I used to love makeup and not just any makeup, but nice expensive makeup from Sephora. I was a VIB (very important beauty insider) which meant I was spending a lot a year. I used to wear makeup when I lived in the US, but the more I traveled the less I packed makeup. I only recently heard of the travel makeup brand Stowaway.

I have some favorite makeup that I take along with me when I travel, but when I go carry-on I take only the small things like a cream blush, under eye highlighter, regular highlighter, and mascara. My Boscia BB cream and Naked eyeshadow palette get left behind because of size.

Stowaway Travel Makeup Review

I’ve tried out the Stowaway make up for a couple months now and wasn’t expected that much as usually “trial size” or smaller size things made for travel don’t have the quality I am used to, but this makeup pleasantly surprised me.
Travel Makeup

Travel Makeup stowaway reviewYou can see the six pieces that come in this set: BB cream, concealer, blush, lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner which is all that things that they sell. I went for medium BB cream and light concealer, since I usually use concealer under my eyes and this set didn’t come with a highlighter. 

Travel Makeup stowaway reviewYou can see in this photo the size compared to my hand, that these are pretty small bottles. BB cream and concealer usually last me a long time, and I would guess these would last me about 3-4 months since I only wear makeup a couple times a week. 

The BB cream was very orange when it came out and I was worried by the color. I thought it would be not only too dark, but a strange color. Once I put it on and rubbed it in, it was actually a normal color to the point where you couldn’t really see it.

Travel Makeup stowaway review

travel makeup

travel makeup stowaway reviewFor blush I went for cantaloupe color as I always like the peachiest of the bunch! I love this blush, it’s my favorite of the whole batch. I would say it’s similar to Josie Maran’s oil blush (which can be used on lips too) and it rubs in perfectly. 

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Travel Makeup stowaway reviewI got black eyeliner and mascara and those were great quality. I don’t love eyeliner because I wear contacts but this didn’t bother my eyes when I had it on. The mascara is of course really small and if you wear it daily, I can see you running out of that before any of the other products.

The lipstick I chose is champagne. It is the most nude option and is a very opaque nude. For me, it’s not great for every day wear but is good for party nights out. The look once it was all put together was really nice but for me definitely a night time look since I don’t wear make up in the day that often.

travel makeup stowaway reviewThe great thing about this kit would be just taking it along with you quickly and not thinking too much about your makeup routine- but there are some things I would add. I like to use a highlighter (there are many brands who do travel sizes) and an under eye highlighter (I use Smashbox). Since the kit doesn’t have these, I would bring them along. I don’t wear eyeshadow but if you do, you’ll have to add that as well.

travel makeup

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