Hello, Jules here writing from a locked down Goa, India – 29/04/2021 

India’s Second Wave Battle with COVID-19

I am sure most of you are aware of the second wave of Covid ripping through Mother India right now. The sudden increase in cases, hospitalisations and deaths is horrific. The scramble for beds, oxygen tanks, food and space to cremate family members is being documented all over the world. India really is in a bad way and could use any help it can get.

If you have ever been to India and loved it, if you have felt a special connection to India over your lifetime, if you regularly buy products exported from India, enjoy Indian food, have a trip to India planned for the future or just have the capacity to help then please have a read below for a few charities I have been following, to see if you are able to make a donation towards the different causes all specific to helping during these Covid times.

There are options below for donations in INR, GBP, USD as well as other currencies. 

How Can You Help?

Hemkunt Foundation

Hemkunt Foundation is a non-governmental organization that aims to provide humanitarian aid to marginalized sections of society. They have many ongoing projects but as Covid has taken over as the need of the hour they are focusing on oxygen cylinder relief for Covid positive patients in Delhi. They have created a 24-hour oxygen drive through in Gurgaon, where positive patients can come to use a bed and use an oxygen cylinder for free. Their makeshift ward is all outdoors with air coolers to help with the 40 degrees/101 fahrenheit temperatures. They have been given vehicles to use by Mahindra and they are always on the look out for more cylinders. Their amazing team of volunteers are welcoming people all through the day and night, risking their lives through the exposure to patients who are all positive. Patients have the use of outdoor portable toilets as well as simple meals. To donate to this amazing NGO, you will need to pay from an Indian bank account. They can be donated to in the following ways:

Gpay – 9811097124

Paytm – 8448501113

UPI – hemkuntfoundation13@okhdfcbank

If you require a 80G donation receipt then please send an email to hemkuntfoundation13@gmail.com

Read more about their Oxygen Cylinder Relief here.

Follow all their hard work on Instagram @hemkunt_foundation


Khaana Chahiye Feeding the Hungry in Mumbai

Khaana Chahiye

Translated to ‘Want food?’ – this is an initiative set up to battle hunger throughout the cities of Mumbai and Thane. As Covid rips families apart and forces most to stop their daily work, many families are going hungry day in and day out. With Khaana Chahiye you can ‘report hunger’ and these volunteers will do their best to deliver meals as well as grocery kits and essential items. Many migrant labourers are stranded in cities that aren’t their hometowns away from family and resources with no way of getting home. As of 29th April 2021 they have served over 4.6 million meals and delivered 20 thousand grocery kits. They have created a hunger map of Mumbai with their 200+ volunteers. Use the following link to find their GiveIndia fundraising page where you have to create an account to make a donation. Pick your home country location, if in India you can pay with Gpay, UPI and netbanking and if outside of India you can make a donation using an international credit or debit card.

Donate Here.

Read more about Khaana Chahiye here

Follow them on Instagram @khaanachahiye

Different Give India Projects

Give India

Give India is a crowdfunding platform with a vast range of different fundraisers. There is a special section for Covid with different missions that include boosting oxygen supply, donating food to families struggling with hunger, cash support for families of Covid deceased, helping patients get to hospital and not fight Covid at home, donating reusable sanitary napkins kits and more.

Please have a read through their site and pick which mission you want to contribute to. An international card is required.

Donate Here.

Follow them on Instagram @give_india

Disasters Emergency Committee

DEC is a charity based in the UK which acts as a platform to bring together 14 leading charities to help raise funds quickly and efficiently for disasters overseas. The Covid crisis in India has taken precedence and they are working hard to provide medical supplies, treatment facilities and logistics to help support overwhelmed health services. DEC had originally chosen 8 struggling countries to focus on, however new donations are being prioritized for the crisis in India.

Donate Here.

Follow them on Instagram @disastersemergencycommittee

The British Asian Trust

This group based in the UK are gathering funds to get as many ‘oxygen concentrators’ to hospitals as possible. These are an alternative to oxygen cylinders which only have a finite supply of oxygen in them. A concentrator works towards continually recycling oxygen from the air and delivering it to the patient. A JustGiving page has been set up where all donations can be made.

Donate Here.

Follow them on Instagram @thebritishasiantrust

AIF – American India Foundation

This foundation was set up to help bridge the gap between America and India and the need for financial support for the poorer communities of India. This is now phase 2 of the AIF Covid -19 response and you are able to donate in USD or INR. AIF is working with local governments, local hospitals and stakeholders to understand the requirements and needs in cities and rural villages.

Donate Here.

Follow them on Instagram @aifoundation

If you don’t have the capacity to donate, don’t stress, but feel free to share the blog with others. And if you have any of your own favorite charities that are doing their bit for the Covid struggle in India, please do mention them in the comments sections. 

Thank you.