and scarves.

8. Kripal Kumbh

Jaipur is known for specific blue pottery and this is the best place to buy it.

9. Jaipur Modern

Love love this place! Inside the popular Jaipur Modern Kitchen you’ll see this shop. They have the cutest bags, scarves, bedding, homewares, and jewelry. This is located in C-Scheme along with some others on this list like Diane Singh. Just refer to the map above to see where it all is.

10. Teatro Dhora

You can buy unique contemporary jewelry with a Rajasthani influence; great combo. It’s gorgeous pieces, some of which have been in CN Traveler but you can also find affordable gold-plated items at around 2,000 Rs. This shop has clothing and accessories, too.

11. Gem Palace

If you are rich and want the REAL stuff, maharaja style, then go inside Gem Palace. This is a legitimate shop so you will not be ripped off but personally, I can’t afford a thing in there.

For the following shops:

In Jaipur there are many export shops. Most have other warehouses that they store the bulk of their stuff. I can’t share the details of the houses, as I visited with a designer and it’s not my secret to share, but will share the export shops that each correlate to. I have met the owners of these shops and they know that I am a blogger. If you mention that you came to their shop after reading Hippie in Heels, they will give you the best prices – no need to negotiate them down. These are trustworthy shops that are appreciative of the customers I’ve sent their way, and they are happy to be very fair in exchange for that. Win for everyone! They aren’t going to give you wholesale prices as you aren’t buying in bulk, but they will give you a fair price.

12. BR Enterprises

places to visit in Jaipur

places to visit in jaipur

29-C, Govind Nagar West Amer Road, Near Jorawar Singh Gate

A tiny shop that has a lot offer. Much of what you see here are block-printed items like robes, sheets, blankets, and sarongs. I love a quilt I got from here as well as fabric that I made my own items with. He can also order in items for you if you don’t see what you are looking for.

13. Vimla International

places to visit in jaipur

places to visit in jaipur

Gupta Garden, Near Brahmpuri Police Station, Amer Road

If you want a rug, do not even look anywhere other than here! I bought five on my first visit. The owners are so nice, and I’m still in touch with them on Instagram. They price their rugs on a square foot price making it really fair and easy to see what the rates will be. This is going to be BY FAR the best price in Jaipur on rugs with the largest selection. You’ll be literally crawling in rugs looking for gems!

14. Ridhi Sidhi Textiles

places to visit in Jaipur

9, Govind Nagar East, Amber Palace Road 

Like, look how serious this is, haha! I am calculating things – seeing what the budget is, lol. You’d think I own a shop that I’m sourcing for, but I’m just shopping! This place has everything. They customize and design these items for huge brands who sell them at way higher prices – and you will be getting the same thing from the source here just without the fancy label added in.

They have the cutest sarongs and lungis, quilts, sheets, huge Rajasthani-style duvets, textiles to make your own clothes, and more. I can’t help but spend a bundle in here but it’s such quality items and always feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity to get it at such an awesome price when I know the same quilt would sell at Anthro for 10x the price.

15. Saurashtra Impex

places to visit in Jaipur

places to visit in Jaipur

7-8 Inside Jorawar Singh Gate, Opp. Ayurveda College, Amer Palace Road

You will also find rugs here as well as sheets, bags, and textiles. They have all kinds of stuff – even wool and cashmere throws and scarves. Don’t miss this shop! This place is huge and has a couple of floors to explore. You’ll find a great option of Rajasthani mirror work and friendly owners who give fair rates for everything.

Wow, long post but honestly hope that this will let you go about shopping in Jaipur with ease! It’s the best place in the world for shopping.

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