The Greek Islands have always topped my list on places to see. Finally, this year I checked them off my bucket list.

Sailing with Yacht Getaways was such an incredible and convenient way to travel through the Greek Islands without the stress of booking multiple ferries and hotels. If you’re looking for a way to see the islands in a relaxing and easy way, I can definitely recommend a sailing trip with Yacht Getaways.

Here are my top reasons to take a sailing trip to the Greek Islands with Yacht Getaways!

Gourmet Breakfast & Lunch Served Daily


One of my favorite things about sailing with Yacht Getaways was waking up to my coffee freshly brewed and breakfast beautifully set on the table.  I mean, can it get much better than that?

The skipper & host do a fantastic job of creating delicious meals each day that I never got tired of. Yacht Getaways also makes sure that any food allergies are known of before arriving on the catamaran, so the host knows how to prepare each meal.

Lunch was one of my favorite parts of the day because the Skipper always took us to a remote spot near a secluded beach or island.  We had prime parking and beautiful lunch views.  Plus, we were able to burn off some of the delicious Greek food with some water activities afterwards.

The Boats are Spacious & Modern                          





The Yacht Getaway cabins are not huge compared to a 5-star hotel. However, they are definitely spacious compared to most catamarans and more updated.  All rooms on Yacht Getaways catamaran have their own closet, bathroom, storage under and beside the bed, and windows.

The catamaran also has a nice outside seating area deck where lunch and breakfast are served. The seating area is great place to get some shade, relax, and read.  My favorite part of the boat was the front area. There it is comfortable to layout and get the great views in while sailing to your next Greek Island.

Your Skipper & Host Do All the Thinking for You

When arriving to a new island, which you’ll do each day some time after lunch, your skipper and host will walk you through all the best things to see and do on the island.  I found this extremely helpful and beneficial.  Part of the luxury of taking a yacht trip is not having to plan out each part of your day, but rather leave it up to the experts.  The skipper and host have a lot of experience and time on each islands, so they’ve already done all the guess work and know which spots are worth seeing!

You Get to See So Much More

Having a skipper sail you to a new island each day is pure luxury and bliss.  Waking up with a coffee in your hand as you make your way to one of Greece’s most beautiful beaches really isn’t a bad way to vacation. Right?

There are so many beautiful islands to choose from and narrowing them down is so hard! Thankfully Yacht Getaways does that for you.  When sailing you get to visit 7 different islands.  There were some islands that I could have spent more time on and others less. Now, when I go back to Greece (fingers crossed!) I will have a better idea of which places I want to spend the most time.

Water Activities & Secluded Beaches


The perks of sailing with your own yacht is endless. However, one of my favorite perks was having access to the secluded islands.  Being able to jump off the boat (literally) and hop on a paddle-board to explore old caves is one of the coolest parts of the trip.  Each catamaran with Yacht Getaways comes with a paddle-board, kayak, and snorkeling gear.  You can also bring your own gear on board like floats and such.  We spent each day burning off our lunch by paddle-boarding and exploring deserted islands.

So, if you’re looking for a way to explore the Greek Islands in a convenient, economical, and fun way, then definitely consider a sailing trip with Yacht Getaways.

Thank you to the Yacht Getaways team for hosting us and making for a memorable week on board!


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