Although I spend most of my time in warmer climates, there are the occasional trips I take to cooler ones! This autumn I’m visiting both London and Dublin, which are both much cooler in September and October than Goa. Here’s my perfect little travel capsule wardrobe for fall to help you pack for your later trips.

Perfect Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Fall

Leather Jacket

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If you aren’t traveling with a leather jacket then you are missing out on being able to look instantly cooler than you actually are! I can be wearing skinny jeans and a tee shirt, throw this on, and suddenly look cool. Leather jackets just have that going for them! I have two black ones; one is thicker and one is lightweight. If I had to only pick one, it would be the thicker one.


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1 Jamie Skinny Jean & 1 leggings

Skinny jeans are the bomb for travel! I have the Jamie Topshop in THREE colors: black ripped, green, and dark blue. They are high-waisted and make me look way skinnier than I am. I also take a pair of black leggings. Topshop’s Jamie jeans are my absolute favorite.

Pairs of Shoes

1 Pair of Ankle Boots &
1 UGG high top sneaker

These are my two go-to pairs of shoes for travel. I have both in black since my leather jacket is black. I can then dress up the ankle boots with a dress/leggings/jacket or I can be casual with the UGG sneakers. I cannot explain how much I am obsessed with both of these pairs of shoes.


My Checklist: How to Plan a Trip From Scratch

Three is a good amount of sweaters to take. I usually wear each one more than once and take enough camis to wear underneath them. I love gray because it matches everything but if not gray, I go for a tan/cream.



Comfortable but cute tee shirts: you would think it would be easy, but actually it’s not! I don’t like to waste money on ones from H&M that are going to fall apart. I’d rather buy ones that are quality, won’t stretch, and last a long time. These are some favorites.

Midi Dresses

Although I take leggings for under short dresses, I pack Midi dresses so that I can wear them with ankle boots and no leggings if the day is a little warmer. I love the length of all these dresses and can’t get enough of the yellow one!


  • Tote Bag
  • Thick Scarf
  • Socks
  • Underwear/bras
  • Sunglasses

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