UPDATE: Application deadline is Jan 26, 2017

Yes, this title is real! I’m looking for someone to travel for Hippie in Heels on my behalf.

I need someone to go at times when I can’t or I’m not in the right timezone for the trip. I am looking for bloggers who want to help me out by traveling for me.

Because these trips do involve professional photography and writing, you must have a blog and social media accounts. I’ll look through them to see if your vibe matches the Hippie in Heels vibe.

I started thinking about this a lot and think 2017 is the year to start. I am very blessed to get invited on press trips but sometimes I can’t go for a variety of reasons.

Last year, I turned down a trip to Croatia because I was on another trip. I turned down a trip to Xi’an, China and one to Taiwan because I was on another trip. I turned down a yacht trip and a one-week luxury villa review in Mallorca because I wasn’t based in Europe (a mandatory requirement for their team). I’ve turned down multiple trips in India because I was tired of traveling in India and needed a break (sad, but true).

It’s a shame because I wish I could be everywhere and review everything so that I can share that information with my readers (you guys!).

But, as my blog has grown, one thing I’ve learned is I need to let go of control a little bit and allow other people to work for me. I’ve hired a developer, a designer who redid my website, and someone to help me with small tasks.

Do you want to write and travel for Hippie in Heels? Apply Now!

Now, it’s time to bring on a travel assistant!

Here is the run down. I am looking for 5 people, one from each based in these 5 regions:

  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Asia
  • Southeast Asia specifically
  • India

Why not South America, Eastern Europe, Australia, or others? Because they aren’t places that press trips often come up for me. At this point, I want to start small.

When a trip comes up that I cannot go on, I will choose from these new 5 people the person who is closest to go on that trip.

If you are not based in one of these regions but feel you make a great fit for this position, then sure go ahead and e-mail me.

Do you want to write and travel for Hippie in Heels? Apply Now!

What you get out of this and what is expected of you

This is not a paid job. This is just the opportunity to travel for free. If you’re cool with that then please do apply. Also, please note that there is a chance a trip may not come up for your region. That would suck, but I cannot guarantee travel!

Here is what is expected of you if you are keen to be chosen for this:

  • You would have to fulfill the deliverables of the trip. Typically, that means writing a few blog posts (within 30 days after, the amount depends on how long the trip is) and sharing about the trip on social media during the trip. You’ll be sending me snaps to share on social media during the trip.
  • You would have to understand my blog’s vibe and the “voice” of my blog. I want you to have your own personality, but also keep it light/fun and talk to the readers like you would a friend. I would say that’s the voice of Hippie in Heels! I would talk with you before the trip about some blog post ideas which would match my blog’s niche.
  • You would upload the blog posts yourself and save them as drafts. That means you need to know how to use WordPress, make a cute Canva image and Pinterest pin, and upload sized images to the post.
  • You have to take detailed notes while on the trip. That means keeping contact and pricing information from tours you do, noting down exact information about how to do the same fun things you got to do, so you can tell my readers about it.
  • You would have to someone who likes to have fun and have adventures! I would hope that you would seek out all the opportunities given on the trips and enjoy them while documenting them. You’ll have to be easy-going and open to meeting new people.
  • You have to be on time and very professional. These trips are work (even though they are a lot of fun). You cannot get drunk, party, or do something that would make the Hippie in Heels brand look bad. If you have to meet at 5 am for a sunrise, then you must be on time. You don’t get to skip out on things during the trip unless you have a very good reason.
  • You cannot use the tourism board/press trips you work with on your media kit or blog as brand partners as you are going on my behalf. You can include that you do press trips and write for my blog on your media kit.
  • You need to be able to travel at the drop of a hat. So, that means no full-time job or a job that is very flexible.
  • Lastly, I have to get to know you and so do my readers. I would ask that if you are chosen you write one blog post a month on my blog about a topic we agree on. This way my readers get to know your style and you aren’t a stranger sharing about the trip later. Another reason for this is because if I send one of my writers on my behalf for a trip, I need to show that tourism board samples of your work on my blog to get this approved.

Here is what you get in return:

  • A free trip if one comes up leaving from your region (this would be flights, accommodation, food, etc)
  • The blog posts you write on my blog would bring you exposure to your own blog. I have over 260,000 monthly page views on here and it also helps your domain authority to guest post on my website.
  • When I share your images during a trip on social media, I will tag you as the photographer. I have 160,000 social media followers who will soon get to know you!
  • Once we decide what articles you will write on my blog about the trip you go on, you are free to then write about the trip on your own blog giving you great content!
  • You absolutely do not have to promote Hippie in Heels or even mention my blog’s name on your website. I am definitely not looking for any self-promotion here.
  • I will find out ahead of time if tips are expected on the trip and if so, I will tell you want activities or meals to tip at and I will reimburse you for that.

The worst case scenario is that no trips come up for your region and you write a guest post on my blog once a month gaining exposure with it. I truly hope that trips do come up, though, because this will be so much fun and give my readers much more content than I can do on my own.

Do you want to write and travel for Hippie in Heels? Apply Now!

How to apply to travel for Hippie in Heels:

  1. Please e-mail me (rachel@hippie-inheels.com) with the subject line “Insert Your Name Application”.
  2. If you have a media kit please attach it.
  3. Mention your blog and share with me 3 bog post examples you’ve written about a destination or adventure which would show how you would write about future trips I could send you on.
  4. Give me a little background about where you’re from, where you’re based, what your niche is, and any work you’ve done professionally.
  5. Tell me why you want this job and why you think your voice would match the Hippie in Heels vibe in the articles you would produce on a trip.
  6. Tell me your Instagram handle. Photos are SO important and I am looking for someone who has a great eye!
  7. Give me 3 example blog post titles you could write for the monthly articles mentioned above
  8. Tell me anything that makes you stand out. Do you do video? Do you write freelance for someone and have writing samples? Are you into fashion?

It will take me some time to go through all the applicants. I may not have time to reply to each e-mail. If you don’t get a reply then I’m sorry, that means you weren’t selected. I am so excited to see what this could bring and I can’t wait to see who will make a good fit for this.

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