I get asked from friends back home “so… what do you actually DO all day?” and I can see why since neither Ben or I have a 9-5 job. We have a lot of freedom to work when we want and options to travel or just decide to do nothing for the day (although we shouldn’t).

There are times I schedule out posts weeks ahead of time so I can hang with friends and family without having to sit on my computer- which leads them to question even more, “When exactly do you work?”.

Our days usually don’t start until about 10 with some coffee and checking emails; then it’s usually Ben and I asking each other, “so… what do you want to do today?” Him and I share a very similar work ethic which is work on our computers for 12 hours straight like a maniac then take a few days without being so hard on ourselves.

Ben has a “real job” and actual responsibilities, which usually means although he can go to the beach instead of office, he might be on his phone the whole time.

Although I put up about 4-5 blog posts a week, I find myself with a lot of free time. I spend most of it with Ben at long lunches or the beach… other parts, with the dog or by the pool and in the evenings, out to dinner or out partying with friends. I had about a million photos on my camera roll some of which I share on my personal Facebook profile, but not on my blog because they don’t have much to do with travel. Figured I’d just share them in one post.

Expat in Goa

expat in goa

expat in goaI try to get flowers at Mapusa market every week. I usually take the bouquet apart and remake it myself when I get home. I spend about $5 bucks a week on flowers. They don’t last long here (I don’t know why that is).

expat in goaThis is Scully, a friend’s dog. There are always cute dogs around and puppies that need adopted.

expat in goaBen is a terrible influence on my eating habits. At least, I’d like to believe it’s his fault. Thalassa take away, Cafe Nu in Mandrem, pork belly from Go with the Flow, and waffles from a cute place in Kochi, Kerala which I guess shouldn’t be in this post since it’s about Goa ;)

expat in goaI feel like I spend a LOT of time driving back and forth to the airport and train stations. Goa’s airport is near nothing so it’s a pain in the butt. I spend more time in the car to the airport than the flight is long to Bombay.

expat in goaNights out when Britani my friend from the US visited

expat in goa

expat in goaMy cat is a pyromaniac … but seriously. I also make candles which aren’t a super hot selling item (I am going to decrease the price on them before season ends) but they are fun to make and I love having them in the house.

expat in goaThe cat was not the most welcome creature in our house. I always had bad experiences with them (roommates in college that had crazy ones!) and I am allergic. The cat has grown on me.. a lot! We are now best buddies… but my allergies are out of control. Anyone know a good allergist in Goa?

expat in goaveggies at the market, me in our car- the famous omni, kitkat is his typical hang out spot with the security guards, and two of the security guards of our complex who are really nice and help us with all kinds of stuff.

expat in goaRishab is one of my best buds, and Ben’s BFF. He works at Thalassa, one of the many reasons we hang there so much.

expat in goaMORE FOOD… chicken in mushroom sauce at Villa Blanche, takeaway for my favorite Goan place, steak and risotto at La Plage, and pizza from Basilico in Anjuna

expat in goaHow I ever manage to get anything done with such cute pets is a mystery 

expat in goaGot the yummiest cake for Priyankas birthday from Ivan Stolfi who does catering in Goa! I don’t have his business card on hand to give you the info but email me if you’re interested and I’ll find out.

expat in goaMy dad at the Wednesday Flea Market. I don’t go every week because it does get old, but it’s a nice option. The Saturday one I usually make (just for the chicken!)

expat in goaMy Delhi (but now basically Goan girl) Priyanka

expat in goaShanti girl loves the beach since she was a beach dog in Kochi before Ben got her. To bring her to Goa, he had to put her in a cage on the train up with the conductor. He sent some friends to go with her and bring her to the house. The doorbell rang at 5 am and there was Shanti (she was confused, but after a couple days she adjusted to her new home)

expat in goa

expat in goaSo much time just hugging animals…. and napping (which is totally okay since Goa has 1-3 pm siesta)

expat in goaI got lots of clothes made when I bought khadi in Karnataka and commissioned TIA to make me some dresses and crop tops. Ben sent me this pic of the ducks (random!) and the last photo is celebrating Christmas opening a present my best friend Rachel Schlarb sent me from the US.

expat in goa

expat in goaThis guy was walking his cow through the water, while another cow ate a poor guys lunch. I didn’t interrupt the cow as I have already been head-butted by a cow once – which was one to many times.

expat in goaMy business cards for ISLA candles which I sell them in about 7 shop around Goa. I was pretty stoked by these super cute business cards. I have another card for my massage and blogging with a cute logo Ben made me. You can get cards printed in Panjim for next to nothing so if you’ve ever wanted biz cards you should totally go get them made while here.

expat in goaBrit literally hated this cat at first, so catching them cuddled up like this was SO cute

expat in goaSleeping guard dogs outside of Chesire Cat in Assagao (one place I sell my candles) and Snowy – who is not even our dog but just LOVES napping in our house.

expat in goaa homemade soup by me (the only thing I cook other than sandwiches) which is a recipe I tweak by Jamie Oliver (the most adorable chef on the plant- love you Jamie!! lol), a pile of Indian food from Starlight, and chocolate fondue from A Reverie

And that’s it! The most recent non-travel pics on my Instagram which pretty accurately show what I do all day.

Ben and I don’t know how long we’ll be in Goa for. I do know I’ve seen a LOT of India and I’m itching to go to some new countries (or continents even) and I really want to go back to Europe and visit Ben’s people in England and Austria this year.

Although I do make money from blogging, which I can do anywhere- my every day spending money from massage is really helpful so if I took a huge backpacking trip for a couple months I wouldn’t have that extra massage income. But, if I could I would totally go to South America which is the next place on my bucket list! For now, Goa is pretty damn great.

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