7 Popular Maltese Foods You Have to Try When You Visit

If you are ever lucky enough to travel in beautiful Malta, these are some of the most popular Maltese foods you have to try! Malta may be a tiny island nation, but what it lacks in demographics, it compensates for by its unique heritage, rich culture, history, and ruggedly beautiful landscape. Maltese people approach their

Tour of Andalucia Spain: 6 Must Visit Cities in Andalucia Spain

The southern province of Andalucia in Spain has its own distinct and beautiful culture. It’s also full of rolling mountains, valleys, beautiful coastline, and national parks. It’s a must visit if you head to Spain! This post will share how to have the perfect tour of Andalucia at your own pace. You could spend your

3 Days in Dublin Including a Day Trip to Howth Cliffs

Dublin is somewhere I've always wanted to go back to, and it's a place my friend, Arielle, always wanted to visit so we decided to fly here after our week in England. I'd actually spend four days in Dublin seven years ago, and wrote this post about it, so I re-read it to remind myself

Chilling Out in St Ives With Ben’s Family (and some travel tips)

For years, Ben has talked about taking me to St. Ives in Cornwall, England. He used to live there back in the day for a couple of years. St Ives is (so far) the prettiest place I've seen in England and the water on the coast is so clear and blue, you wouldn't really guess

London Packing List for the Fall / Autumn

If you read my last post on what's new in my world, then you know I just headed back to Europe for a bit and my bestie, Arielle, is finally met Ben! This also means I was in England for late summer/early fall, which is very different from late summer/early fall in Goa. Here's my full London

Castles in Kent, Iconic London, and Harry Potter Magic with my BFF

This summer, I was back in Ohio chatting with my best friend since I was five, Arielle, when she said she wanted to meet me somewhere this year on a trip. She applied for her passport and we decided we would meet in England since it was the only trip I was 100% sure of.

7 Places to Visit in Georgia Europe That You Don’t Want to Miss

The Eastern European country of Georgia has so far been spared from the plague of mass tourism, and group tours have yet to discover the beauty and diversity of the Caucasian nation nestled in between Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. Yet, there are many places to visit in Georgia Europe (or "Euraisa") that you might