What to Expect Driving to Tawang | Famous Sela Pass

The main attraction of Arunachal Pradesh and maybe all of NE India is Tawang, pronounced Tawong. To get there you fly into Guwahati and drive north for a very long time. It is what used to be Tibet. To get there you pass over Sela Pass which is 13,700 feet above sea level. The drive

Tawang’s 9 Best Kept Secrets | More than Tawang Monastery

Are you thinking about visiting Tawang Arunachal Pradesh? Most likely you want to go because of the rich Tibetan culture and the famous Tawang Monastery, which are great reasons to go! They are the reasons I was excited, and I was happy to see there was so much more than just a monastery to visit

Mini Guide to Itanagar & unique look at market

We were in Itanagar Arunachal Pradesh during our Holiday Scout tour as the Arunachal Pradesh capital is a great stopover between the Tawang side of the state and heading into Ziro Valley or to the East. The roads don't actually connect through the state across the North, as Arunachal Pradesh tourism is sort of new (but

Artisans and Handicrafts of Arunachal Pradesh

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is SHOP. I love seeing what unique item comes from that area and get it as a souvenir that I'll actual use, wear, or display in my house. I tend to go for jewelry or fabrics. I bought amazing Khadi in Karnataka and had adorable

Endangered One Horned Rhinos at Kaziranga National Park

Seeing the endangered one-horned rhinos at UNESCO site Kaziranga National Park in Assam was a part of the Holiday Scout tour I was SO stoked about. Do you remember when I went to Langkawi and saw online about a Rhino Tour... and it turned out to be Rhino was a type of four-wheeler. I asked

Discovering the Sun & Moon Worshipping Tribals of Ziro Valley

Of all the places on my Holiday Scout tour, I have to say I was looking forward to meeting the Apatani tribe in Ziro Valley the most. It's probably the top tourist place in Arunachal Pradesh, and is close to becoming a UNESCO Heritage Site, but it still receives very few visitors and you'll most likely

Secret Little Sangti Valley in NE India

I've been traveling around India for three years, and after seeing so many places the thing I love to do most is going to places that I've never heard of... and neither have most people. Sangti Valley is 15 km outside Dirang, buried in the Eastern Himalayas, and another stop in Arunachal Pradesh tourism that

4 Unexplored & Hidden Places to Visit in Dirang, India

As we headed further North with Holiday Scout from Bomdila further into Arunachal Pradesh it got even more beautiful. There are about 10 main tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh to visit and Dirang is one of the smaller ones. I'm glad we stopped though and want to share the things to do in Dirang that