I figured this post on jet lag was perfect for today while I start my 38-hour journey back to Goa. I am NOT looking forward to it! FYI, I won’t be posting tomorrow because of the flight and I hate scheduling posts- it makes me feel like a robot. Anyways, back to beating jet lag…

If you travel often, you might be the one saying jet lag doesn’t affect you anymore… you can just go about your day like you didn’t just fly half way across the world. You probably don’t even think you need to read this!

But just because you’re body and brain isn’t feeling affected, doesn’t mean it’s not showing on your poor little face that was smashed up against a window.

Maybe you’re the one who still hasn’t recovered from jet lag three days later.

Jet lag used to affect me for many DAYS. I thought I’d never escape it. After 5 years of traveling often, I have finally beat that hoodlum, jet lag.

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jet lag beauty tips

I’m already shared a few easy to do tips to help you skip the hangover but I haven’t until now combined products that will help the signs of jet lag disappear from your pretty face and help you to feel fresh as a peach when you walk out of the airport in your fabulous new destination! Many of these I’ve seen recommended in magazines over the last couple years and gradually saved up to buy them.

 Best of the BEST Jet Lag Beauty Products


jet lag beauty tips

This is a no-skip. Most people are used to 60-80% humidity, but there is only about 10% on planes. Your face is literally having the moisture pulled from it. For my face and neck, I use Clinique Moisture Surge (it’s my favorite) Extended Thirst Relief, the one in the perfect pink jar or if I’ve packed it I spritz on Clinique Moisture Surge Spray (travel size bottle) or the more expensive equivalent Caudalie Beauty Elixir for some intense moisture. Next, I’m looking to try out putting on a drop of Kate Sommerville Quench Hydrating Face Serum that I’ve been recommended. I love her products! The tanning towels are especially nice (Sephora will give you samples if you ask!) You might also love this Gold face mask that’ll make you feel luxurious after a long flight.

For my body, I’m really into Origins body lotion, but have been fresh out for almost six months and have been replacing it with simple Jergens Aloe Vera lotion. To be fair, I don’t notice that much of a difference! I lotion my arms and legs after I wipe them down with baby wipes. It’s so important after a flight to add moisture to your skin. The cabin air-pressure might be keeping you alive but it is NOT doing your skin any favors! Check out some of my drugstore beauty faves.

Clean & Fresh

jet lag beauty tips

Don’t wear makeup on the flight. Keep moisturized before takeoff and even add a layer of lotion while you’re in flight or on a layover. The lack of humidity can cause breakouts if you have a face full of makeup on. If you’ve boarded the plane with makeup on, try Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Cleansing Wipes. If you want to buy another brand like Nivea, Garnier, etc, just read the packaging and make sure it doesn’t have too many ingredients or you’ll feel like you need a wash!

I recently read in a magazine that you should put on a moisturizing mask half way through like the celebs do. Seeing as though I’m obsessed with Clinique’s Moisture Surge line, I suggest the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask by Clinique. You can actually think of those 9-hour flights as a time to get some spa treatments in! You can actually put the serum (the Kate Sommerville one I’m dying to try) under a thick layer of moisturizer and it will feel like a mask. You’ll definitely need to ask for a warm towel when you land, as well as endure weird looks from all other passengers.

Tip for Clinique: if you buy from the true Clinique counters, do so when they are giving out gifts (you only have to spend minimum 22 dollars, but they run out) or buy from Sephora when they run a “gift set” sale with a combination of sample size ones, perfect for travel.


jet lag beauty tips

If you really want some coverage when you land, I would go for my favorite Boscia B.B. Cream which has the tiniest bit of coverage; it really just blends to look like a mineral powder, but with added moisture, toner, and oil-free sunscreen. If you like more coverage than that I do sometimes use NARS Concealer, which is super smooth, on obvious spots and a more full-coverage B.B. cream I used to “borrow” from my roommate is Dior Hydra Life BB Creme. I find that Dior makeup is really decently priced and because it has fuller coverage a bottle can last a whole YEAR! Same goes for the Boscia.

