Europe’s “largest” beer festival in Belgrade, Serbia

After a whirlwind weekend with new friends in vintage Sarajevo, we were off with them on a train to a beer festival in Belgrade, Serbia. Our mission was the “biggest European beer festival”. I’m still not sure I believe those stats, hello Oktoberfest?? The train to Belgrade cost 17 Euro and takes about 8 hours

Curse of the Pink Palace in Corfu

After 24 hours of travel and sleeping on lawn chairs, we got off the ferry in Corfu. The van from our chosen hostel, the Pink Palace, awaited us. “Have a shot of ouzo! You must!” said the way-too-cheerful-for-6AM Greek man. Drinking was the LAST thing I wanted to do, but Greeks have a way of

Getting my Western Fix in Bangalore, India

Bangalore is a very modern Indian city. It’s my favorite of the ones I’ve been to. I found it less chaotic and less crowded. The “green city” really is stunning, although our taxi driver told us they are cutting down a lot of the trees to build a metro. If you want to chill out

Travel Playlist: What’s On My iPod

Absolutely nothing can cure homesickness like the sound of familiar music, for me, that is my travel playlist. Ok, food comes in a close second. Being an expat in Goa, I am surrounded by trance and techno, which is okay sometimes, but other times I need to blare country music to remember how much I love

NH7 Weekender Bangalore- Music Festival

We headed off to Bangalore, or Bangaluru, the silicon valley of India, and the capital of the state Karnataka. Bangalore is the I.T. hub of India and many expats live here so there are a lot of “western” restaurants and shopping. Our mission was the NH7 music festival. We booked the tickets about 5 minutes

Diwali in Goa – Burn the Monsters!

Diwali, New Year, is every Indians favorite Holiday, but in Goa it's even more special because the night before the main day is when they celebrate Lord Krishna vanquishing the evil demon king Narkasur. Diwali in Goa is an exciting time!  Ben and I are so lucky to be good friends with locals here and