Absolutely nothing can cure homesickness like the sound of familiar music, for me, that is my travel playlist. Ok, food comes in a close second. Being an expat in Goa, I am surrounded by trance and techno, which is okay sometimes, but other times I need to blare country music to remember how much I love home.  All songs you listen to while you travel don’t have to be about travel, you simply want them to make you smile. When I am on a train ride I put on my “Faves” playlist and stare out the window. Nothing makes me happier, nothing makes me feel less alone, and nothing makes the other passengers more uncomfortable as I have a hard time holding in the lyrics. They say music is the cure for everything (except for the nerdiness in the photo below, that I almost couldn’t bring myself to post, but I know I need fantastic media like this to keep you all intrigued.)

travel musicIt’s the only one I had with headphones in on a train… the fact that I took a selfie is almost inexcusable, the headlamp is so I can read, and the scarf is because the headlamp leaves a big red mark on my head. OK, moving on.

Below are some songs from my playlist that make me insanely happy when they come on. They are in alphabetical order not because I’m OCD (I’m just type A), but because I scrolled through my playlist. Just so you know which ones are THE BEST at improving my day, I will put them in bold because I’m OCD like that.

I swear I regularly update my iTunes with good new music, yet all my “Faves” tend to be old, I think because they remind me of home. I recommend everyone take an iPod or their iPhone. Make playlists of different genres, so that you aren’t constantly skipping songs on Shuffle.

Include a playlist for Relaxing/Zen music because many massage “parlors” (in someone’s basement in India) won’t have massage oil & music to offer, just cooking oil & awkward silence.

These songs are NOT my guilty pleasures, they are masterpieces you cannot help but belt out!

travel music

Disclaimer: all of these are null and void post Thanksgiving-through the New Year. Country Christmas Radio on Pandora/ Mariah Carey Christmas on Pandora is all anyone around me gets to hear.

My Travel Playlist

  1. Always Be My Baby- Mariah Carey
  2. Anything Could Happen- Ellie Goulding
  3. Blowin’ in the Wind- Bob Dylan
  4. Both Sides Now- Joni Mitchell
  5. Bridge Over Troubled Water- Simon & Garfunkel
  6. Budapest- George Ezra
  7. California- Joni Mitchell
  8. Carolina on my Mind- James Taylor
  9. Change the World- Eric Clapton
  10. Chicken Fried- Zak Brown band
  11. Cleaning Out my Closet- Eminem (don’t judge me), it reminds me of mowing the lawn in jr. high school
  12. Colors of the Wind- Ashanti
  13. Dark Horse- Katy Perry
  14. Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes- Paul Simon
  15. Fancy- Reba McEntire
  16. Flowers in Your Hair- The Lumineers
  17. Gin & Juice- Snoop Dog
  18. Gunpowder & Lead- Miranda Lambert
  19. Fancy- Iggy Izalea
  20. Hell on Heels- Pistol Annies reminds me of Charlotte, NC
  21. Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
  22. How to Love- Lil’ Wayne
  23. I will Always Love You- Dolly Parton
  24. I’m Yours- Jason Mraz
  25. It Feels like Home to Me- Chantal Kreviazuk
  26. Let it Be- Beatles cover from Across the Universe
  27. Listen to Her Heart- Tom Petty
  28. Madness- Muse
  29. Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson
  30. Mercy- Kanye & all those other people
  31. Numb- Rihanna & Eminem
  32. Only You- Ellie Goulding
  33. Push and Shove- No Doubt
  34. Put Your Records On- Corrine Bailey Rae
  35. Red Dirt Road- Brookes and Dunn
  36. Rich Girl- Hall and Oates
  37. Roar- Katy Perry
  38. Roll Another Joint- Tom Petty
  39. Silver Springs- Fleetwood Mac
  40. Stay- Rihanna
  41. Stay with Me- Sam Smith
  42. Waka Waka- Shakira
  43. Waterfalls- TLC
  44. What Now- Rihanna
  45. Wide Open Spaces- Dixie Chicks I take this song more seriously than anyone should.
  46. Wildflowers- Tom Petty (fave of all time)
  47. The World’s Greatest- R. Kelly
  48. Your Song- Elton John

What are some of your favorite songs to listen to when you travel? 

“You belong among the wildflowers, you belong somewhere you feel free”
"You belong among the wildflowers, you belong somewhere you feel free"