Kochi Markets, Kerala

Ben has been spending a lot of time in Kochi for work, and I love to tag along anywhere I can. I've been down to check out the Kochi markets three times in the last couple months and have decided the people there are the most photographic of anywhere I've traveled! Shame I don't have

India’s Chilled Surf Town: Kovalam Beach Tips

When people who haven’t been to India picture it in their heads, I am almost positive they don’t picture a laid-back surf town. Maybe they’ve heard of Goa, famous for it’s beaches and parties, but Kovalam is a completely different kind of vibe. Instead of trance and acid, it’s slow, relaxed, and reggae fills the

… But Seriously, Where is the “Fort” in Fort Kochi?

The best parts of Kerala are the beach and jungle, but I always end up finding myself immersed in the city life of India. I am so NOT a city person unless I’m with friends/guides, which is maybe why I didn't love my introduction to Kerala in Kochi. I thought I'd be your friend today and

Backwaters & Back-alleys of Kochi, Kerala

I've spent the last week in Kerala, and got a nice dose of trying to work online with very dodgy Wi-Fi. I do guest posts and writing outside of this blog, so I've decided I will start sharing links to those pieces. I recently was voted 3rd place for top expat blogs in India. I