The following is a guest post. Lindsey who runs a business getting women in shape! She’s also a life coach and motivator. I asked her to share some tips before in this post: How to Stay Fit While Traveling almost 3 years ago. She’s come back for more tips, this time, sharing exercises you can do from anywhere.

She made a video just for you guys so that you can try these as you travel. She works as a fitness coach virtually which means as a traveler you can still have a trainer – something I am hoping to start doing with Lindsey. There are so many fitness blogs out there but the reason I always follow hers is because she’s REAL, down to earth, sweet, and she doesn’t have 2 million followers, she still can do things all herself one-on-one. I find following her Facebook and Insta so inspiring and think you will too.

9 Exercises You Can Do From Anywhere – Perfect For Travelers!

For all the exercises below, there is a video here to show you exactly how to do them. Make sure to click “HD” to see the best version.

The most important thing about staying healthy is just keeping your body in motion. Of course it’s amazing to get to the gym for a workout routine, but the reality of life is we may not always have access to the weights, gym or program we may need.

This is where focusing on keeping your body in motion comes in. Exercise does not have to look a specific way or be conventional for it to do your body good.

Whether it’s getting up and moving throughout your workday or getting in a workout while traveling, here are some bodyweight exercises you can do from anywhere.

The only equipment you need is YOU and a chair or box. You can get creative with this.

Do as many rounds as you can make time for!

1. Jumping Burpees

Burpees are an excellent way to get your heart rate up quickly and work a wide range of muscles. 

Start in an athletic stance>Squat to place your hands hip width apart on the floor in a squatting position>Jump your legs back to a plank> Jump your legs back up into a squatting position> Jump and land in an athletic squatting position> Repeat 10 times.

2. 3-Way Lunges

3-way lunges allow you to work different muscle groups in your leg by changing the direction you are lunging.  Your lower body has the largest muscle groups, so when you work this area, you are burning the most calories. 

Start in an athletic stance>Step forward with one leg in a lunge position>Be cognizant of not allowing your knee to go past your toes> Both legs should be in a 90-degree angle> Push back to regular stance> Lunge to the side, keeping the opposite leg straight and keeping the lunging leg in a 90-degree angle> Push back to regular stance> Step backward in lunge position again be aware of the 90-degree angle and keeping your knee behind your toe> Push up to regular stance> This is 1 round> Complete 5 rounds on each leg

3) Jump Squat

Here is another exercise to get your heart rate up. 

Start in an athletic stance> Squat down> Jump to max height> Land in an athletic squatting position> Complete 10 squat jumps total.

4) Push-ups

Time to get more of your upper body involved.  Push-ups are a great way to work multiple upper body muscles groups as well as your core because it requires stability. 

Start in push-up position> Bend arms to drop your body as close to the ground as possible keeping your core engaged and back flat> Push up> Complete 10 total (If you cannot do regular push-ups, complete this exercise on your knees and keep your back flat).

5) Dips

This next exercise is going to work your triceps and is the only exercise that requires some form of equipment.  You can get really creative with what you use.  Here I use a chair but you could use a bench, an end table, or anything that is sturdy and you can lean back on. 

Start facing away from the chair with heels straight out on the ground, knees slightly bent> Lower your body toward the ground by bending arms at 90-degree angle (do not sit down, just barely touch)> Push back up> Repeat 10 times.

6) Supermans

The back muscles are equally as important as our abdominal muscles to maintain a strong core. 

Start laying on your stomach with arms bent> Tighten lower back to lift as much of your body off the ground as possible> Body should come up in an arched C position> Relax body back to ground> Repeat 10 times

7) Shoulder Push-ups

This is an uncommon form of push-ups to engage your shoulder muscles.

Start with your hands on the ground and your butt up so your body is in a V position (like downward dog)> lower your head toward the floor with pressure on your hands> (Be careful not to fall on your head)> Push back up to your initial V position with straight arms> Complete 10 total.

8) Planks

Here is another exercise to engage your core. 

plank mango fit

Start with forearms on the ground > keep body completely level> Tuck your hips under to engage your lower core muscles> Hold for 30 seconds or as long as you can.

9) Russian Twists

Last exercise to finish off the circuit.  

Sit on your butt with legs up in a 90-degree angle> Lean back to engage your core> Clasp hands together> Rotate your body to touch your hands to one side of your body> Return to center and turn the other direction> Complete 20 total

I hope you liked these exercises you can do from anywhere! I think they’re perfect workouts for travelers like you to try while you’re abroad. Good luck and get in touch if you want to find out more.

exercises you can do from anywhere mangofitLindsey Mango is both a Life and Fitness Coach.  She works with her clients completely virtually and can work with people anywhere in the world.  Her goal is to help people live their most vibrant, happy life through either reaching their fitness goals or creating happiness in every aspect of their life through their mindset.  Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook to follow her journey or email her at to connect.

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