Over the years I’ve bought and been sent a lot of different stylish luggage for travel. After all, it’s easy to find a sturdy suitcase to survive plane rides, but it’s a little harder to find one that looks cute too. While I’ve written different review posts, I’ve never really made one post outlining my best finds. Not only will these suitcases help make you look fashionable at the airport, they’re super functional as well. Think of them as the best of the best!

Most Stylish Luggage for Travel



Delsey is my oldest luggage and the one that I use the most. I bought a set of two (a 25 inch and a 19 inch) at Macy’s in 2012 and use it on most of my big trips. It is by far my most worn in luggage and has flown to and from India probably 30x without getting even a dent in it. I can’t recommend this luggage enough. I fly so much that I’m always shocked how well this has held up. I feel like in 10 years, I’ll still be using this as my go-to set of luggage.  Specifically, this is the Helium 2.0 luggage but it’s been so many years it might have a new name or be a newer version of this luggage. The packing cubes in the photo are from eBags and the shoes are Franco Sarto. The 19 inch carry-on is expandable and I have NEVER found a carry-on that can hold as much as this one. Because it’s 19 inches you’ll never go over your size limit. It also has a separate compartment for your laptop.

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raden luggage review

Raden is the most luxurious luggage I own, which was gifted to me by the company to write a review about it. It’s got a waitlist of thousands of people. I love it, there’s not much not to love! I mean, it’s beautiful, it’s spacious, and it has the perfect compartments to stay organized. What makes it crazy is that it’s “the smartest luggage invented”: it weighs itself, it has GPS, and it has a portable charger in it.

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It Luggage

IT luggage

I take my large IT Luggage (the 30 inch) on all my trips to India. It’s the biggest luggage I have and the most lightweight. This is the magical lightweight “lightest luggage in the world” and it’s perfect for going abroad. If you fill it to the brim with clothing it will just meet the max weight, but if you put shoes and heavy things then you can’t really fill it all the way. I have the 25 inch and 21 inch as well and am in love with this set of luggage. If I could buy it again, I would. It’s the soft shell light weight spinner set.

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Over the years, I've had a LOT of experience with suitcases and packing. Here are picks for the most stylish luggage for travel.

Away luggage is basically the trendiest luggage right now and what all the fashion bloggers and Instagrammers always have photos with. The reason is that it’s so pretty and crazy durable. I love this luggage because it has this compression piece in it that you can push down all your stuff and fit more inside. I wish I could use this as my “every trip” carry-on but it just doesn’t hold as much as my Delsey. It’s quite a thin bag. Because of that, I use it for just shorter trips like my recent trip to Florida.

Beverly Hills Ricardo

Luggage Review: Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista

Not the cutest luggage, right? This is some really durable, lightweight, practical luggage. I clearly have a lot of sets of luggage and it has to be stored somewhere, so I keep it at my parent’s house. Of all the luggage there, this is the set my parents use on their trips. It’s really spacious, rolls really well, and is just really quality luggage.

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Ebags Motherlode

Review of the eBags Mother Lode 25" Wheeled Duffel

Basically the coolest luggage out there! This is a hard shell rolling duffel which sounds confusing. You MUST check out my full review to see why this luggage is so insanely amazing. The only downside of this luggage for me is that it’s not as lightweight as my IT or Delsey luggage.

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Calpak is a very cool luggage. I have a full 3 piece set of this in purple. I was feeling kind of weird when I picked out the color! It’s “trendy” luggage that a lot of bloggers have which is why I wanted to check it out. I LOVE the space inside, the compression piece, and how smooth it rolls. I don’t love that handle which is not that durable and I think the plastic casing is thin. I worry it could crack when being transferred by the luggage handlers, therefore, I don’t take it the check-in one on my huge travels. Ben likes this luggage actually and it’s been stolen by him haha so if you see him, he will have purple luggage!

You might recognize this from my Vegas packing list a while back!

BONUS: Backpacks – REI

luggage for travel REI backpack

I do still travel with a backpack, although not as often as my rolling luggage. I use a backpack when I’m traveling in India, traveling by train, and traveling somewhere where I’ll have a hard time with rolling luggage like Morocco.  I have had the 65L since 2008 and it’s been to 30 countries. It is the best bag ever and I use REI because they have a life time policy on their bags. I got the 48L in 2012 and use it for trips that are a month or smaller, like when I went to the Thai Islands. I love this bag!

REI 65L Traverse

REI 45L Flash

Products to Keep Luggage Organized

Packing Cubes

Packing list for Orlando & Palm Beach Area

I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT PACKING CUBES. I don’t know how I went years traveling without them because now that I have them, I can’t imagine taking a trip without them. They are a cheap investment torward a less stressful trip abroad. Please get a couple packs of them!

Laundry Bags

I’m pretty into organization and always keep my dirty clothing totally separated. It’s great to have an actual bag for laundry so that I can just drop it off at the laundry places when I’m traveling.

Shoe Covers

I CANNOT let me dirty show touch anything in my bag! Even bags that have a separate compartment for shoes, I still cover the shoes first then put them in that compartment. I basically never clean my luggage so I just like to keep it as clean as possible during my travels.

Mini Containers

These are so convenient for travel for obvious reasons!

Toiletry Bags

There are so many cute toiletry bags. Definitely go for one that has an inside plastic liner that you can clean out every once in a while or if you do one which is all fabric you can throw it in the wash. I actually use the Clinique ones because they give me free ones all the time!

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