Whenever I travel somewhere that’s a little more conservative, girls leave messages or send emails asking what I’ve packed and how I dressed in a certain country. Morocco was no different so I promised I’d share how to dress in Morocco along with some of my favorite styles now for travel. What to wear in Morocco shouldn’t stress you out – it’s the fun part (or maybe I just love packing and planning).

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Morocco Travel Guide

How to Dress in Morocco – Ideas of What to Wear in Morocco

Morocco is a Muslim country and although they speak French in some areas, Spanish in others, and are used to tourists, it’s still a conservative place. Compared to Turkey for example this was much more conservative. I would say it’s a little more relaxed than Jordan.

I suggest taking the following styles of clothing:

Long silk maxi dress to wear under button up tops

Leather jacket – it does get cold at night

Long sleeve breezy button up shirts

Long sleeve jackets – I prefer thin silk because breezy

Ali baba trousers – I love the ones from FARA

Jumpsuits/ Pantsuits – I have a green culotte one I wear a lot

Jeans – totally fine in Morocco

Leggings / short dress combination – feel free to take spaghetti strap dresses and just layer a button up over it

Thin sweater for layering

Karawan Riad Review, Fes

Jacket by TIA, similar here

all blue town on Pinterest chefchaouen

cover up by TIA, similar here

photos to inspire you to visit moroccoOrange silk coat by TIA, similar here

Chefchaouen Travel TipsBlack maxi dress by TIA, similar here

all blue town on Pinterest chefchaouen

photos to inspire you to visit moroccoSilk jacket by TIA, similar style (different color) here

all blue town on Pinterest chefchaouenTrench coat by TIA, similar style (different color) here

Moroccan Desert Experience Closer to Marrakesh

Moroccan Desert Experience Closer to MarrakeshSilk dress by TIA, similar style here

Moroccan Desert Experience Closer to MarrakeshSilk jacket by TIA, similar style (different color) here

It’s all about layering. Don’t be afraid to take your favorite pieces and just wear something over them to make them appropriate.

I always find that a trip is much better when I dress in an outfit I enjoy rather than just making due with what I have on hand. Because of that, I shop thinking about travel. I buy pieces that I know will be good for travel. Here are a few pieces that I own and love below.

Favorite travel pieces I own for layering

TIA silk dresses and jackets – almost all of what is pictured above is from my friend Tia’s Goa brand. You can shop her clothes on Etsy and I have links to each item underneath the photos above. These are all her new designs. I love her cotton stuff as well, it’s thin Indian khaddi and perfect for traveling- plus most of that is on sale!

Ali Baba silk trousers – I take these everywhere

Baggy raw silk tops – perfect to wear with jeans and cover my bum

UO Wrap Tops love this top and have it in two colors

UO Culotte Pants – a dream for travelers

UO Maxi Dresses – I am wearing a black maxi all the time when I travel. I love wearing a silk one under laid-back cotton tops.

UO Jumpsuits – it’s very baggy but I like that

Top Shop Jamie jeans – I have these in ripped black, indigo, and green. They are the best fitting high-rise jeans I’ve ever found.

Those are some of my favorite travel pieces of clothing but I know my style might not be like yours. I wear these even in countries that aren’t conservative but they are great for when I want to be a little under the radar and not worry at all about being offensive to anyone.

A few more tips on what to wear in Morocco

  • You can take off shawls at most restaurants
  • You can wear bikinis at hotel pools, they can be skimpy but even the French are not sunbathing nude!
  • At night, we did see all types of girls (Moroccan and foreign) in short dresses to go party. It’s up to you but I didn’t feel comfortable doing so.
  • The medinas are fairly clean but there is some water and donkey poo, so don’t wear dresses or jeans that drag the floor. This is a good reason for mid-calf maxi dresses and culottes! Even a nice cropped pantsuit!

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