At the start of the year, I did a reader survey and many of you mentioned as feedback that you want me to share more styles of travel clothing for all body types – not just my body type. Some girls mentioned having more cleavage or not wanting to wear a crop top. So, I made it my goal this year to show you some more styles of travel clothing – starting with this Vacay Style review.

Vacay Style Review: My thoughts on the Sayulita 5-piece collection

Vacay Style Review

How Vacay Style Works

Have you heard of Vacay Style? They are already quite a popular brand and known for being one of the top clothing brands for travelers. What they offer a variety of collections of capsule wardrobes; currently they have 8 collections.

A collection would be items that max and can be mixed and matched to create a capsule wardrobe – which basically means you have just a few pieces but can make loads of outfits out of them. For all collections, they offer 5 pieces and you add 2 basics. With that, you will then have 15+ versatile outfits for vacation.

Vacay Style Review

Vacay Style Review

You can look at their collections to see which one has the designs that you like. They are all quite different and choosing the collection you want is the hardest part. I went for the Sayulita! I then messaged my mom to get her opinion and it was her favorite, too.

The clothing is made from travel-friendly materials (aka it’s not going to wrinkle) and is manufactured in San Fransisco.

The Vacay Style Sayulita Collection

The Sayulita collection is brand new and like the other collections came with 5-pieces. I am wearing the size small but would size down to an x-small on my next purchase.

My basics: you need to add two basics, a top and a bottom, to make the 15 outfits. I added a pair of jean shorts and a white crop top. Now, if this were my mom, she’d add a pair of white capris (which would dress up many of the outfits) and a white cami. You can add the basics that make it comfortable for you.

I somehow ended up with 16 outfits instead of 15, but that’s kind of the beauty of it – there are so many ways to wear these pieces. I figured the best way to show these is a little collage but you can right-click on each image and say “open in new tab” to see a larger image of each one.

So, the pieces that you see here are being worn so many ways! You can see in photo one, there is a maxi skirt which is being worn as a strapless dress in photo #4. The tie from that dress matches the shirt so I wore it as a headband for another outfit.

If you look at image #3 you can see that it’s the cutest top with jean shorts, but if your “basic” was a white Capri, that would dress it up so much. It’s up to your travel style. You can also see that the flower top is long but in some outfits, I have it tied up as a crop top to match my style more. You can also leave it long as you can see in the second to last image. The flower skirt is also worn as a top in the bottom row!

This is the bare minimum of outfits you can make – there are more! This is also with their recommended two basics, but if you threw in a couple of other basics you would have dozens of outfits. The white dress in the last image comes with a slip so you can wear it as a dress or without the slip as a swimsuit cover-up.

Vacay Style Review

Vacay Style Review

Overall, the quality of the fabric is high. The blue cotton items (top and maxi skirt) are very stretchy and just the right thickness (not see-through at all, but not heavy either). My favorite items were the one in the image just above (the printed top and skirt) and it’s one that I know I’ll be wearing a lot on my future travels.

Buy It: Vacay Style Discount Code & Pricing

Within the US, shipping and returns are free. They ship all around the world at low rates. I recommend you reach out to Vacay Style if you are outside the USA so you can talk to them about sizing and see what is best for you. They offer sizing advice; contact them at

Vacay Style offer $100 off any purchase of $500 or more with the code VACAY so if you and your friend or mom want one, order together.

Most capsules are originally priced at around $500. I know this sounds like a lot when it comes to treating yourself to travel clothing but if you break it down, it’s $33 per outfit. If you see a capsule you love, think about it per outfit. If you went to a store and bought 15 outfits, it would be a lot more than $500 and they wouldn’t mix and match.

But, you won’t be paying $500 anyway because there are almost always discount codes on their website. Check and see if they have $100 off right now, which would make it more like $25 per outfit.

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