India has a vastly changing landscape and as you travel from state to state, not only does the language change- but the clothing, the attitudes, the traditions, and especially the weather changes along with it! You can’t compare Manali with Kovalam, or Mumbai with Coorg… they are so different that it makes the traveler realize India is full of surprises.

So, if you can only choose one vacation for a couple of weeks, instead of choosing “beach or city?” why don’t you pick a country that gives you so much of everything! The ONE country that can make you feel like you’ve been to FIVE:

india one country that feels like fiveSome people say they have no calling to go to India or no desire to come because of the poverty or dirt, but I think they aren’t giving India a fair chance. If you’re asking, “should I go to India?”, here’s 5 reasons why!

Explore India’s 5 VERY different landscapes

1. India’s Deserts.

thar desert india, should i go to indiasource

Feel like wandering sand dunes, riding a camel, and seeing bright-colored turbans coming up over the horizon? You don’t need to head to the middle east, try Rajasthan! Explore the Thar Desert from Jaisalmer by camel. There’s not just sand desert, but the salt lowlands you see in South America, but instead here in Kutch. You’ll also find ancients forts out here, as well as Maharaja palaces.

kutch india should i go to indiasource

2. India’s Mountains.

india's mountains should i go to indiasource

Fancy the Swiss Alps? Maybe you want to trek and play in the snow? You can do these things in India too. You can ride a yak in a wool coat and drink tea with people from Tibet and Nepal in Himachal Pradesh, or go even further into Kashmir- this is nothing like you’d imagine “typical India” to be. The people wear completely different types of clothing, have a different culture, plus there are Buddhist temples everywhere. You can fish for trout and eat homemade apple pie, or make a snow angel! Depends which mountain range you choose.

india's mountains should i go to indiasource

3. India’s Jungles.

india's jungle should i go to indiasource

indias jungles should i go to indiasource

Nevermind the Amazon Rainforest, what about the Andaman Island Rainforest, Assam, or the Western Ghats? See the wild elephants charge, run from silly monkeys, see 8 foot long pythons, giant crocodiles, and all the big cats (tigers, leopards, and more!).  Trek through hilly terrain or go deep into the forests, either way you’ll find adventure. You’ll even meet tribal people if you look in the right places.

soliga tribe

4. India’s Beaches.

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It’s not just Goa and Kovalam, the islands of India have some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Snorkel in Andaman and Nicobar, or kayak or scuba dive at Netrani. Those bungalows you see celebrities staying at? Why not do the same at the Lakshwadeep.

should i go to india lakshwadeepsource

indian islands, should i go to indiasource

5. India’s Cities.

You’ll be surprised to find the cities of India to be more upscale in some areas than you would imagine. There is all the Indian culture you are curious to experience with heavy traffic, gorgeous saris, and busy markets- but there’s also a great culinary scene and poppin’ nightlife. In fact, Chris Martin just played at a club in Delhi and my hero Jamie Oliver is opening up a couple restaurants in India.

should i go to indiafrom this is sheena – read her post on hippie in heels about mumbai!