I love living in beautiful Mexico, and like India (where I was for years before moving here), it has the same hippie yoga vibe with tons of retreats here for healthy eating, yoga, to help change your lifestyle, and enjoy Mexico and being in paradise at the same time. I haven’t been in Mexico long enough to try out these retreats myself, but after so many emails asking me for recommendations, I put this together – so if I sent you this link, sorry for the less-than-personal message but I hope this helps you find a yoga retreat in Mexico. I am listing ones that were recommended to me by friends who have tried them as well as ones from the only yoga booking site that I trust and have used for years in India, bookyogaretreats.com. These top-ranked yoga retreats in Mexico are in some very cool areas and I’ll share their rating, what they include, and their prices.

After reading these options, you can then click through to see what personal reviews people have left and then book directly through the bookyogaretreats.com website. There are thousands of retreats in Mexico that focus on yoga – and most will ask for PayPal payment, bank transfers, or payments on their website but the reason I love bookyogareteats is that you can pay safely through them and see all the unbiased reviews. The other great thing about this site is that you can see each of the teachers and read their qualifications and learn more about their background, where they have taught before, and what style of yoga they do.

If you want more than yoga, you can search yourself on the site because they offer surfing and dive retreats, too, as well as specialized yoga retreats like silk aerial yoga. Alternatively, you can join Facebook groups for yoga around the world or for a specific place in Mexico you want to visit to read even more reviews for places that aren’t listed online – there are SO many.

The most popular places in Mexico for retreats are trendy Tulum, laid back Sayulita, resort area Riviera Maya, and surfer’s paradise Puerto Escondido. You can’t go wrong with any of these stunning destinations. There’s also a very highly recommended digital detox 4-day yoga retreat in Mexico City, while not the most “relaxing” destination for a retreat, is loved by so many people and SO fairly priced, I’ve included it as well!

Want to know which ones I selected for Goa? Click here. I also have a list of the top retreats in India which you can read here.

Tips for Tulum

tips for tulum

Tips for Tulum

Tips for Tulum

tips for tulum

tips for tulum

1. 6 Days Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico for 15,839 MXN ($817)

This Tulum yoga retreat is the highest and most reviewed retreat in Mexico! It currently has 77 5-star reviews. Tulum is so pricey that for this rate just getting such an awesome loft for five nights is a steal! While food isn’t included, the 19% state and local taxes are. For food, it’s kind of good in that it will get you out exploring more so you can try some of the best food in Tulum. I have an article about my time here, you can read here. You can hire them for an airport transfer and tours for an additional fee. You’ll notice the Tulum retreat is priced higher than others on this list – Tulum is very trendy now and is expensive because of its popularity, which I think you can also tell by the sheer number of reviews for this retreat.

  • Daily yoga classes
  • Personalize your retreat according to your wishes
  • Practice Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin, or Restorative yoga
  • Five nights accommodation in a beautiful loft apartment
  • 15% discount on scuba diving and snorkeling tours
  • Free bike rental

Read reviews for this Tulum retreat and book here.

2. 10 Day Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Mazunte, Mexico for 7,905 MXN ($408).

Mazunte, Mexico is a hidden paradise, just a small beach town, about an hour from the more well-known Puerto Escondido. This is not just a yoga retreat but is about “finding the meaning of the universe”, finding yourself, spirituality, and learning local traditions. I think this would be great for someone open-minded looking for a new type of experience as the focus isn’t just on yoga, but meditation as well. This retreat is ALL day and you can see on their schedule that they offer teachings, classes, and meals throughout the day until 930 PM. Like Vipassana, genders are separated, there is no talking, no books, no cell phones, and no smoking, drugs, or alcohol. The teachers are from the Hridaya course. These meals are strictly vegan and nothing else will be offered!

Not for the faint of heart.

  • Daily hatha yoga classes
  • Daily meditation practices
  • Learn methods to approach the spiritual heart
  • Insightful lectures on non-duality and awakening love
  • Teachings on techniques for stilling the mind
  • Daily vegan meals available on request
  • 9 nights accommodation

Read recent reviews for this meditation and yoga retreat.

3. 6 Day Yoga and Surf Camp in Puerto Escondido, Mexico for 4,909 MXN ($254).

Puerto Escondido has a reputation for being the coolest surfer spot in Mexico – it also gets some huge swells. This yoga retreat is more of a combo, with the focus being split between surfing in the day and relaxing yoga in the evenings. In May and June when waves are quite large, they will take you to another beach that has smaller waves for beginners. At this price to get 5 two hour surf classes, accommodation, and yoga classes, it’s a pretty darn good deal! Note that meals are not included.

  • 5 surf classes
  • 3 yoga lessons (hatha)
  • Equipment included
  • Experienced surf instructors
  • Transportation to surf spots
  • 5 nights accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Photo session

Read full reviews and book this yoga and surf retreat here.

4. 4 Day Detox to Retox Yoga Retreat in Mexico City for 3,247 MXN ($168).

I know a lot of people want to come to Mexico for a retreat that is on the beach, but this retreat has nearly 60 5-star reviews, is so affordable, and Mexico City has a lot to offer to make this a well-rounded vacation.  With just the accommodation and meals being included, you already have saved a ton of money but you’re also getting your yoga classes and a daily wellness class. This isn’t a place that says you can’t drink or party, it’s a place that teaches balance. You your cell phone but don’t be obssesed, party but do yoga the next day and have a green juice! If you need help with balance, this is for you.

  • Yoga lessons (hatha)
  • Daily wellness class
  • Explore the amazing Mexico city
  • Opportunity to connect with fellow travelers
  • Regular access to free Wi-Fi
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • Healthy snack

Read full reviews and book this yoga retreat here.

5. 7 Day Women’s Only Yoga and Surf Camp in Sayulita, Mexico for 32,760 MXN ($1,700)

This cource with Alana is more expensive that the one listed above in Puerto Escondido but it has epic reviews and seems very personalized. It also offers more of a yoga focus with classes in the morning and evenings offering vinyasa and yin. They also have fancy catered dinners and a huge buffet breakfast. This is definitely more upscale. I also love that it’s a women’s retreat! The accommodation is at Hotelito Los Sueños, a popular boutique hotel. I love Sayulita and even considered living there – it’s sooo stunning! You’ll love this area. It also is more of an all-inclusive with even your airport pick up included, so you have literally nothing to stress about.

  • 6 nights accommodation (based on double occupancy)
  • 6 full breakfasts
  • 4 catered dinners
  • 4 surf lessons in small groups with a 4:1 student to instructor ratio
  • Airport transfers to and from Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR)
  • Relaxing evening yoga class
  • Skill and strength-building morning yoga class
  • Welcome reception upon arrival with beverages and snacks

Read full reviews and book this surf and yoga retreat.

6. Various Options with Copal Retreats, Tulum, Mexico Starting at 19,000 MXN ($987).

Copal retreats have options in Tulum and Riviera Maya and the prices range. This is for people who are really into yoga and have specific teachers in mind. You can scroll their listings and see the teachers who are doing each course. I can’t link to them each as they will expire – they will have X teacher on April X and then another teacher on another date, so you can take a look yourself and see.

  • 1-hour relaxation massage
  • Daily sunrise and sunset yoga classes
  • Welcome ceremony with Mexican cuencos
  • Two local cenotes and excursion to city of Tulum
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner by on-site chefs
  • 6 nights accommodation

Choose your teacher and course based on reviews here.

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