If you read my last post on what’s new in my world, then you know I just headed back to Europe for a bit and my bestie, Arielle, is finally met Ben! This also means I was in England for late summer/early fall, which is very different from late summer/early fall in Goa. Here’s my full London packing list for the fall so you know what to pack for this time of year too!

London Packing List for the Fall

Quick Things to Note:

  • Late summer/early fall in England is literally a toss-up. One day, in St. Ives I laid at the beach and got a sunburn BUT at the same time, you couldn’t get in the sea without a wet suit and the wind was fierce. Other days, I had on jeans, boots, a long sleeve shirt, and leather jacket and was still a bit cold walking outside. The key is *LAYERS*
  • If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, I swear Kiwi always finds the best and cheapest options for getting there!
  • England can be expensive, so make sure you have travel insurance just in case anything goes wrong.

Below is my luggage fully packed for England:

The Suitcase – Delsey

I’ve been using Delsey luggage for years and although I have other favorite luggages, this has always been and probably always will be my go-to. I bought it years before I started blogging and it’s still in perfect condition. It’s been through a lot.

See all my picks for stylish luggage here

I also totally swear by packing cubes for keeping myself organized! I have way too many, and they’re all from ebags. Looks how organized it made my bag! It’s so easy to get to everything when I’m traveling.

The Bags

1 bigger tote bag

My exact one is here. I live for this bag from Bali Since it was a two-week trip where I’d be lugging my luggage around a lot, it was unnecessary to take a rolling carry on. And Instead of my new favorite backpack, I took this cute tote as it could double up as a purse when I have huge days out and need to take my camera or do shopping.

1 smaller cross body bag

This one is similar to mine. This bag is the same brand as the tote, Etnika, it’s from Bali but sold on Etsy. I actually packed this purse in my luggage and only carried my tote on the plane. Since this wasn’t a “blogging” trip, I had a lot less tech equipment to take with me.

Check out all the different styles and sizes here.

The Shoes

2 pairs of mule-style sandals

Mine are Sola Sana and James Smith the Label (the tan platforms).

1 pair of UGG high top sneakers

My sneakers are actually from UGG! You wouldn’t think they have great sneakers, but I got these nearly two years ago and they are so comfortable; I’ve worn them around Morocco, Israel, and the cities – they make a boring outfit look so much cooler. I actually have them in tan, too!

1 pair of black booties

My booties are from Steve Madden. I’ve had these boots forEVER and wear them on every trip I go on that’s somewhat cold plus wear them out partying here in Goa even when it’s warm, with a little dress. They are really versatile and I actually have just bought them in dark brown because they were FINALLY on sale but I left them in Ohio because I’m weird like that.

The Tops

2 sweaters.

I packed just two cute throw over sweaters, one that is heavier and one that is lighter. Both can fit comfortably under my leather jacket, which is important.

10 tops.

This was a two-week trip where I had access to laundry, so the number of tops depends on your trip length. My favorite two tops I packed are the flowy Free People top above with lemons (even though Ben’s bro said it looked like I was wearing a picnic table cover) and the striped yellow tee shirt (which I wore in all my Howth photos) from Madewell.

howth cliffs

Everything Else

Leather Jacket

2 Pairs of Jamie Jeans

I live in these type of jeans and think they are the BEST fitting jeans on me.

Sports Bra

Yoga/Lounge Leggings

howth cliffs

Sightseeing in Dublin

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