I am the luggage queen. Going back and forth between the USA and India I have gone through so many pieces of luggage that have been ripped and smashed. I have learned a lot and am pretty picky about the pieces that I choose to buy and definitely share with you guys. The Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista luggage is fantastic and I’ll give you a peek inside now!

Luggage Review: Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista

Luggage Review: Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista

I got a 3 piece set. I went with the following sizes of upright spinners luggage:

Mar Vista 21″ carry-on $139

Mar Vista 25″ medium size $160

Mar Vista 29″ large $180

The 25″ is the PERFECT size luggage. I use this size luggage for up to two months of travel.

I know a 29″ is not for everyone. It’s very large luggage. I do need luggage this large as an expat and actually would like to travel with 2 pieces of 29″ luggage!

Luggage Review: Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista

I have a 19″ rolling carry-on already, which is the smallest and good for flights that have really strict rules (think budget airlines and domestic flights). The 21″ offers so much more space with just two inches but isn’t okay for every travel experience.

Luggage Review: Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista

The luggage all rolls perfectly and is very lightweight. My mom took a look and said it’s her favorite luggage of mine – so she’s going to borrow it for her upcoming trip with my dad to Jamaica.


  • Wheel Breaks by tapping your foot, good for sloped ground
  • 360 degree double wheel system
  • First year quality guarantee + Lifetime warranty
  • Comfort handle which is really soft and important
  • Expandable packing – for shopping!!
  • Lots of external pockets for easy access
  • RFID pocket for protection (to prevent electronic fraud called “skimming” while traveling)
  • separation within the luggage & loop for hanging clothing

Luggage Review: Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar VistaThe color is the perfect navy, and great for those who want a “plain” luggage but don’t want black. Like my mom said, we can put a ribbon on it to recognize it from other navy. They make a lot of prints, but I’m not one for prints usually.

Luggage Review: Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar VistaI won’t know about durability until after I’ve used this luggage for a while so will come back and update this at some point. They do a series of “vigorous tests” on the luggage including as they say thousands of handle jerks and hundreds of zipper tests on each luggage. They dropped a weighted case on each corner from 3 feet and do a 200 tumble test on throwing the luggage around.

Sounds pretty legitimate to me! I’ll keep you updated on this luggage as I use it! If you want more reviews, check out my article on the best luggage I’ve tried from Delsey to IT Luggage and all their pro’s and cons. You can also click over to check out my 17 travel packing hacks. If you’re planning a trip, I have a guide for how I plan my trips to over 36 countries so far, from scratch. You can read it here.