 The BIG Secret

jet lag beauty tips

I cannot live without Smashbox Cosmetics Under Eye Brightener, not to be confused with its partner, the Primer. I bought the wrong one the first time! It’s a highlighter for under eye circles, instead of using a drying, dull concealer. You are meant to put concealer over this primer, but I’ve given up on that completely because I love this look so much, and it seems repetitive to me.





jet lag beauty tips

Christian Dior Addict Lip Glow brings out the natural pink of your lips. It honestly works like magic and every single one of my friends who has tried mine has gone out and bought their own. It also lasts forever and is very decently priced considering who makes it.  When I first bought it I used it very sparingly because it was so amazing. That was TWO years ago, and I still have half a bottle left, so I use it all the time now.

The balm that I love is Creme de La Mer, which is ultra-luxurious and can actually be used on your skin and nail beds too! I sadly don’t have a bottle of this, but a very, very nice Indian women let me use some on a plane once. I’ve been drooling over it ever since. These expensive bits are the perfect items to buy duty free at the airport. If I want a bit more color, I love the Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry and the Clinique Almost Lipstick. The “almost lipstick” might be my favorite product of theirs and I wish I were more tanned so I could try the “black honey”, but for now I’ll stick to “flirty honey”. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with Clinique- maybe because my mom uses it- but I really love almost all their products!

Add Some Color

jet lag beauty tips

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape is LIFE-CHANGING. It is a really important step for me to not look dead after a flight. I always come off the plane looking one shade paler and this crème makes it look like I’ve just pinched my cheeks a bit. You can use on lips as well!

I use the tiniest hint of bronzer under my cheekbones and around my forehead to help me look a little more tanned and spruce up my dull after-flight skin. I use Bobbi Brown Bronzer, but I also love the Nars blush/bronzer duo, the packaging of the Tarte bronzer, and I think Sephora brand makes a nice bronzer as well.

Make your Eyes look Awake!

jet lag beauty tips

I skip eyeshadow (except maybe a dab of Smashbox Creme Shadow in Topaz, sorry no link available but you can ask in Sephora for it! Or the lightest shade of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz if I’m going to be meeting people, ) because when I’m sleepy, I can’t help but rub my eyes a little bit throughout the day. I put on a thin layer of mascara, not any of my high-impact, make your lashes fuller and longer so they can rule the world mascaras, I just use a tiny swipe of Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara in Jet Black. Or some of these other eyeliners.

 Lighten Up

jet lag beauty tips

Lastly for makeup, but most importantly, ILLUMINATOR. I die over the original NARS The Multiple (I use Copacabana) but for daytime, they are a bit much on the shimmer, which is why I cannot wait to try their brand new NARS Matte Multiple. Until then, I use whichever I’ve packed that has less shimmer (I have way too many): either Benefit or the Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand in Gold.


A fun little tidbit to try: put a few drops of essential oil that you love, like vanilla, on a cotton pad in your luggage (check-in and carry-on) and when you arrive your clothes will be smelling fresh and fun! I get the vanilla lavender from Bath and Body Works (on sale for $3 dollars now). I also spray myself with my everyday perfume, Burberry Brit or Burberry Body, boyfriends which I buy at airports exclusively now that I can’t find it in India.

For my hair, which is wavy, I use a surf spray and let it go naturally. But, if you have curly hair, you might like these tips for traveling with curly hair. Girls with straight hair have it pretty easy!

As you can now tell, I really like makeup. It’s part of what made me come up with the name Hippie in Heels. I’m either not wearing ANY of it for weeks or I’m wearing a little bit of everything I own for a big night out. I love buying high-end makeup because since I don’t wear it often it lasts forever, and makes it more fun/special when I do take the time to put it on. I’m finally wearing more colorful lip products on the regular mboyfriend’sdismay. When I started this blog, I knew I wanted to share girly tips like this, not just travel tips. If you’ve seen my tagline- it’s all about glamorous travel!


*There are affiliate links in this post. The price isn’t affected, but if you’re planning to buy any of these products, consider doing so from these links as I will get a small commission! x


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